My Modsy Story – How I Turned My Unusual Living Room Into a Mid-Century Sanctuary

unusual living room designAfter moving to a new home, Julie needed a novel approach to design her beautiful but unusual living room.

Homeowner: Julie G + Writer and Media Relations Manager

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Room: Open Living Room

Her Style: Mid-Century Chic

The Backstory

My family and I live in Palo Alto and we recently moved to another part of town on a college campus. Our previous house was a 900-square foot cottage with a living room that could hardly fit more than a loveseat and armchair!

We brought our furniture from our old house to the new one but we knew that wasn’t going to cut it in the long run. Our new living room is a really unique and special place and we wanted to maximize its potential with plenty of seating and furniture that would let us stretch out and relax.

Julie’s space before

The Design Dilemma

Our living room is gorgeous but it’s also a very eclectic space. It really only has one “real” wall, and the rest are all made of floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the foothills and trees. The room also has a fireplace and a mid-century modern “screen” that divides the living from the dining space. It was a real design challenge to say the least!

All in all, our unusual living room was totally different from where we lived before and I knew it needed a redesign that would make the most of it. I knew it had the potential to be a sanctuary-like space, but didn’t know where to begin decorating!

unusual living room designJulie’s design for her unusual living room

The Modsy Moment

I’ve never worked with an interior designer or online design service before but I decided to try my hand at some very rudimentary 3D room design software. The experience turned out to be awful and completely frustrating, and I figured that in 2019 there had to be something better out there.

After a bit of internet searching, I came across Modsy! The service had so many great reviews from happy customers, so it seemed like a no-brainer. I was really excited to test it out. Plus, the overall cost seemed like a very reasonable price to pay for such a sophisticated approach to designing a room. Modsy was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

unusual living room designHow Modsy’s Designs Helped Julie

I was honestly stunned at how accurately the 3D room design matched our actual living room. It was a precise rendering that showed every exact detail. And then, to see our room virtually reimagined with a fresh eye and all new furniture was so exciting! It totally blew away all my assumptions about what the room could or couldn’t be.

“Modsy totally blew away all my assumptions about what the room could or couldn’t be.”

I had so much fun designing my space with Modsy. I loved getting notifications that new designs were ready and it was so great being able to collaborate with Jennifer, my designer. Every time I gave her feedback, her revision was so spot-on that I could tell she was really listening to me and working to shape the room into something I would love.

unusual living room design

One of the best parts was that my designer, Jennifer, seemed totally in touch with the elements of the room. Wood is the dominant material in our house – the space kind of has a treehouse feel – and Jennifer incorporated that element throughout the design in clever, subtle, beautiful ways – right down to petrified wood coasters.

I never would have thought of the West Elm C-table, which is a magnificent, practical addition that looks so elegant. She also threw a cowhide rug under the armchair and I absolutely loved that unexpected addition to the design.

unusual living room designThe Real Results

My living room is a corner of paradise now! It’s a relaxing sanctuary where everyone finally has a place to sit, stretch out, curl up and read, fade into our weekend naps, or just watch the sunset.

“Modsy let me be much more experimental than I ever would have dared to be in the real world.”

We ended up purchasing almost everything from our design through Modsy – the sectional sofa, armchair, daybed, coffee table, pouf…everything right down to details like the coasters and tray.

unusual living room design

unusual living room design

I loved using Modsy because it was so easy to do the whole design process online and get new ideas for my space and also because it was really so much fun.

Creatively, it let me be much more experimental than I ever would have dared to be in the real world. I could try things out virtually and then click ‘undo’ if I didn’t like them. And the 3D renderings were so accurate that it truly felt like I was playing house with my own place!

I wanted to get the design exactly right so I could envision just how my home would look – Modsy absolutely helped me make that happen.

Need help designing your unusual living room?

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  1. Judy says:

    Hello – I am confused by the series of photos. In some photos the ceiling light and dining room furniture are different than in others.What changes were made to the room behind the screen (dining area)?

    Separately, do design ideas include color palate, paint or wall paper color/suggestions, how to cover flaws, etc?

    • Jake says:

      Hello Judy,

      Thanks for asking.
      The difference between the images is our proposed 3D-design and what the customer’s space looks like after she used the design in her living space. She changed some aspects of her space and kept others. That’s why the dining room looks different.


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