My Modsy Story: How I Designed My New Home Before Moving In

designing a new home Lauren wanted to design her family’s new home before they moved in. The only problem? She couldn’t be in the space to design it. See how finding Modsy on Instagram helped her take on designing a new home, virtually.

designing a new home

Homeowner: Lauren T, Sales Manager

Location: Arlington, VA

Room: Open L-Shaped Entry, Living, and Dining Areas

Her Style: Refined Modern


The Backstory

Designing a new home and wanting it furniture-ready by move-in

We’d just purchased a new family home, and I wanted to have a design plan before we moved in. I wanted us to be able to order furniture ahead of time so we could turn our new place into a bright and beautiful home right away.


The Design Dilemma

Not having access to their new home right away to make design decisions

We’d just purchased our new home but didn’t have access to it yet. Designing the space was a huge struggle as we couldn’t visualize how furniture would look. Not to mention we couldn’t keep going back in to measure and make sure everything would work (or fit!) the way we wanted. It was like we were designing a new home in the dark.

To top it all off, the new space isn’t very big so we needed it to feel open and bright. We wanted to tie the entry, living room, and dining area together while still making them feel like three distinct spaces.

The Modsy Moment

Scrolling for inspo on and finding a solution to her dilemma

I came across Modsy in an Instagram Ad and thought I should give it a try. It was very easy to get started.
designing a new homeLAUREN’S MODSY DESIGN #4

How Modsy’s Renderings Helped Lauren

Designing a new home before move-in day

In our first Modsy designs, the designers had come up with some interesting ideas we hadn’t thought of before. We ended up incorporating some of them into our final design.

The first design we got from Modsy gave us a lot direction for our project. We were able to incorporate some things that we already owned (like our sofa and dining table) to save money.

designing a new homeLAUREN’S MODSY DESIGN #1

We had planned to put a large hutch in our entryway, but the Modsy design gave us another idea.

The design plan inspired us to try a leather bench and hanging mirror with an open shelf on the adjacent wall. It made the entry seem more open and the furniture Modsy selected helped to tie the rooms together.


We created a few more Modsy designs (we had seven in total!) until we landed on one that was exactly what we wanted. Modsy’s renderings looked exactly like our space in real life. Seeing real furniture we could buy in our space made designing a new home so much easier.

Designing a new homeLAUREN’S MODSY DESIGN #6

So far, we’ve purchased the bench, mirror, and some accent decor from our first design. We swapped out a few other items in our final design that we’ve also purchased.

It was amazing to see how using smaller and slimmer furniture with glass and mirrors helped to open up and brighten the space.

Designing a new HomeLAUREN’S MODSY DESIGN #7

In the end, the final design was our favorite and most reflects what the room is looking like!

Throughout the process we told so many friends about it that are buying houses, and we even showed our realtor how we were redesigning the space! Seeing how our new home could look, before we even moved in, has made the whole process so much easier.

See Lauren’s favorite design in 360!

Designing a new home? See it fully furnished before move-in day.

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    • Modsy says:

      Thanks for your question, Anjali. Feel free to check out our different design package options. Also, Modsy offers frequent sales throughout the year and will always match a retailer’s advertised sale so long as it is within the timeframe their policy allows.

  1. Deborah says:

    We are in the same predicament. Our home is being built and it’s becoming a bit overwhelming with all of the different furniture sites and big box sites to choose from. Also not being able to know for sure if what we like will even fit. Two families merging doesn’t make it any easier. We could definitely use this kind of help. We really want our new home and life together to reflect what we consider should be our dream sanctuary.

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Deborah – thank you so much for sharing your story! We know moving into a new home can be a challenge, not to mention trying to design it, so we are here to help if you handle the heavy lifting and make the process fun and easy. Congrats on your new space and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want some design help!

  2. Gail Valenti says:

    I’m assuming Lauren had a floor plan that you worked from. I’m in the same situation and stopped in my planning process when I was asked for pictures from all angles of the room. I do have a floor plan though. Maybe I don’t have to wait to move in to get started on a design!

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Gail, congrats on your new place! We’d love to help you design it into the home of your dreams!

      To answer your question, yes we can start your Modsy designs with just a floor plan, although we do charge an extra fee as it is a bit more difficult without any photos. Alternatively, you can also share staging photos of your new home, or even images from a model space. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions!

  3. Vritika says:

    Moving into a new place is a huge sigh of relief but setting the place is somewhat of a difficult task. I love the way you always plan. Modsy is the best blog I’ve ever seen so far!


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