How to work from your favorite pop culture interiors

The first things on your mind before you start a video conference are probably “Do I look ok?” and “Is my house messy?” As working from home is becoming the new norm for so many of us, you might be getting tired of seeing the same video conferencing background hour after hour. If you’re finding yourself with a little wanderlust, looking for a change of scenery, or just don’t feel like tidying up before a video meeting, download one of our favorite reimagined spaces to set as your background for video conferences.

Want to work from the Friends apartment or from Frasier Crane’s iconic Seattle pad? Maybe you’d like to imagine yourself in Stars Hollow burning the midnight oil like Rory (or eating Pizza and takeout like Lorelai) from the iconic Gilmore Girls’ living room. Or, cut yourself a piece of cheesecake while you work from the Golden Girls living room. We’ve put together a collection of our favorite reimagined spaces.

Here’s How it Works:

Scroll down and find your new favorite WFH set-up. Click on your favorite image (or two or all of them) and save it to your desktop.

To use this feature in Zoom it requires specific settings, or you’ll look like a ghost! Check their site to see if your settings match. Then, make sure your Zoom account administrator has the Virtual Background setting enabled. When you’re on a Zoom call you’ll be able to change your background by clicking the little arrow next to the “start video/stop video” button. Then select “choose a virtual background.”  Click the plus (+) button on the right and add your favorite reimagined image.


So no one told you 2020 was gonna be this way. That’s why we put together these awesome Friends themed backgrounds. They’ll be there for you!

Friends themed video meeting backgroundChandler and Monica

Friends themed video meeting backgroundRachel Green

Friends themed video meeting backgroundJoey Tribbiani


Looks like Festivus came early this year and we’re gifting you some cool Seinfeld themed backgrounds. You can have SERENITY NOW!

Friends themed video meeting backgroundJerry

Friends themed video meeting backgroundGeorge

Friends themed video meeting backgroundElaine

Sex and the City

You may not be able to grab a cosmo with the girls right now. But you can have a virtual drink in Carrie’s apartment.

SATC themed video meeting backgroundCarrie

SATC themed video meeting backgroundMiranda

Gilmore Girls

These Gilmore girls themed backgrounds are the next best thing to a weekend in Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundLuke

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundParis

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundRory

Golden Girls

The only thing your co-workers will like more than these delightful Golden girls backgrounds is a slice of cheesecake.

Golden Girls themed video meeting backgroundBlanche’s bedroom

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundThe Kitchen

Gilmore Girls themed video meeting backgroundThe Living Room


Frasier has left the building, so why don’t you sneak into his fab Seattle pad for your next meeting?

Fraser themed video meeting background
Frasier’s apartment

Will and Grace

For this Will and Grace themed background we decided to go with “Just Jack.”

Will & Grace themed video meeting backgroundJack’s rendition of Will and Grace’s apartment

House of Cards

We could all use a little bit of Claire Underwood’s steely reserve from time to time. Using this House of  Cards themed background will help you power through like she does.

House of Cards themed video meeting background

Claire’s Oval Office

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kerala design

Brands We Love: Kerala Design

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some of our favorite brands and help you get to know the many names that you’ll find in your 3D designs! Today, meet Kerala Design.

kerala designMeet the Brand: Kerala Design

From furniture to textiles, Kerala Design creates high-quality products with an upscale and timeless design aesthetic. Each piece includes unique and thoughtful details that make it a really special addition to your home.

What They’re Known For

Kerala’s designers are inspired by both modern and ancient objects from around the world—from welded gates in India to trendy boutiques in SOHO. You can see those global-inspired shapes and patterns in both the furniture and the pillows and rugs in their collections. Their furniture tends to be traditional and rustic, but often with more modern lines. But some pieces—from coffee tables to light fixtures—also have an industrial flair.

Why We Love Them

Kerala is focused on the details and creates products with soul. These are the types of rugs, pillows, and furniture pieces that you could have forever. Their timeless design means you’ll never get sick of their pieces or feel like they’ve gone out of style. And that’s something we can get behind!

We love that they use innovative finishing techniques on their textiles—like printed velvet and burnout, which is a process that creates a semi-transparent pattern against a more solid fabric, resulting in a look of layered dimension.

Many of their products also feature hand-embellished details, which gives them a high-end, custom look. Their furniture features interesting washes, reclaimed finishes, and mixed materials. This adds to the timeless and global feel that so many of their products have. Each of Kerala’s pieces will make a statement in your home, giving your space a unique edge.

Kerala DesignOur Stylists’ Picks From Kerala Design

Alpine Leather Club Chair

We love the sophisticated design of this club chair, with its minimalist lines and top-grain leather upholstery. With a deep seat and plush back cushion, it offers both comfort and timeless style. Its lines lean modern, but the finish of the leather means it would work in both rustic and contemporary homes.

Harlow Rug

This rug is proof that art doesn’t just belong on the walls! We love the pattern and texture of this black-and-white rug, with its sleek, handwoven geometric style. This rug would pair well with a variety of decor styles—from modern to eclectic—lending a bold yet inviting look to any room.

Indya Square Pillow

This pillow features a cotton blend fabric that’s incredibly soft, making it great for lounging! The intricate printed pattern gives it a distinctive look, while the tasseled corners add a playful element. We love the idea of pairing it with other blue and white pillows of various fabrics and patterns.

