Mary had three rooms in her home she needed to design and each presented a unique design challenge that she struggled to solve on her own. Read on to learn how she collaborated on designs for each space that she loves.

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Homeowner: Mary C.

Spaces: Multiple Spaces

My Style: Rustic Warmth

Modsy customer before photo

Modsy customer before photo

The Backstory

Mary, a busy dietician, was wanting a design refresh for three rooms in her house. But she didn’t have the time or design expertise to create the right look for each individual space and, to top things off, she needed a different kind of help for each room she wanted to be designed.

Her office needed better lighting and storage so it would look organized for Zoom calls with her clients. She felt her bedroom had good bones but she needed help finding decor that would tie her foundational furniture into the space and making it feel complete. Finally, the biggest design challenge Mary wanted to tackle was finding a layout that worked for an awkward “pass-through” living area where she kept a baby grand piano.

“I felt like nothing in my space really went together and I struggled to make the individual rooms feel whole. In particular, the living area felt neglected—we rarely used the space outside of our Christmas decorating and celebrations and I wanted to make the room a place my family and I could enjoy throughout the year.” –Mary

Modsy customer living room with mid-century accent chairs

The Design Dilemma

Mary had tried to find the right layout for her living area but could never find the right approach; she wanted to find a way to see different layout options for the space without having to push heavy furniture around the room. Meanwhile, in her office and bedroom, she wanted to select items that would make each individual space feel complete. However, she had trouble imagining what accents and lighting would do the job.

“I had tried many configurations for my living area and could not find anything that looked right. I just had no vision for any of the rooms!” –Mary

Modsy customer glamorous bedroom design

Modsy customer bedroom vingette

Modsy customer glamorous bedroom design

The Modsy Moment

When Mary saw her 3D designs for the first time, she was not only blown away by how realistic they looked but also impressed with her designer’s attentiveness and attention to detail.

“I absolutely loved the visuals and how real the designs looked. I also really enjoyed working with my Modsy designer, who showed me layout options for my living area I would have never thought of alone. She really helped me hone in on a vision for each room so I could bring my home to life.” –Mary

Modsy customer home office design

Modsy customer living room with blue sofa and grand piano

The Real Results

Once Mary had a design plan for her rooms, she finally had the power to start putting her home together in real life and on her own time.

“I loved that I could complete my project on my own time, putting each space together when it worked for me. Though I do have to say, I was excited to start purchasing furniture in my living area! It’s nice to know that this space that frustrated me for so long is finally one that I can enjoy.” –Mary

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  1. Mary Cacici says:

    We are senior citizens living in a 2 story house. We have a 4th bedroom downstairs which is now an office/junk room. We would like to turn it back into a bedroom. There are many books. I was planning on getting several bookshelf for the living room. Transferring the books/photos there. I would have to get rid of our massive sectional. The living room/dining room is approx. 14’x30′ w/a dining set, 30’w cherry hutch, a black baby grand, and then the sectional. There is a 4′ tile walkway, tiles at an angle, thru out the 1st floor to the kitchen, and carpet every where else. There is 2 massive windows in dining rm. perpendicular on each wall. There is another big window in the living rm. My husband now wants to make a room for him to live downstairs possibly in the living rm. There is a big closet under the stairway. We didn’t want to spend much money but need ideas.

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Mary- thanks for outlining those details about your space! By purchasing a design package for your downstairs bedroom, you can speak with a dedicated designer to help find some design solutions for your space and to help turn it into a perfect use of space for both you and your husband.


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