When repeat customers Gema and Kev became pregnant with their second child seven months after their first, they decided it was time to return to Modsy to create a main bedroom with both a crib and luxurious style—ensuring they could keep an eye on their newborn while feeling relaxed by a pampering space.

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The last time we spoke with our customers Gema and Kev, they had just moved into their first home with a newborn baby. They had finished creating beautiful designs from scratch for their living-dining area and their guest house. We featured those spaces on our blog and absolutely loved the unique designs Gema and Kev had made with their Modsy designer—so when we heard that they had returned to Modsy to design another room, we were excited to get the scoop. Read on to hear from them on their experience designing their bedroom.

Modsy customer headshot


Homeowner: Gema and Kev

Spaces: Main Bedroom with Crib

My Style: Rustic Traveler

Before space of Modsy customer space

Before space of Modsy customer space

The Backstory

“Within seven months of moving into our first home with our newborn, Kevin and I discovered that we were pregnant for the second time. We had just completed the designs for our living-dining room and guest house, and all of a sudden we needed to design our empty bedroom.

We both felt excited about our growing family, but we were also overwhelmed that we had more work to do in a short amount of time. We really enjoyed working with Modsy in the past and were optimistic that we could recreate that same magic with our new design project.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Design Dilemma

“I (Gema) am a Spanish teacher. I speak English fluently but it’s still my second language, and I sometimes have a hard time communicating certain concepts or ideas with English-only speakers. In the past, Kev and I had struggled to communicate what we wanted for our space with a traditional interior design service. Obviously it’s so important to feel understood when you are relying on someone else to help you create your home.

It was extra important that Kev and I felt understood when designing our bedroom, because we suddenly had two babies and really needed a space that felt relaxing so we could feel rested enough to take care of them. Of course, this meant that we needed to have the same great communication and design experience we had with our first Modsy project. We were slightly nervous about getting lightning to strike a second time with a new design project.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Modsy Moment

“Any doubts we had about getting the same quality design as our first Modsy project were immediately put to rest when we spoke with our Modsy designer. I knew within a couple of minutes of our design consultation that our designer understood exactly what we wanted for our bedroom. She was even able to help me articulate what I wanted for space when I couldn’t find the right words in English.

She listened to us so closely and really paid attention to our needs. She created a design that was aligned with the unique style we had in our living/dining room by tying in the same colors and materials. But she also selected items that made the space feel elevated and made us feel pampered—because I’d told her I wanted the room to feel like an upscale hotel. She actually found a crib with clear acrylic details that feels so glam! When I saw it I was so excited—I had no idea something like that even existed.”

Modsy master bedroom design with neutral colors and a crib

The Real Results

“Now that our space has come together, we feel so relaxed and at ease. Working with Modsy a second time has left us knowing we have a service we can rely on for any future design projects. I’ve even started to learn some design tricks from our designer and have applied them to finding accessories for other rooms in the house!”

Modsy customer neutral bedroom with nursery

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