Pembroke Diamond Handwoven Area Rug

The pattern of this rug is more traditional and global-inspired—but being crafted of wool-jute blend fibers gives it an unexpected twist, along with a plush texture. It is handwoven for superior quality and has an elegant yet understated style. This rug is perfect for traditional and transitional spaces and is available in multiple sizes.

Jace Leather Club Chair

Inspired by the clean lines and simple forms of mid-century design, this club chair would make a stylish statement in any space. The black leather upholstery features top-grain leather, and the frame features rubberwood arms and a black iron base. All of this gives it a more industrial, edgy flair and some seriously striking style.

Odette Hand-Woven Pouf

Inspired by traditional Moroccan rugs, this pouf features thickly woven cotton, natural textures, and a pop of a geometric pattern. We love the boho vibe it brings to a room and how it can add a playful element to any space. The pouf’s fill material helps it keep its shape while also being lightweight enough that you can easily move it around your space.

Viktor Velvet Square Pillow

Terra Cotta is a hot color right now. And when paired with a velvet fabric, it takes on a very luxe feel. This is just one piece in the beautiful Viktor Velvet Collection, and it was hard to choose just one favorite! Made of 100% cotton velvet in a soft antique wash, this pillow is as cozy as it is beautiful—so pile a few pillows from this collection onto your sofa for a luxurious and comfy arrangement.

Yasmine Coffee Table

Made with reclaimed pine, this coffee table is hand-finished to accentuate the grains and natural variations of the wood. The table’s bowed legs and angled lip make for a striking silhouette that will bring rustic charm with some boho flair to your home.

Shop our picks from Kerala Design

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Brands We Love: Chelsea Art Studio

At Modsy, we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From well-known names to up-and-coming brands—and even those that are hard to find—we work with a large array of partners, so you’ll always find pieces you love in your style and budget. In our “Brand Spotlight” series, we’ll be showing off some of our favorite brands and help you get to know the many names that you’ll find in your 3D designs! Next up, meet Chelsea Art Studio.

Meet the Brand: Chelsea Art Studio

All of the pieces from Chelsea Art Studio are made to order and are never mass-produced—meaning each piece of art is 100% unique to you. They are known for partnering with both up-and-coming and established artists to create their pieces. Because they partner with such a wide variety of artists, the art they sell is made in a plethora of styles and aesthetics—from traditional art to watercolor paintings, animal prints, abstract art, and ethereal giclee prints. You can really find something in every style!

What They’re Known For

Chelsea Art Studio is known for using innovative framing techniques, and all of their pieces come professionally framed or hand-stretched. They also source unique and high-end frames, which elevate the look of these already stunning works of art.

Why We Love Them

One of the many things we love about Chelsea Art Studio is that each piece is made to order and embellished by hand. So, it’s almost like having custom artwork in your home—without the custom price tag. These are pieces you’ll want to see up close; they have so much detail and depth and truly feel like pieces of fine art.

The pieces in the Chelsea Art Studio collection are so diverse and thoughtfully created—from the matting material to the paper quality and the overall attention to detail. Each piece feels so considered and unique. But enough talking about the pieces—we want to show you a few! Keep reading to check out a few of our stylists’ top picks from the collection!

Stylist Picks: Chelsea Art Studio

I See What You Hear

This high-quality giclee print is gilded with gold accents and framed under glass. It has a hand-brushed look, which we love, with incredible texture and an organic feeling. Abstract and a bit eclectic, this piece would fit perfectly in a modern home.

Jumble of Coral II

This art print by Sara Brown is a playful and slightly whimsical botanical drawing of seaweed. We love it on its own, but also works well in a trio of prints with others pieces by the same artist. This print is perfect for rustic, classic, and coastal spaces.

chelsea art studioSpotted Stalker V

Anything animal print is a yes in our book—and this print is no exception. This engraved leopard feels chic and glam, with a hint of old-world charm. And the frame only adds to this vibe! Try it in a traditional space, or in a gallery wall for a more eclectic vibe. It would also be fun in a kid’s room!

chelsea art studioTrace in Shapes II

This large-scale wall art has a hand-painted look, giving it the look of a custom piece of art. It features a non-objective design, which is perfect for a modern or minimal home. (“Non-objective” simply means a piece of art is abstract or non-representational. It’s typically geometric, like this piece, and attempts to convey a sense of simplicity.) Not only will this piece create a statement in your home, but with the swatch of turmeric color that it features—a popular hue for 2020—you’ll also be very on-trend.

Frosted Feathers I

Talk about a unique work of art! This print is giving us some major Baroque vibes. But, while the style it’s created in is very traditional, it features a modern subject. Because of that, this print would be at home in a variety of spaces—from traditional to modern, glam, and eclectic. Un-framed, this print comes in gallery-wrapped canvas giclee with hand-applied textures.

Modern Improvisation IV

We love the organic shapes and minimal design of this modern and neutral piece. With hints of turmeric, yellow, and gold, the color scheme is very on-trend. But the minimal design gives it a timeless look. This piece would make a stunning statement on its own, but it’s also available in a series.

Shop our picks from Chelsea Art Studio

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Ashby Home

Brand Spotlight: Meet Ashby Home

Ashby HomeAt Modsy we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From the well-known names to up-and-coming designers and even brands that are unique and hard to find, we work with a large array of partners so you’ll always be sure to find pieces you love in your style and budget. Our new “Brand Spotlight” series shows off some of our favorite brands to help you get the know the many names you’ll find in your 3D designs.

