My Modsy Story: Making the Move from City to Suburban Home

modsy storyWhen her IKEA furniture no longer served her family and new home, this New Yorker took matters into her own hands with Modsy.

Homeowner: Marybeth B, City-Dweller turned Suburban Homeowner

Location: New York

Room: Living and Dining Rooms

Her Style: Modern Rustic

The Backstory

Taking the leap into suburban living

I bought a new home two years ago when we moved from the city to a more suburban area. My family and I were living in a modern high-rise apartment and our new home is a 1931 Tudor house that has been lovingly restored.

The Design Dilemma

Figuring out out-of-place furniture

Like most people, the IKEA furniture we had was good for apartment living, but it didn’t work in our new home.

For starters, we now had 3,000 square feet of space to fill and all of our furniture from the old apartment could fit in the living room in the new house. We were ready to invest in good furniture, but didn’t want to buy the wrong pieces and make a costly mistake.

Adding to that, our new house’s architecture is very formal, but we’re not formal people. It was hard to find furniture that both agreed with the interior of the home and our personalities—not to mention visualize it actually in our space! I was completely overwhelmed.

“I didn’t want to settle with a set of matching furniture but I was ready for the house just to be done.”

The Modsy Moment

Nothing was working—not even hiring an interior designer

We had been in interior design paralysis for a year; after one year living in the house, I had 100 Pinterest boards and spent countless hours (days) curating them to no avail. So I finally decided to hire an interior designer to help move the design process along. They gave me layout ideas, some furniture recommendations, and I even bought two rugs, but I still had a hard time imagining these pieces arranged in my actual home.

I read about Modsy on and decided to try it. I took some photos, filled out the Style Quiz, and picked out furniture recommended to me based on my style. A week later, I got the first 3D designs of my living room back and I was blown away by how real they looked. It was awesome! Modsy allowed me to see designs staged in our actual space, and it made all the difference.

“We had been in interior design paralysis for a year… Modsy allowed me to see designs staged in our actual space, and it made all the difference.”

The Final Deciding Factors

Adding those personal touches

After playing around with a few Modsy designs, I came up with more ideas that I wanted to try. I have a three year-old daughter, who loves to climb on things, and Modsy helped me create a play area for her. I also had my eye on a statement sofa, but was unsure if it would work with my formal space. Finally, I was struggling to decide if I should hang curtains above my beautiful stained glass windows or not.

With the Modsy 3D rendering I could literally see these ideas come to life in my home. This gave me the confidence to buy pieces I will love. Now there are a few more things I need to get my husband to agree on, which, for the first time might be easy since he can see how amazing they would look.

Now I use the hours I spent curating Pinterest boards to do things I actually enjoy, like spending time with my family, cooking, and traveling. I am thankful to Modsy for helping me pull the trigger and get on with my life.

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    • Modsy says:

      Thanks for asking, Terry! With Modsy, once you submit photos of your space & take our style quiz, you’ll get a dedicated designer & photo-real 3D designs of your space filled with real furniture that you can buy on the spot. Feel free to check out our design packages to view our pricing options.

  1. Karen Cassarini says:

    Like this homeowner MODSY transformed my 2 story family room into a livable, modern transitional and luxurious space. They even incorporated an existing sofa, chairs and an antique framed map. After the initial design (several choices were offered) I requested-one change, a TV console with storage and they gave me several great choices at no extra charge.
    I have used professional decorators before and MODSY is as good or better. My family room is supreme and I highly recommend them, they exceed all expectations. My family room continues to bring me big compliments.

  2. Tracy Moses says:

    I used Modsy recently to help us with an awkward master bedroom. They helped so much and I could never have come up with the same design myself. I will definitely use this service again and highly recommend it. Money well spent.

  3. Lori Breningmeyer says:

    This story so closely parallels my own. I’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest, watching HGTV, reading magazines, and hiring online designers and a face-to-face interior designer over the last 5+ years. There were elements of my home that were definitely coming together through this exhaustive effort, but it wasn’t until I found Modsy that I was able to really make progress. The creativity of the design team and the customer service is incredible and the 3-D tool is so much better than any vision board could ever be. I honestly don’t know how Modsy is able to provide this service so inexpensively, but I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this team of designers. Thank you Modsy!


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