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The Design Dilemma

When Katie and her husband found out they were expecting their first baby, they were excited to transform their guest bedroom into a nursery. But the room needed an entirely new design—and that left Katie feeling a bit stuck.

“I’m not a creative person and am not good at seeing the potential of a space,” she says. “I wasn’t sure which pieces would look good together.”

On top of that, Katie says she doesn’t enjoy in-store shopping, so the thought of going from store-to-store looking for furniture and decor was not appealing.

“I needed help identifying the style I wanted to pursue so I could start shopping online for furniture, but also needed help identifying a cohesive look,” she says. “When you’re not buying a nursery set from a typical baby store it can be hard to know what will look good together!”

The Modsy Moment

With her preference for online shopping, and her need for a helping hand in the design and furniture-selection process, Katie turned to Modsy for help.

“I knew I wanted a gender-neutral nursery and that I didn’t want it to look very ‘baby-ish’. I wanted a more sleek and mature look, but I had no idea where to start and which style I wanted to pursue!” says Kaite. “When I started working with my designer, the only criteria I had in mind beyond that was a specific wall color that I wanted to start with.” So, when it came to specific design ideas beyond the paint color, she was open to input.

“My designer asked all the right questions to draw out my design style and what I might like or not like,” she adds. “After that conversation, I was able to start forming an idea in my head of where I thought I would like the design to go.”

After their initial conversation, Katie’s designer got to work—and it wasn’t long before she delivered the first round of designs. “When I saw my Modsy design for the first time it was EXACTLY what I was imagining!” Kaite says. “We barely had to make any adjustments to the design. I absolutely loved it!”

Katie says the whole process—from reaching out to Modsy to putting the room together after furniture and decor were delivered—took only 5 months. “The nursery looks exactly how my designer designed it,” says Katie.


The Real Results

Now that the design is complete and implemented in their home, Katie and her husband are ready for their baby to arrive. “We’re so excited knowing we have a beautiful nursery all set so we’re ready to welcome our baby home,” Katie says. “This is the first room in my house where I feel like the entire room is one cohesive design, rather than being pieced together. It looks like it could be in a magazine! I’m obsessed with it.”

Katie is also excited to use Modsy again in the future. “I’ve always wanted the rooms in my house to look a certain way,” she says. “But I felt like creating spaces that I really loved by hiring a designer seemed like something was unaffordable and unachievable considering our budget.”

But working with her Modsy designer showed Katie that professional interior design can be both affordable and easy. “Now that I’ve had a great experience with Modsy, I want to use them for every room in the house!”

customer nusery

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