First up is a brand we think you’ll love: Ashby Home!

Ashby HomeMeet the Brand: Ashby Home

Ashby Home provides a range of furniture styles that blend with everything from classic to contemporary, and even industrial.

What They’re Known For

Ashby Home is known for their high-quality, timeless furniture pieces that never sacrifice on style. Their brand offers a huge assortment of furniture and home decor pieces and you can mix and match pieces in a range of different design aesthetics. They run the gamut in styles from eclectic to industrial, classic to traditional, contemporary to modern—Ashby Home definitely has the broadest assortment of aesthetics in the game.

Ashby HomeWhy We Love Them

Let us count the ways! We love Ashby Home because they have impeccably high standards on product build and packaging. They guarantee the best quality so you know you are purchasing items that are sure to last.

And not only is their furniture sturdy and durable, but they also have an eye for detail in manufacturing and color. They don’t overlook a single detail and their pieces are top-notch quality and have some serious style.

Ashby Home also follows through on quality with their packaging—it’s the best in the business. We love that their items arrive in beautiful condition and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of returning damaged goods. And no frustrating order experiences for you is a huge win for us!

Ashby HomeOur Stylists’ Picks from Ashby Home

Morrice Mirror: From rustic to modern, the Quinn mirror works with any style. We love it for its top-notch quality and beautiful, timeless design.

Dalton Table Lamp: Its cement base plus linen shade gives this much-loved table lamp the perfect combo of modern and rustic styles.

Mythos Wall Art: Add a pop of pattern to your space with this beautiful piece of art. The print features a lovely texture that also lends an organic appeal.

Stockwell Dining Chair: Part rustic and part classic, this dining chair is the perfect piece to add some farmhouse charm to any dining room.

Textured Scatter Table: This minimal accent table has a sculptural quality that makes it a subtle yet gorgeous addition to any space.

Una Floor Lamp: Bring a dose of rustic sophistication with this floor lamp. We love it in rustic and traditional interiors as a welcome pop of industrial flair.

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2020 home design trend report

Unveiling Our 2019 State of the Home Trend Report

2020 home design trend reportIt’s that time of year again, when we take a moment to reflect on the year behind and take a few wild guesses about what’s still in store. And for our Style Team at Modsy, that means analyzing the home design trends of 2019 to see which will stick around and which will go.

To do so, we pulled the numbers on what our Modsy customers were searching, liking, and buying from their designs. This year we also surveyed thousands of people from our amazing design community to get a little more insight on the 2019 styles you loved and the ones you loved to hate.

On that note, we’re thrilled to unveil our 2nd annual Trend Report! The data doesn’t lie, but it sure does like to surprise. Ready to take a scroll down 2019 memory lane? Keep reading for the inside scoop on a sampling of our most interesting findings. You can even take a peek at the full report to dive deeper!

Read The Full Report

2020 home design trendsHome Design Trends By Room

Living rooms are the place to be! This was easily the most-popular room our Modsy customers wanted to design. Master bedrooms came in a close second. No major surprises here, as those are the two spaces most of us spend the majority of our time in. Why go out when you can stay in?

And it looks like this pattern will continue into 2020. 37% of our design survey respondents said they were most looking forward to designing their living room while 23% said bedroom.

Why? Most people cite a not-so-recent move. 40% said “I haven’t touched that space since I moved in, and it’s finally time to give it the attention it deserves.” New year, new room!

Color Home Design Trends

We surveyed our community of design enthusiasts and got the scoop on their favorite (and least favorite) colors for home decor.

Would you decorate with the following colors?

  • Neutrals – 79% said yes
  • Blues – 61% said yes
  • Black/Grey – 52% said yes
  • Earth Tones – 52% said yes
  • All White – 51% said yes

Neutrals for the win! And it’s not hard to see why. These muted hues are a safe bet for any home, and when paired with pops of color in accessories you can change your style as often as you change your mind. Not to mention they inspire a sense of calm and can help you feel relaxed at home.

home design trendsThe Styles You Loved

We asked our design enthusiast community which styles and trends they loved in 2019. One of the most-popular responses? Modern Farmhouse style, with 35% of people saying they love this look and hope it sticks around.

Thanks to home design influencers and shows like “Fixer Upper,” this style has had a major moment in the trend spotlight. And deservedly so. The Modern Farmhouse look combines elements of mid-century modern (a style that’s been popular for over a decade now) with more casual and vintage elements. It’s a fresh take on an already-popular look.

2020 home design trends2020 Home Design Trend Predictions

So what about next year? We thought you’d never ask! We have lots of ideas about what’s going to be in for 2020.

A New Twist on Modern

We expect Bohemian and Organic Mid-Century Modern styles to be everywhere next year. We’re already seeing a softer, earthier side of the mid-century look come out to play and less of an emphasis on what we call “Mad Men” Mid-Century Modern.

Minimalist Maximalist Style

This trend is exactly what it sounds like—a style that plays with the unlikely combo of a minimalist’s design principles and a maximalist’s love of patterns, colors, textures, and all things over-the-top. We can’t wait to see more of this in 2020.

