As a realtor, Meredith makes it her mission to help her clients find their dream homes. But her busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods left her own home feeling cluttered and neglected for 5 years.


Modsy customer


Homeowner: Meredith K.

Spaces: Living Room and Dining Room

My Style: Rustic Traveler

Customer space before Modsy

before modsy

The Backstory

Five years ago, I moved into the house that had belonged to my grandparents. It was built in 1938 and is loaded with charming accents like crown molding, a beautiful fireplace, and dramatic arched entryways leading from the living room to the dining area.

When I moved in, I brought the furniture I already owned. None of it really fit well in the space, but with my busy career in real estate, I became so focused on making my clients happy in their homes that I was forsaking my own design dreams.

Dining room with blue upholstered chairs

The Design Dilemma

I’d say that I have good taste, but a busy schedule and penchant for sparkly home goods had left my house feeling cluttered and disjointed. After living this way for so long, I was starting to feel a little frazzled in my space. Plus, my adorable 16-week-old kitten was wreaking havoc on my furniture! So, when some of my real estate clients mentioned the convenience and nominal price of Modsy, I jumped at the chance to get the design help I’d needed for so long.

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corner desk with green lamp and mirror


Fireplace with plants and organic pouf

The Modsy Moment

When I saw my 3D designs for the first time, I thought “HOLY $#@&! Can my house really look this good?” I was just so excited to know that each item in the design was to scale, would fit perfectly in my space, and was selected based on my particular style and layout needs.

The designs my designer created for me included upholstered items that were cute and kitty-proof. There was also plenty of storage for my sparkly ephemera, but the design was aesthetically balanced enough to not compete with my more flamboyant keepsakes. (I have a gold octopus figurine in a birdcage in my dining room and I’m keeping it there!) It was also nice to have the 3D Editor to try out my own design ideas for the space, which was much easier than moving my actual sofa around the living room. My designer and I were able to communicate design concepts both visually and over email, making the whole process a breeze.

Living room with blue sectional and abstract art

The Real Results

Once the design portion of my project was done, it was so nice to be able to place all the items I liked from my design directly into my cart and purchase them all at once. As I wait for each item to arrive, I am refinishing my floors, painting, and hanging drapery. It’s all so fun and makes me feel even more exhilarated to bring my beautiful design together in real life!



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