After they bought a new home, Bill’s design-savvy husband went to work decorating all their rooms. Bill wanted one room he could call his own, so he turned to Modsy for help.

Real Customer Story


Homeowner: Bill S. Program Director for Hearst Newspapers

Location: Poconos, PA

Room: Office / Guest-room / Meditation Space

His Style: Mod Collector

The Backstory

My husband Greg and I just purchased our second home. He’s a major design lover and likes to showcase his personality through decor. So he was very excited to put our space together when we moved in. While I was excited for him to tackle most of the house, I still really wanted an area I could call my own, someplace where I could have a quiet morning meditation then easily switch into work mode.

The Design Dilemma

Our house isn’t small, but it’s not a mansion either, so I was limited in space to call my own yet still host guests when they visited. There is a cute room with vaulted ceilings on the top floor that we thought would make a good guest room but I also needed it to work as a home office. It was also fundamental that I have space to meditate, which helps me with the day-to-day.

“The kicker was that I didn’t know how to bring all these different spaces together in a way that felt whole and cohesive.”

The kicker was that I didn’t know how to design a space that could function for all these different needs and still look like a whole and cohesive design. I knew my husband could help, but, like I said, I wanted this space to highlight my own style and personality. So I was really at a loss for what to do.

The Modsy Moment

I first heard about Modsy through your Instagram, which led me to your blog. I was very impressed by the variety of spaces you had on display. Not only was there a style for everyone, but I was happy to see many examples of multifunctional rooms (including office/guest room designs), which was exactly what I needed.


How Modsy Helped Bill

Initially, I was a little worried that my Modsy designer wouldn’t understand what I wanted for my space. I mean, office-bedrooms may be pretty standard, but adding a meditation zone into that mix seemed like it would be hard for even the most skilled designer to get right. So I was floored when I received my designs. Modsy’s designer completely understood the concept of my room!

“I was floored when I received my designs. Modsy’s designer completely understood the concept of my room!”

Everything was perfect. I was especially happy with the way my designer converted the awkward area under the dormer window into a lovely space where I can meditate.

The Real Results

I really can’t express how helpful it’s been to have this space. Not only did Modsy nail the concept of my three purpose space, but they also made it one that is comforting and practical in these crazy times. Knowing that I have this little getaway in my house is so helpful. It allows me to de-stress so I can focus on what’s important, my life, and my wonderful husband.

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