Read This Next: 3 More Trends That Will Be in (and Out) in 2020


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Modsy designs

Now What? 5 Ways To Get the Most Out of Your Modsy Designs

So, you’ve gotten your first Modsy designs back. Yay! That means you can cross off the first item on your home design journey checklist.

But what comes next? Whether you love your design and are ready to bring it to life or still want to make some additional changes, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 ways to make changes to your designs so you can get the most out of your Modsy studio.

Modsy designs1. Rate Your Designs

We want to know what you think! When you get your design back, you’ll have the opportunity to rate each of them on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. You can even share more details about your score.

This not only helps our designers know what they did great or where they can improve, but it will help us make your next designs even better!

Modsy designs2. Like and Dislike Products

You can now tell us how you feel about each individual piece of furniture or decor in your Modsy designs. Love that rug? Like it! Can’t stand that lamp? Dislike it!

Our designers will use this information to make your next designs better, and make sure they deliver a design full of products you’ll love. We’ll also save all the pieces you like to your favorites list, so you can easily find them again later.

Modsy designs3. Make Instant Swaps

One of the most exciting (and fun) features in your Modsy Studio is swapping! Not only can you like or dislike products, but you can also swap them in and out of your designs in just a few seconds.

For example, remember that lamp you hate? Browse the full Modsy catalog and find another to swap in its place. You can also swap sofas, chairs, rugs… You name it, you can swap it!

This is a great way to fine-tune your designs on your own. What’s more, your days of wondering if you made the wrong choice are over. You can also use our swap feature to try on all your options before committing!

Modsy designs4. Search With Filters

But maybe you want to find a sofa within a certain price range or you want to try a rug from a particular brand that you’ve had your eye on. You’re in luck! You can use the filters in your studio to search for products by brand, style, price, color and so much more!

Once you’ve found some pieces you love, you can swap them into your design or save them for later by adding them to your favorites list!

Modsy designs5. Request Changes from a Designer

We want you to land on a design you love, which is why all of our design packages come with unlimited opportunities to work with an expert designer.

If you find yourself getting stuck or want a designer to take another look at your space, you can click the “Request Changes” button in your studio at any time. All you have to do is give us a few details on what changes you’d like to see, submit your request, and you’ll get a new design back in a few days time!

Start playing with your Modsy designs!

Let the Modsy Magic Continue: Why We’ve Raised a New Round of Funding

A note from our founder and CEO, Shanna Tellerman, on Modsy’s series C round of fundraising!

Five years ago, my now-husband West and I moved into a new house and we were filled with that excitement young couples have when they make a big decision together. We were ready to create a home we loved and invest quality furniture. We couldn’t wait to create a space that was cozy, stylish, and also reflective of both our personalities. Simple enough, right?

As it turned out, not so much. This seemingly fun process turned into endless hours of online shopping, browsing Pinterest and Instagram, and even physical trips to furniture stores. Ultimately, we had an abundance of inspiration but no way to translate it to our real space.

The task of designing our home and buying furniture quickly became overwhelming. We couldn’t agree on anything and spent hours debating even the smallest choices. It was the opposite of the fun experience I had envisioned – it was frustrating and left us stuck with a sad, half-finished living room that we didn’t love. I knew there had to be a better way!

Shanna and West’s living room before Modsy

One day, I was flipping through a West Elm catalog and it hit me – what if there were a way to make shopping for my home truly as easy as browsing a catalog? What if I could see beautiful and inspiring designs all in the context of my real space, allowing me to “try” furniture out before buying?

“What if there were a way to make shopping for my home truly as easy as browsing a catalog?”

I knew that magical possibility could save me time and money, prevent arguments with my husband, and – best of all – it would bring the joy back into the home design process. And so, the idea of Modsy was born.

Modsy's series CShanna’s Modsy 3D design

Over the next year and a half Modsy was always on my mind and I wondered if anyone else had tried to solve this problem. Why had no one leveraged the maturing 3D industry to solve this major problem in a customer-friendly way? And how could this massive market (one that’s growing faster than any other ecommerce category) still feel so archaic? I was determined to bring a new approach to consumers everywhere and to build the design and shopping experience of the future.

“I was determined to build the design and shopping experience of the future.”

Since Modsy was born in 2015, we have worked day and night to develop our groundbreaking, patented technology. This magical tech is what helps us create the photo-real designs that boast a level of quality unmatched in the industry. And – most importantly – it’s also what “wows” and delights our customers every single day.

In just a few short years, Modsy has created over 2 million shoppable lifestyle images and we’ve seen rapid customer growth (up 450% in 2018 alone). Modsy has created a breakthrough, high-quality solution for the pain points of home design, and that solution is easily accessible to consumers everywhere. From new parents (like myself!), to new home-owners, empty-nesters, divorcees, and bachelors, we have designed countless spaces for people all over the country and helped them create homes they truly love.

Modsy series CShanna’s living room after Modsy

While we’ve come so far in a short while, there is still more to do – which is why I’m very excited to share that today we have raised $37 million in series C funding led by TCV!

What are we doing with this next round of funding? We believe that Modsy is the future of design and furniture shopping and we will remain laser-focused on you, our amazing customer, to deliver the fastest, most enjoyable experience possible. To do so, we’ll be investing in improving our customer experience, delivering designs faster than ever before, expanding our marketplace, and – as always – continuing to enhance the level of service we provide to our customers from the moment you open your first design until all the pieces arrive at your door.

