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Homeowner:  Collen N.

Spaces:  Living-Dining Room

My Style: Mod Collector

a photograph of the customer\'s open living/dining room before modsy designs

a before photo of modsy customer living room space

The Backstory

I recently moved from a 600-square-foot studio apartment in Oakland, CA to a brand new house in California redwoods country. My pooch and I live in the house alone during the week, but my boyfriend stays here during the weekends, and his son joins us every other weekend. The house is in a beautiful spot, surrounded by stunning wildlife and situated next to a river. It’s great because I can enjoy the natural surroundings on my own with my dog, and it’s also a great space for getting quality time with my boyfriend and his son.

modsy rendering of living room vignette

The Design Dilemma

When I moved into space, I knew I wanted it to reflect the surrounding environment and my own love of nature through natural materials and pops of earth tones. I also really wanted to ensure the furniture I used was kid and pet friendly and could endure wear and tear from my boyfriend’s son and my dog. But at my last place, I didn’t even have space for a sofa, so I was essentially starting from scratch.

When I tried shopping for decor on my own, I found myself overwhelmed by all the options. For example, when I bought a patio table and chairs, I found myself completely exhausted by the process of shopping. There are just so many types of materials and styles to choose from for every item in the home! I also had a feeling there were design elements I wasn’t considering and because this was my first home—where my time is divided between solitude and quality with my boyfriend and his son—I didn’t want to miss anything.

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modsy rendering of customer living room design

The Modsy Moment

Designing the space on my own was taking forever. I was ready to throw up my hands, give up, and just settle for random furniture when I discovered Modsy. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have an expert designer doing the leg work.

As soon as I saw the 3D version of my space I thought, “Wow! This is amazing! It looks exactly like my home, but better!” Before I started the design process, I was spending a lot of time reading blogs and trying to figure out what layout would work best for my room and the exact colors and materials I should use. Suddenly I had an exact copy of my space and a professional helping me select accent wall colors. It was amazing!modsy rendering of customer dining room design

The Real Results

It feels really great to know I have my designs sorted and can begin focusing on this next phase of life in my first home!

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