Bringing Your Style to a Basic Space!

Have you ever felt inspired by all of the design Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts you follow, yet unsure how to implement them into your own home? Even interior enthusiasts often get stuck when it comes to bringing their style to life!

This is exactly the issue Anthony Loria faced; he wanted to turn his basic dining room into a personalized, stylish space.

“I tend to like many different styles, so it’s often a challenge to decide where to start. Modsy sounded like the exact solution for me. The best part of it is that it’s all done virtually!”

So, what to add? Anthony wanted something that complimented his style and just needed a little help planning the room. Our design team gave him several options.

Gold, geometric accents, blankets and sheepskin throws, and clean wooden pieces were a few of the tools our style team used to bring Anthony’s space to life. The accessories went well with his existing pieces, but introduced a bit more character.


Another option:

“The two initial designs worked eerily well for my style and matched the rest of my home quite perfectly. It’s like the designers could see the rest of my home and just innately knew what I was looking for.”

With these designs, Anthony was not only inspired, but also had the tools to buy with confidence! The cool, mid-century modern pieces he originally owned were now beautifully accessorized with softer accents, such as the cozy blankets, and some more industrial pieces, such as a geometric wine rack.

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“The ability to easily view more information on the individual products used to style the room is an incredible feature that makes is so easy to adopt the looks Modsy has come up with.”

Not only did Modsy match Anthony’s style and needs, it was a quick, easy, and painless design process.

“Modsy made it ridiculously simple to begin the steps of transforming the room. By just providing a series of photos and without a conversation or lengthy written instructions outlining what my goals for the room were, Modsy came back with two different designs that were both contemporary, somewhat trendy, and very much ME.”


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