Modern Eclectic with a Touch of Minimalist

Modsy 3D rendering of Allison’s & Eric’s redesign (not a photo!)

What do you get when you cross minimalist, mid-century, and eclectic styles? The first Modsy design collection! This collection was inspired by our friends Eric and Allison, a San Francisco couple and close friends of one of our founders, Shanna. They bought a home earlier this year, and we knew instantly it would be the perfect place for an early user test.

Together, Eric and Allison have a great sense of style and have put together a killer pad. But like all design lovers, they were curious to explore different possibilities for their space. As a start, we gave them each a quiz to give us insider knowledge of what makes them tick, stylistically. We learned (and they were already well aware) that Eric likes a minimalist style, while Allison is drawn to warmth, variety and interesting elements. With that information, we dove in and had a great time trying out new ways to combine their tastes.

Here are photos of their current set-up:


Photos of Allison and Eric’s living area in their new home

For fun – and big impact – we first created a 3D rendering of their Living Area completely empty. This made it easy for us to think about the same space, but as a blank slate. And, it was a version of the room they hadn’t seen since move-in day, months ago!

Modsy 3D rendering of the space empty

Though they don’t need new furniture, we took full advantage of working in a virtual environment, and started from scratch.

A low-profile sectional, a classic mid-century chair and a cool sideboard perfectly proportioned to the space (a.k.a. stuff-hider). We also played with an alternative way to arrange the space.

Modsy 3D rendering of the space

Check out the living wall made up of air plants. It’s our favorite element – so unexpected and original. Little did we know, Allison had been thinking of this same idea. “You read my mind!” she said. After seeing it here, in her very own virtual living area, she’s feeling confident to give it a shot in her actual living room.

Interesting and informative exercise, right? But wait, there’s more! One of the best parts about what Modsy is building is the ability to effortlessly try different designs in a single space. So, without changing the overall aesthetic, we made a few product swaps:

3D rendering of the living room with a few different accessories

It’s always a good reminder to see how small changes, like pillows or a rug, can have a big impact on a room.

Check out this animation to follow some of the combinations we tried and see the differences – big and small – they make in this Living Area:


And since we were at their place, and they had this great Dining Area, we couldn’t resist doing another quick round of alternative ideas:


Existing Dining Area layout (photo)

Rumor has it, Eric possesses mad cocktail-making skills, so we proposed a bar that matched his talent, complete with a wallpaper backdrop in a mid-century inspired print.

3D rendering of dining area

Eric and Allison hadn’t considered wallpaper on the bar wall, but they loved the the idea! And while we’re at it, here is another version, with some small changes:

3D rendering of Dining Area

These spaces came together rather nicely, don’t you think? And the couple got to see exactly how all of these options would work before buying a single thing. That’s a peek into what we’re doing at Modsy. And there’s more to come. Curious to know what happened with Eric and Allison? They’re busy planning a living wall and picking out wallpaper for their bar nook. Knowledge breeds confidence!


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    This is amazing. I really appreciate what people can do in such a small space. They made it look a lot more spacious without sacrificing the beauty of the place.

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