A Beautiful New Space for a Beautiful New Life

What makes being engaged and getting ready to start life together even more blissful? Finding your mutual dream apartment. Blank slate! New possibilities!

Bride-to-be, Ashley, and her fiancé were living this exact fairy tale. They were in love – with each other, of course – but also with their new-found place. The only downside? They didn’t know where to begin with the design process. So they started with Modsy.

We went to Modsy when we were moving into our new space. We were starting from scratch and were unsure how to best set up our living room, which has an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows. We really wanted to maximize the seating space while highlighting the incredible views.”

Armed with that knowledge, the pair’s Style Quiz results, and some quick photos of the space, Modsy stylists went to town.

After a few chats and a couple of product swaps, the soon-to-be-newlyweds had a dream solution to match the space, and it looked like this:


Or, with some alternate options, like this:space_769_design_3_001_modcam_002_test_000-vraydenoiser

And just so you can get a sense of this layout relative to those fantastic windows, here’s an overhead view:birdseyeNot only did the Modsy team provide the most beautifully rendered designs, but they were incredibly speedy and accommodating with our requests and questions. We still cannot believe the output – it feels like we are looking at an actual photo of our space, perfectly designed to our needs!”

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