If my frustrating home design experience from five years ago sounds familiar, trust that there is now a better way. Give Modsy a try or please reach out to our team at with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow and transform the future of the industry and of homes everywhere!

Shanna Tellerman, Modsy Founder and CEO

Minna Home Cybil

Meet The Squad – A Closer Look at the Ravine Home Collection

Minna Home SofasHave you heard the news? We’ve officially designed and launched our own sofas and chairs! That’s right – Ravine Home is the newest collection of upholstery on the block and it’s got some serious style and comfort chops.

With 8 styles to choose from, our pieces were all designed with our favorite people in mind – our amazing Modsy customers! We spent a lot of time looking at your favorite (and least favorite!) styles, features, fabrics, and details and combined all that feedback with our industry expertise to create the perfect collection of sofas and chairs.

Today, we’re getting up close and personal with our favorite styles. Ready to meet the squad? Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the Ravine Home collection!

Minna Home Taylor SofaTaylor

Similar to our favorite chart-topping pop star, the Taylor collection is a serious crowd pleaser. If you love the mid-century look but don’t want to go all in, Taylor’s clean lines and retro-inspired details will be your perfect cup of tea (or glass of chardonnay).

But her mid-century look isn’t her only selling point. Taylor is oh-so-comfy and comes in 5 soft and highly durable fabric options that are easy to clean. You really can have it all!

Minna Home Sofas RoryRory

If you’re someone who hates multiple sofa cushions, listen up! With the Rory collection, your days of lost remotes and lopsided cushions are over.

Our Rory collection features a single seat cushion and a tight back, so you never have to do battle with your cushions again. Designed with modern comfort in mind, this classic mid-century number will easily be dubbed the best seat in the house.

Minna Home CybilCybil

If Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor designed a sofa, we think it would look a lot like the Cybil. Old world glam with a modern twist, Cybil is truly a living room statement waiting to happen.

Her lovely sleek lines were inspired by classic hollywood starlets and her rounded armrests feature delicate baseball stitching – just one more detail to get heart-eyes over. Not just a pretty face, Cybil’s cushions are full of feather down for the ultimate sink-in comfort. Once you sit (lay) down, you’ll never want to leave.

Minna Home Sofas SohoSoho

Inspired by the fashion-forward, sexy NYC neighborhood, our Soho collection gives a mid-century profile a modern upgrade. For the artists, actors, or anyone who likes a bit of drama, the Soho collection is what waiting for.

With it’s stainless steel legs, velvet upholstery, and plush seating, you’ll love showing it off as much as you’ll love cozying up with a glass of whiskey. Don’t worry if you spill, Soho’s fabric is easy to clean.

Minna Home Sofas DrakeDrake and Kyle

Drake and Kyle are ready for family life and are built to handle anything your kids and pets can throw at them.

We designed Drake with the laziest of Sundays in mind – think all-day Game of Thrones binges, afternoon naps, and don’t-tell-dad-we-ate-dinner-on-the sofa kind of nights. Featuring an extra deep seat and ultra-cozy feather down cushions, Drake is so comfy you may never want to leave (and so durable, you won’t have to). There’s also a sleeper sofa option with a memory foam for those times when your guests just won’t leave!

Kyle takes all of Drake’s amazing features and kicks up the comfort level a few notches. Yep, that’s right – he’s a sectional! So if you want a little extra space to stretch out and kick your feet up, this is the comfiest way to do it. Oh yeah, Kyle’s chaise is reversible so you can swap sides as much as you like.

Minna Home Sofas LouisLouis and Remy

If Drake and Kyle are brothers, Louis and Remy are best friends. Reliable and attractive, we like to think of this collection as a well-tailored suit, in sofa form. Louis and Remy are those silver-fox George Clooney-esque businessman types. They’re classic, clean-lined, and undeniably comfortable.

While Louis features three seats for a more classic vibe, Remy takes a slightly more modern approach with two, wide cushions. We designed both sofas with shelter arms and sport welting details on the seams. This gives them a sculptural and super-clean look that will feel at home in a variety of design styles.

Explore the Ravine Home Collection

minna home

Introducing Ravine Home – Modsy’s First Exclusive Line of Sofas and Chairs

Ravine homeIt’s true – Modsy’s first collection of furniture is here! We’re so excited to introduce you to Ravine Home, a line of high-quality, custom made sofas and chairs designed to fit your real life and look good doing it.

After years of helping people design their homes, we were all too familiar with the struggle that is shopping for living room furniture.

You start out thinking it will be easy – after all, how hard can finding a place to sit be? Really hard, as it turns out. There are so many factors to consider – style, size, material, price, and quality… the list goes on! It’s easy to see how the whole thing can quickly become overwhelming.

Ravine homeEven with a designer’s guidance, finding the perfect sofa can often feel like an elusive quest fraught with compromises and tradeoffs. And after years of helping our customers navigate this struggle, we decided it was time to do something about it.

So, we went back to the beginning and created our own exclusive line of sofas and chairs based on feedback collected from countless real customers. The result was a seating collection that stands up to messy hands, spills, muddy paws, and everything else that comes with a busy lifestyle. Not to mention, our sofas and chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Read on to learn a little more about the values behind Modsy’s first collection, Ravine Home.

