Use What You’ve Got in a Whole New Way

Can you say “Boyfriend of the Year”? We can, and we found him. Ryan from Seattle wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday with a new design for their 331 square foot Seattle loft (hint: excellent gift idea!). The couple already had several pieces of furniture they really liked -not the least of which is a cabinet to store and display his impressive vinyl record collection – but they needed help with layout. Ryan turned to Modsy for help. Smart guy.

 The Layout Problem

 215_Ryan Cory_before_2This studio space needs to work for two people to sleep, eat, entertain and work. Not an easy task for a single long, narrow space.

They created “zones” for different activities, but as with any one-room living space, it’s hard to keep it from feeling like either a living area with a bed, or a bedroom with a sofa.

Remember that big shelving unit that stores Ryan’s vinyl record collection? Time for it to do double duty.

The Layout Solution

The Layout Formula

Divide and display

Shelving that’s open on both sides creates a physical barrier, but lets light through to preserve the feeling of openness and space. Using it to display a collection turns it into an interesting art wall, as well as a privacy screen. Now Ryan’s albums are front and center, for maximum enjoyment, instead of tucked away in the corner.

 Kallax Shelving Unit
Ikea,  $149

Assign boundaries

Different rugs give the two main areas (living & sleeping) their own defined space and personality. Mixing up rug shapes and textures offsets the long narrow aspect of the room.

Surya Sherpa Taupe and Ivory Wool Rug
Zinc Door  8’x10″ $1643

Cowhide Rug
Design Within Reach  $750

Clear the pathway

Positioning the sofa, shelf and bed all against one wall opens a wide pathway from front to back, making the loft feel open and more spacious. The clear glass dining table, at one end of the pathway, is a critical part of daily life, but takes up minimal visual space.

Don’t hold back

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you have to settle for a plain metal bed frame. Give your sleeping area some soft but distinct presence with a fabric-covered bed, or at least a headboard. It will balance the larger pieces in the living area – and will feel distinctly more grown up.

Soho Moon Bed
CB2  $1099 – $1299

Your Turn

No space is too small to be stylish. Try some ideas to see what works for you. And if you need a little help, we’d love to be of service.

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