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Homeowner: Alicia P.

Spaces: Open Living-Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Traveler

before photo of customers living room

before photo of customers living room

The Backstory

My family and I live in Billings, Mont. in a house that was built in the 80s. I enjoy the open layout and sharp angles of our home, but the architecture is very specific to the era—particularly the living-dining room—which made it hard for me to envision a new style for the space. I’d wanted to update our home for years. But between work, family, and not being very interiordesign-savvy, I struggled to create the kid-friendly and modern design I’d long dreamed of.

customer living room with leather sofa and navy blue accent chairs

The Design Dilemma

As I mentioned, I’m no interior designer, but I know what I like when I see it—and so does my husband. And while the two of us love each other to pieces, we have very different design styles. His style is very macho and outdoorsy (typical Montana man) and mine is more reflective of my family roots in California—modern but casual and cozy. So, in addition to creating a functional design that updated the 80s architecture, I wanted to bring our very different styles together in a way that is as harmonious as our marriage. But, as I said, design is not my strong suit, and after having waited so long to redesign my home my expectations were huge—like Oprah-level-makeover huge.

open living room with camel leather sofa and wood floors

The Modsy Moment

When I signed up for Modsy, I was worried that I’d end up with a pretentious designer in a fancy suit who wouldn’t relate to my family’s lifestyle and would mistake my lack of design knowledge for a lack of taste. But as soon as we started talking in our design consultation call, I knew I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our designer was so incredibly nice and was just a real and relatable person who also happened to be a design expert.

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The first time I saw the designs she created I was so excited—I mean, my jaw dropped to the floor. She brought our styles together seamlessly—incorporating traditional elements in rustic finishes, like a leather sofa, that appealed to my husband while also incorporating simplistic silhouettes that felt more modern, which I loved. On top of that, she added lots of geometric accents, which brought our styles together with the architecture. And everything was kid-proof and within our budget, too! It was truly the Oprah-level transformation I’d dreamed of.

transitional dining room with dark wood dining table and 6 slatted back dining chairs

The Real Results

Now that I have a plan for my space, I’m enjoying getting my house in order to completely match my Modsy designs. I’m having the flooring in my dining area updated before I start ordering, and I’m just so excited to see my space come to life more and more.

I truly can not stop singing Modsy’s praises. It’s so wonderful to know that my husband and I have found a style that reflects each of our personalities and also works for our kids and our space.

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