Ravine homeNo Compromises

We believe you should love sitting on your sofa, not just looking at it. That’s why all of our designs were created with real life in mind. That means they’re super durable, easy to clean, and oh-so comfortable. We are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint, so we use sustainable materials, like recycled polyfill and humanely sourced feather down, wherever possible.

Customized Quality

Each style comes with an array of fabric choices, so you can customize your Ravine Home piece to your liking. Our pieces are hand-crafted right here is the USA by artisans with over 30 years of experience making furniture for some of the leading brands in the industry, including us!

Ravine homeConfidence is Key

Exclusively available through Modsy, you’ll never have to imagine how your Ravine Home piece will look in your home. With our one-of-a-kind 3D design experience, you can see it before you buy so you know it will look and fit great in your space.

All the Perks

The days of waiting 10-12 weeks for a custom sofa are long gone. After you place your order, all Ravine Home pieces will be ready to ship out in just 15 days. Get excited!

Want more Ravine Home? Check out our homepage to learn how you can bring one of these amazing pieces home.

shopping through Modsy

Everything You Need to Know About Shopping Through Modsy

shopping through Modsy

If you’ve ever shopped for new furniture, you probably know that it isn’t exactly an easy task. There are so many things to consider, that you might end up feeling more overwhelmed than excited.

But shopping for your home doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, here at Modsy we make it our goal to help you design and shop for your home with ease. From finding furniture you love (and know will fit), to handling all the ordering logistics, we’re here to handle the heavy lifting.

We know it might be a bit confusing at first, so here’s the full scoop on everything you need to know about shopping through Modsy.

Is the furniture in my designs real?

Yes! All the items in your designs are 100% real and ready to shop. We work with 100s of brands you know and love and also with some new and unique ones you can’t find anywhere else.

Can I shop the furniture and decor in my designs?

Absolutely! When you check out through your Modsy studio, you can purchase the exact pieces in your design all in one basket. To put it another way, that means you can shop multiple brands (and all the best sales) in one cart, in one easy checkout. Just think of what you can do with that extra time you’ll save!

“I work full-time and have no time to shop. It was so convenient to checkout straight from my designs and know exactly how everything is going to look, all while getting the lowest price.” – Klara, Modsy Customer

Can I apply a promo code from another brand to my Modsy order?

Yes! Although current sale prices might not be reflected in your Modsy Studio, we always check for any retailer sales or promotions before charging your credit card.

However, we are currently unable to honor individual discount codes. These include any code you were sent individually or a code you signed up to receive (via email or text message, for example).

Does Modsy price-match?

We guarantee to always honor the lowest advertised price for all your items. How do we do that? Before placing your order, we’ll always triple-check with the retailers for any last-minute sales and make sure you’re getting the best price for all your items.

Find a lower price elsewhere? Let us know within 24 hours of your purchase and we’ll match it!

Can I use Modsy sales in addition to retailer sales?

Yes, yes, and yes! If your favorite retailer having a sale, that means the same deal applies when you shop through Modsy. You can also apply Modsy-exclusive sales on top of these deals from other brands for extra savings.

“The design experience was great and visualizing everything in your own room is incredibly valuable. I ended up buying everything from the design and now my actual home looks identical to my Modsy designs.” – Judy, Modsy Customer

What does your concierge shopping service include?

We know that shopping for furniture can be complicated, so we have a dedicated team of order specialists ready to help you navigate the process. They will help place all your orders and coordinate shipping, delivery, and any returns or exchanges that you need.

Have more questions or need help? Contact us at and speak with a human who cares.


Ready to shop your designs?

live swap

Introducing Live Swap – Our Latest Feature That Lets You Try On Furniture With a Few Clicks

live swap

Designing and shopping for your home just got way more fun with our latest (and greatest) feature – Live Swap! We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes and are excited to bring swapping within your Modsy designs to life. Now, with only a few clicks you can easily swap any product in your 3D room for another.

Here are some of the most exciting things you can do with the new Live Swap feature.

Swap Anything

It’s like having 100s of sofas in your pocket. With Live Swap, our entire 3D catalog is at your fingertips. Once you get your initial Modsy designs, you’ll be able to easily swap in different pieces until you find a look you love.

Swap Anytime

Skip the hassle and expense of trying on furniture in real life. With Live Swap it only takes a minute to see something new in your exact room!

Don’t like that sofa? Swap in another! Want to see how that rug would look in a larger size? Swap it in! Keep swapping until you find the perfect pieces, then shop your exact look on the spot. It’s that easy.

Swap Anywhere

Live Swap feature works on desktop computers, mobile phones, and even tablets!

live swap

How does Live Swap work?

  1. Simply head to your Modsy Studio (or start a design project if you don’t have one).
  2. Select an item you want to swap and choose an alternative from our 3D catalog to try instead.
  3. Click swap! Give us 30 seconds or so to work our magic, and watch as your new item swaps into your design.
  4. Love it? You can shop your new look directly from your design or keep swapping until you find the perfect piece for you.

But wait, there’s more! Live Swap works alongside Modsy’s 3D Style Editor. This is a unique tool that we created to give anyone, regardless of their experience with interior design, the ability to edit designs inside their 3D room model.

