Danielle and her husband were relocating across the country for his new job. Hoping to simplify the move, they left their furniture behind. But saving time by avoiding packing meant taking on the task of designing their new home from scratch in a hurry.

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Homeowners: Danielle H.

Spaces: Multiple Rooms

My Style: Chic Collector

real living room before modsy

real bedroom premodsy

The Backstory

In March of 2020, my husband got a new job that required us to move from Chicago—where we’d lived for 15 years—to Denver in just over a month. The same day he was hired, Chicago’s governor issued stay-at-home orders. Because the world was in chaos and we were moving ourselves, our two young kids, and two cats, we decided to make the transition to a new city as simple as possible. We got rid of our furniture, packed our entire family into a car, and drove across the country to Denver. We found an affordable furnished rental in town, where we lived for almost a year until we got lucky enough to snag a home in this crazy market.

teal couch living room modern eclectic

View of the living room

The Design Dilemma

When we bought our house, I was so excited for my family to be living in an actual home again. I really wanted to create a space where we’d all feel happy for many years to come. But since we got rid of literally all of our furniture before moving, I knew we’d be starting from scratch in our new place. So it was vital to find kid and pet-friendly items that met both my husband’s and my style needs as quickly as possible.

modern dining room plants black chairs

View of the dining area

The trouble was that my husband and I don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to design. He is much more of a minimalist and likes white walls and simple forms. I’m more colorful and enjoy taking risks. Fortunately, from the beginning we both knew we wanted help designing our home in a way the whole family would love. So we did some internet sleuthing and found Modsy. The idea that we could use online design to try on furniture we both liked, that we knew would fit in our home, was so appealing.

dark color scheme living room corner

purple living room gold coffee table

Two views of the family reading room

The Modsy Moment

As soon as my husband and I took Modsy’s style quiz, we knew we’d made the right choice. Looking over various design styles together made us feel confident that our designer could help us find the right look for each room in our house. Identifying a style we both liked—mid-century modern with a minimalist twist and pops of color—made it really easy to collaborate with our designer and create designs that worked perfectly for our space.

contemporary blue bedroom with white and black striped rug

Danielle and her husband’s new bedroom design

The Real Results

Working with a designer was a great way to identify our individual tastes, understand where they overlap, and bring them together in a kid and kitty-friendly design that works for our whole family. But getting to order directly from the designs and see our combined vision come together in our actual home has been priceless.

kids bedroom pink purple glam

purple corner pouf kid's room room

Views of the kid’s room

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