Designing A Beautiful Mess’ Nashville BnB Living Room Nook

a beautiful messWe’ve always been huge fans of Elsie and Emma, the sister duo behind one of our favorite lifestyle and home design blogs, A Beautiful Mess. So when we heard Elsie was designing the living room nook in her awesome Nashville bnb, we immediately volunteered to help. This collaboration also happened to coincide with the launch of Ravine Home, our own line of sofas and chairs. The stars were aligned and we knew our beautiful Taylor sofa would be the perfect addition to Elsie’s space.

The finished nook is a balanced work of art – bright neutrals, pops of orange and yellow, plants galore, and the perfect personal touches. Honestly, we told Elsie not to invite us to her bnb because we’d probably never leave (just kidding, Elsie we’ll come over any time)!

Keep scrolling to see how Elsie brought her living room nook to life with a little Modsy magic.

Getting Inspired With Modsy

Elsie’s bnb had an adorable living room nook on the second floor of the home that she hadn’t yet put to work.

“If you have a challenging room or space it is so helpful to have a chance to have someone help you with it!”

Her first step was finding the right layout for the somewhat tricky space (anyone else struggling to design around a staircase?). Instead of pushing furniture around the room, we used a little Modsy 3D magic to show her all the possibilities with just a few clicks (and none of the lower back pain).

Then all that was left to do was tweak the design and try out different options until she found the perfect pieces for the space – including our Taylor sofa.

Mixing the Old With the New

One of Elsie’s favorite parts about the Modsy design process was that she could see how her existing furniture would look in the space alongside the new furniture she wanted to purchase.

Instead of moving everything into the space, rearranging it, and then returning everything that didn’t work, Elsie did it all online with just a few clicks. Trying out new furniture and layouts virtually sure can save you tons of time and money!

“I really liked using the tool as we were mixing and matching old with new pieces.”

a beautiful messThe Final Look

Scroll through to see how Elsie’s nook turned from render to a beautiful reality and read the full post on Elsie and Emma’s blog, A Beautiful Mess, to learn more about their space and little details that make it feel like a home away from home.

a beautiful mess

a beautiful mess

a beautiful mess

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