If you want to change the layout of your room, move products around or delete an item altogether, you can open up the 3D Style Editor and continue designing and discovering products. Save your changes and continue Live Swapping until you are ready to shop.

If you already have a Modsy design, you can start swapping and visualizing different pieces of furniture today. New to Modsy? No worries, you too can Swap till’ you shop, just as soon as you sign up for a design package.

Ready to try Live Swap?

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Introducing The Exclusive Chris Loves Julia x Modsy Collection!

Chris Loves Julia x ModsyToday marks a huge Modsy milestone – we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite design blogger duos of all time, Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia!

We first partnered with Chris and Julia last year when we helped visualize their nursery on a tight deadline. Since then, the requests for similar nursery looks and Chris Loves Julia inspired design projects has been overwhelming.  And we know why…their house is so darn dreamy!

Click here to start your Chris Loves Julia x Modsy project

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Shop The Look: Chris Loves Julia x Modsy Collection

So we knew we had to partner with them again but in a much bigger way. This time around, Chris and Julia created an exclusive collection of their favorite furniture and decor pieces, curated just for Modsy customers. That means, for the first time ever, you can see your exact home designed in Chris Loves Julia’s amazing style.

“The collection Chris and I curated for Modsy was designed to reflect our family and all of the passion we’ve put into our home projects. We approach every room with our unique point of view, one that we’re thrilled to share with the world because we believe that everyone should love where they live.” – Julia Marcum

If you’ve been following the Chris Loves Julia blog, you’ve likely fallen in love with their distinct interior design style. With rooms full of texture, clean lines, rich colors, and warm wood tones, their gorgeous creations are truly a place we all want to call home.

Peek inside the Chris Loves Julia x Modsy collection

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Ready to stop lusting and start shopping?

Whether it’s a bedroom, living space, or simply an entryway, start your project today and see the Chris Loves Julia look in your exact room. And don’t forget to enter the promo code CLJ at checkout.

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Dash & Albert

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Williams Sonoma Home

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Interior Define

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Crate & Barrel

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy


Chris Loves Julia x Modsy


Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Bassett Mirror Company

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy


Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Bassett Mirror Company

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Crate & Barrel

Orient Express

Chris Loves Julia x Modsy

Artfully Walls

Ready to see your space designed in the Chris Loves Julia collection?

Don’t forget to enter code CLJ at checkout to see this collection in your space!

Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Isabela’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

Modsy designer Isabela might just be one of the coolest girls in our style tribe. She’s never one for trends and has always has a unique take on design, be it coming up with a forward-thinking dining room layout, a bright burst of unexpected color in a room, or building a custom bar for her own home in Chicago. For Isabela, it’s always about keeping her eyes wide open for beauty no matter where she finds herself.

Find out what Isabela’s loving now in our short and sweet Q&A with her.

First things first, what’s your Modsy Style?

“Mid-Century Chic.”

Where do you get your design inspiration?

Traveling and seeing how others live.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

I tend to stay away from massive trends. They usually don’t give you long-lasting good designs and you’ll usually find yourself over the look once it’s no longer all the hype. I learned this with the Millennial Pink/Blush wave.”

Your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

My bar and buffet—because I designed and built it!”

What’s your favorite restaurant where you live?

Income Tax. It’s a little spot in a not-very-popular Chicago neighborhood that makes amazing modern European food. Every single dish is designed differently, elaborate and absolutely beautiful.”

What’s the last book you read?

Not at Home: The Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture.

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

Both! Because I have both.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

There is nothing like France; the French know how to live the good life!”

Favorite color combo?

I like neutrals with pops of color. Imagine a white-fiber pillow basket with brown-leather straps with a royal-blue velvet pillow inside.”

Current obsession?

Dining spaces with overarching lamps and tall bookcases that are filled with china and dishware.”


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3d home design

4 Ways to Escape Inspiration Overload With 3D Home Design

3D Home Design

It’s daunting, isn’t it? You see all the beautifully designed rooms in magazines and on TV and Pinterest, but you just can’t seem to get it right when you tackle your own home.

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to visualize a paint color or a piece of furniture in their space, but that shouldn’t keep you from having your very own perfect space to come home to. New mashups between interior decorating and 3D home design are making it easier for anyone to escape inspiration overload and get the room they really want. Design doesn’t have to be daunting; now it can be easy and fun for anyone.

Thinking about designing your space but not sure where to start? Read on to learn 4 ways 3D home design can make designing your space so much easier.

1. See Everything to Scale

It used to be that two-dimensional mood boards were an interior designer’s standard way of showing off their vision. 3D home design

The problem is that, while it all looks great on the mood board, there’s no sense of scale between the pieces in your space and you still don’t really know how they will all look together in real life.

For example, what may look like a nice little side table in your mood board, could turn out to be way too big for the chair next to it. Or the fabric you picked for the new sofa, which looked great as a swatch, might clash with the rug you chose.

3D home design

With 3D home design, you see your exact chair paired with the exact lamp and exact side table, no guessing required.

2. Know How It Looks in Your Space

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could try on sofas like you try on clothes? Unfortunately, instead of just taking a few items into a dressing room, you’d have to rent a moving van, max out all your credit cards to buy all the sofas you’re considering, and then spend all day moving them in and out of your home. Yikes!

