Jenelle and her husband, Eric, had a vision of creating a detached home office in their backyard. They envisioned a multi-functional space for work, entertaining, exercising, and recharging while their kids played outside. But they needed help selecting finishes, visualizing built-ins, and deciding where fixtures should go. They also needed help furnishing the space. To accomplish all of this, they used Modsy’s new Renovation Design service, which includes renovation planning and interior design services in one easy offering. 



Homeowner: Jenelle C.

Spaces: Brand New Multi-Functional Office

The Design Dilemma

Jenelle and her husband, Eric, were building a detached cabin on their property, primarily as a separate office space where Eric could work during and after the pandemic. However, they had aspirations for it to function as far more than just a home office.

“We had lots of other ideas for how we wanted to use the cabin,” says Jenelle. “We wanted a place for overnight guests, so it needed to be equipped with a full (mini) bathroom, kitchenette, and sleeping space. We also wanted it to be a place to watch TV if the kids were monopolizing the family room in the main house. Plus, we wanted open floor space for home workouts.”

That’s where things got a bit complicated when it came to concepting the design for the space. “With only 209 square feet, the design challenge was creating the space to serve all of these purposes without it being clobbered together and cluttered,” says Jenelle.

Since they were starting from scratch, they needed more than just a functional layout; Jenelle and Eric wanted help selecting finishes and cabinetry, figuring out where the kitchenette should go, and finding the right furniture and decor for the space. They also had visions of a custom desk for Eric, which they wanted help visualizing. Because the space was so small, they wanted to see how all these pieces could fit together before spending any of their construction and design budget. They knew they needed to get it right on the first pass.

The Modsy Moment

With Modsy’s new Renovation design package, Jenelle and Eric found the exact support and expertise they needed to take their project from concept to reality, giving them the confidence they could make their space work for all of their needs and wants.

“I was completely overwhelmed in the beginning. I didn’t even know where to start,” says Jenelle. “But then we found Modsy. Our designer, Sarah, was great to work with. My first reaction when I saw my initial designs was, ‘Yesssssss! I couldn’t have put this together on my own.’”

With their 3D designs, Jenelle and Eric were able to do a virtual walk-through of their designed space to make sure that everything fit and worked for their needs.

Jenelle and Sarah took a collaborative approach to fine-tune the renovation project, ensuring that Jenelle was comfortable with decisions every step of the way. “We communicated frequently and bounced ideas off of each other in a way that improved the final outcome,” says Jenelle. “The end result feels like ‘us,’ but we couldn’t have done it without Sarah and Modsy.”

The Real Results

Once their designs were finalized, Jenelle and Eric worked with a contractor to bring the cabin to life.

“We have the perfect office now,” says Jenelle. “The custom-built corner desk is solid walnut and matches the floating shelves above the kitchenette. The wood is a beautiful contrast to the stainless steel kitchenette, which our designer helped us visualize before we committed to building materials.”

And, while they have the beginnings of their guest suite with a kitchenette and pull-out sofa bed, they’re waiting a bit to fully finish the project to work within their schedule and budget. Next up? The bathroom. (That’s right: Modsy’s new Renovation Design Service includes kitchen and bathroom designs!)

“Over time, we are going to phase-in other aspects of the design,” says Jenelle. “Currently, the bathroom nook is being used as a closet where we tuck away the free-weights and mats. Next year, we will install the bathroom fixtures, as well as cabinetry around the television so that we’ll have the full guest suite as originally planned.”

By designing their space with Modsy, rather than a traditional design-build firm, Jenelle and Eric have the freedom to design at their own pace over time. And with Modsy’s flat rate, they knew up front exactly what they were paying for their design plans rather than paying per hour with traditional designers. This road map gives them everything they need to complete their project—layout, finishes, cabinetry placement, and more—which they can hand off to a contractor of their choosing or do themselves. But owning their designs means that they call the shots.

“It’s just remarkable how versatile and lovely the little space is,” says Jenelle. “I know we are getting the most out of our investment in the cabin! It’s the perfect office and living room. Once the bathroom is done, it will be the perfect place for overnight guests as well. It’s been great having a plan that works for the space and has delivered all that we envisioned!”

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