The customer: Michelle and her fam
The space: Multiple Rooms
The budget: $27k


Michelle is a mom and the director of Elementary Teaching for a school district in Seattle, WA., and saying she’s busy would be a pretty big understatement. So when her family moved into a new modern-style home, she was excited to create a cohesive design that matched the house’s architecture. Still, she worried about finding the time to create a design for her home while balancing work and life. So she enlisted the help of Modsy to draft a design roadmap that led her to a homey destination. 

Michelle’s Design Dilemma

Michelle’s empty living room and master bedroom before Modsy

Michelle’s empty dining room and kid’s bedroom before Modsy

My family had just purchased a new home. Because we wanted a more mature style that suited the house and our taste, we wanted to start over from scratch with new furniture and decor. We were excited about creating a new look the entire family would love. Still, it was hard to imagine exactly what the style would be and how we should execute it across multiple rooms, especially with my busy professional life.

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How Modsy Delivered

Michelle’s 3D living room and master bedroom designs

Michelle’s 3D dining room and kid’s bedroom designs

I was so excited when I first saw our 3D designs! They helped me to envision the possibilities in each room. It was such a relief knowing right away that my designer really understood my style and had listened to my wants and needs for the space. They helped me create a practical, stylish, and cohesive look for my home and family.

I particularly loved how my designer blended items from many of my favorite stores into one cohesive vibe for our home. I would never have had the time to bring the vision for each room together with items from so many different retailers. But Modsy made everything so easy, especially purchasing everything for the house in one simple check-out!

The Final Results


Michelle’s living room and master bedroom designs after using Modsy

Michelle’s dining room and kid’s bedroom designs after using Modsy

With a new home, it’s sometimes hard to envision how everything will come together. It’s like venturing into uncharted territory. But Modsy helped me create a space I love by showing me a 3D roadmap into the future, where my new home was laid out exactly how I wanted it. It made me feel confident that everything would work, and now that my space is complete in real life, I absolutely love it! It’s everything I had dreamed of.

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