Living in New York City, Lauren was excited to start a life all her own in her first studio apartment. She just didn’t know how to design a small space that reflected her new independent lifestyle.

Customer Studio Apartment

Homeowner: Lauren M. News Writer

Space: Studio Apartment

My Style: Chic Collector

Customer Studio Apartment

Customer Studio Apartment

The Backstory

I live in New York City, where the COVID pandemic brought reduced rent prices, so when the lease on my shared apartment ended in October, I knew it was the right time to move—for both my COVID concerns and a growing desire to claim my own space.

studio apartment with bright color scheme

The Design Dilemma

I decided to move into a studio–but I was clueless about designing a small space. I didn’t know what decor or layout would make the room flow. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to decide on an overall theme or make sure all my furniture pieces physically fit in the space.

Customer Studio Apartment

Customer Studio Apartment

The Modsy Moment

My sister and mom knew I needed assistance, and after looking for New York interior designers they treated me to a Modsy design package for a housewarming gift. I immediately fell in LOVE with the Modsy iOS app and was so excited to get started designing my space.

The first thing I noticed when I got my Modsy designs was the vivid color palette—it was exactly what I wanted and added that “zest” that completely transformed my plain apartment.. I couldn’t have found the right color balance on my own because I get nervous taking risks with interior design—that’s why I’m so happy my designer took my suggestion and created a bold but doable design for me. Seeing my design in 3D meant I knew everything would work together perfectly.

Customer Studio Apartment

The Real Results

Before Modsy, I had an empty studio where I felt too timid to decorate alone! NOW I LOVE BEING HOME. I recently got over COVID and having a space that reflected my style was really empowering—it helped me feel stronger and more confident during a stressful moment in my life. It just brings me more joy than any other place I’ve lived and I’m so glad I took a risk with my colorful design and tried Modsy.

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