Homeowner: Holly H.

Spaces: Multiple Spaces

My Style: Rustic Travelor

The Design Dilemma

Holly and her partner are busy young professionals and world travelers. They recently bought a home in South Lake Tahoe to serve as a home base where they could relax and recharge between work and travel. But the house itself was pretty dated and needed some love to become the space Holly knew it could be.

“Our house was a definite fixer-upper when we bought it,” says Holly. “There was really old carpet, the colors on the wall were pretty funky, and we didn’t have any furniture in the space. So, it was a totally fresh start. But there was a ton of potential in the space.”

Holly was struggling to pick out new flooring and paint colors without any furniture in the space. “I wanted the furniture to help dictate the floor and wall colors and guide the overall color scheme of each room.”

But that’s where she got stuck. Holly felt overwhelmed since she and her partner were starting from scratch with furniture. She wasn’t sure where to start in picking out pieces for her new home.


The Modsy Moment

Knowing she needed some help, Holly went in search of budget-friendly design options in her area and came across Modsy. Her designer helped combine Holly and her partner’s design preferences, finding furniture and decor that suited both of their styles.

“Part of why Modsy seemed so appealing was the help in finding a design style that my partner and I could both agree on and would love,” says Holly. “Through the style quiz and with some help from our designer, we landed on a style that integrates both of our personalities and styles.”

Holly’s designer also helped her find new paint colors for her home. “My Modsy designer went above and beyond to help me choose every detail of my space—from furniture and layout to paint colors,” says Holly. “It was very comforting to have her with me through this fun (and stressful!) process of transforming a house that needs quite a bit of work!”

Holly’s designer asked practical questions to get to the heart of what Holly and her partner wanted for their home. She translated their hopes into designs that worked in their space.

“When I first saw my designs, I was so excited,” says Holly. “It was exactly the vision I was hoping for that I could have never put together on my own.”

With every revision, Holly says her space got closer and closer to her design goals, which got her even more excited to bring the designs to life.

The Real Results

With their busy schedules, being able to shop for everything in one place—from the comfort of their home—helped these busy young professionals get their new home designed much more quickly than if they had been designing the space on their own.

“It’s made the process easy for us so we can just come home and enjoy our space,” says Holly.

They’re now enjoying their new home, which has become a restorative landing place in the midst of their busy lives.

“Our designer helped us find pieces that were both functional and beautiful, so when we come home from work or travels, we feel like we’re in a really beautiful and comforting space,” she says. “We love the new design of our home. It’s everything we hoped for but could never have come up with on our own!”

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