Yates & Liz wanted to carve out a little slice of heaven for people to get away during hectic times. For them, that meant finding a design service that could turn a dated farmhouse into a cozy retreat.

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Homeowners: Yates & Liz

Space: Multi-Room Vacation House

Our Style: Modern Rustic

mountains with fog rolling off

Views from outside the farmhouse rental

Read on to learn how Modsy designer Becky S. helped the couple find the look for their mountain getaway.

The Backstory

When Yates & Liz bought a private farmhouse atop Old Forge Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains, they did so with the vision of creating a beautiful vacation rental retreat where guests could hunker down and relax. The house was entirely empty and they needed help coming up with a design that would ensure the interior of the house was as beautiful as its scenic surroundings.

before photo of customers sunroom

Views of the farmhouse rental before Modsy

“It was important to us that the entire house be designed all at once because we wanted a cohesive look for the entire space instead of piecemeal looks for the individual spaces that wouldn’t flow together.”

The Design Dilemma

Yates & Liz knew from the beginning that they needed an expert eye to help them achieve the look and feel they wanted for thier farmhouse.

Living room with sheepskin chair and green modern sofa

A design for the living area of Yates & Liz’s vacation rental

“The space was super large and dated. It easily could have become a hodgepodge mess even with lots of love and great intentions. Getting help from a professional designer was so important.”

green velvet sofa floating in living room withView of the living area in Yates & Liz’s vacation rental

Designer insight:

“From the beginning, I knew Yates & Liz wanted the space to function as a vacation rental, so the goal was to make every room cohesive but still fun and inviting. The biggest challenge (though, a really fun one!) was making sure each room had a unique look and feel but that they all still visually worked together as a cohesive whole.” –Becky

eclectic living room with gallery wall and green tufted sofa

Design for a reading nook in the vacation rental 

The Modsy Moment

When the couple discovered Modsy, they knew they’d found the answer to their design conundrum. Bundling each room into the same project and collaborating with the same designer was exactly what he needed to achieve a cohesive look for his entire farmhouse.

photograph of living room corner with modern leather wingback chair and eclectic gallery wall

The reading nook in real life

“Having the ability to see designs for each room before making purchases was key. This helped us feel confident that, as we purchased pieces, they would fit a cohesive vision for the whole house.”

bedroom with two sets of white wood bunk beds and red-orange walls

Bunk beds in a design for a shared kids room in the vacation rental

kids bedroom with pair of white bunkbeds and orange painted walls

The space in real life

How Modsy Helped Yates & Liz

Yates & Liz loved that their designer, Becky, was not only able to make each room in the house work together but also that she took their ideas in new directions that they wouldn’t have thought of alone.

sunroom with wood paneling, hanging swing and layered rugs

A design for a sunroom in the vacation rental

“Once we saw my designer’s plan, we started getting really excited about bringing it to life. We loved that we were able to contribute ideas—like using a green sofa in the main living space—and our designer was able to incorporate them and take the idea to the next level.”

sunroom with wood paneling, hanging swing and layered rugs

The same sunroom in real life

Designer Insights:

“Layering colors and textures is key when you want a cozy, lived in, yet very unique and interesting space. For Yates & Liz’s house, I focused on artfully mixing colors, textures, and materials in a way that made the spaces feel intentional. And speaking of color—the green sofa is one of my favorite parts of the whole design. That, paired with a lot of natural textures in accent chairs and fun pops of colors in rugs is what stole the show!” –Becky

large bedroom with corner fireplace, black accent wall and cozy seating area

A design for a master bedroom with a work area

large bedroom with corner fireplace, black accent wall and cozy seating area

The same bedroom in real life

The Real Results

Yates & Liz ended up with an upscale private farmhouse rental with a mid-century-meets-cozy vibe. The house’s relaxed and fun atmosphere makes it easy for guests to soak in the bucolic Blue Ridge Mountains scenery. If you ever find yourself staying there, you’ll have the option of visiting the many nearby towns, but you may find it hard to leave this charming mountain retreat.

“We’re thrilled with how everything turned out. It’s better than we could have imagined, and working with our Modsy designer, Becky, on such a large project helped us achieve what we never could have done on our own.”

close up of bedside table with black accent wall behind it and crisp white bedding

View of a nightstand in a master bedroom in the vacation rental

Designer Insights:

“One thing I love about working at Modsy is  having the opportunity to work on so many different types of spaces. Yates’ project was exciting because he wanted his rental to be full of fun, vibrant, and cozy vibes, and we were able to make that happen—making each room feel unique while keeping a cohesive vision for the whole house!” –Becky

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