With Modsy, a designer can help you try them on in your home in 3D – no heavy lifting required.
3d home design

Kevin used Modsy to see how a leather sofa would look in his living room. Check out Kevin’s full story, and learn how he designed his awkward living room using Modsy’s 3D home design services!

3d home design

Not only do you see the sofa you want (in your chosen color, size, and shape, of course!), but you can see how it will look and fit in your exact room. Does the upholstery color clash a bit with your wall color? You can find out before you spend a penny on paint and hours applying it to your walls.

3. Shop Directly From Your Designs

You know that moment when you fall in love with a rug or credenza on Pinterest and try to buy it, but it’s nowhere to be found? Or you buy what you think is the perfect piece, take it home and realize it just doesn’t work?

3D home design

All that trauma can be avoided when you design and shop your home in 3D with Modsy. No more wondering where that perfect lamp came from, you can buy any piece in your design on the spot!

4. Get Your Room Exactly How You Want It

Probably the most exciting benefit of Modsy’s 3D home design service, is that you don’t have to play it safe because you’re not sure something will look in your space.

3d home design

When you can see furniture in your home, you can feel confident in your choices because you know EXACTLY what they look like before you spend a small fortune. That gives you the freedom to try styles and piece you might not otherwise have thought you’d like. Get crazy with a green velvet sofa, try a new wall color just because, and even see how a totally new layout can transform your space – all without lifting a finger.

Ready to try 3D home design for yourself?

With 3D home design, you can take the time and guesswork out of designing a space you love. With Modsy, you can come back to your designs a month or even a year later. No matter if you’re turning a home office into a nursery or simply want to upgrade your sofa – Modsy’s here to help you see the changes.


Want to see more of Modsy in the wild? Check out these celebrity spaces

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City

Monica’s apartment from Friends

Sonja Morgan’s townhouse from the Real Housewives of New York

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

Modsy in the Wild: San Francisco Design Week 2018

Aside from our customers homes, we don’t often got too many chances here at Modsy to see our 3D renders come to life in the wild. Recently, we had the opportunity to set up shop at San Francisco Design Week 2018.

In case you missed it, our SF Design Week booth consisted of a 10’x10′ square foot area that we transformed into a mini living room. Of course, we had to use our own 3D rendering technology to plan the space before the exhibition. But we couldn’t stop with only one look, and instead brought 7 versions of the space to life!

Take a full tour of all 7 spaces below (including 360 views!) and see which style is yours! Curious what your Modsy style is? Take our online style quiz to find out!

Design 1 – The Real Deal

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 2 – Mod Visionary

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 3 – Rustic Warmth

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 4 – Mod Enthusiast

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 5 – Atomic Industrial

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 6 – Rustic Traveler

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy


Design 7 – Mod Collector

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

San Francisco Design Week Modsy

Want to see these products in your room?

Sign up for a Modsy design package today and try on and shop these pieces (and thousands more) in your 3D room.

Modsy 3D Style Editor

Exciting Updates to the Modsy 3D Style Editor

Modsy 3D Style EditorHere at Modsy, we are always working to improve the way people design and shop for their homes. We use photorealistic 3D images to help you see how a new sofa will look in your living room. All without the heavy lifting or any MacGyvering of your Pinterest boards.

But maybe you’ve always wondered how your living room would look with a sectional instead of a sofa. Or could be that you’re just curious if your new bed will fit on the other side of your room. Perhaps, shopping for furniture just brings out some commitment issues that you didn’t even know you had.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and roll your sleeves back down because we’re giving you the power to make all these amazing changes to your home with a few clicks.

Modsy 3D Style Editor

The Modsy 3D Style Editor

If you haven’t already been introduced, it’s time to say “hello” to our 3D Style Editor! Although it’s currently still in beta, this unique drag-and-drop tool gives anyone the ability to edit designs inside their Modsy Studio.

You can not only swap products, but move, rearrange, and re-visualize them in the context of your own space. Don’t like that sofa? Let’s try this one! Not sure about that rug? Swap in a few more.

Since we are always striving to make our customers’ experience even better, we made some pretty big and exciting improvements. Read on to learn what’s new the with Modsy 3D Style Editor!

Modsy 3D Style EditorSee Your Space from All Angles

Get a bird’s eye view of your room with our top down camera view. This is the best way to make changes to your layout as you can see your whole room and all the pieces in it.

Want to look around the room like you’re standing in it? We made that happen. There are multiple “cameras” stationed around your room that allow you to get a good look at your space from all angles. Tap the big orange arrows to move through the space or simply click and grab the walls to look around the room.

Get stuck in a weird spot? Don’t panic! We’ve added a handy-dandy ‘Reset Camera’ button that will bring you back where you started.

Modsy 3D Style EditorMove Products With Ease

Want to move products around your room? Yes, yes you do!

We’ve added special buttons to make this even easier. Drag pieces around the room with the freehand tool, move items up and down with the vertical button, or switch over to ‘rotate’ mode to spin them around!

Live Chat, Human to Human

As much as we’ve aimed to make this tool as user-friendly as possible, we know it can still be difficult to get the hang of. To help, we’ve added a live chat feature so you can speak with a real person.

If you ever need a hand making your design changes, need some style advice, or just want to talk (we’ve all been there) we are here to chat. You can find us in the bottom left corner of your browser.

Ready to give the 3D Style Editor a try?

Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Brittany’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

Modsy Stylist Brittany

California-based Modsy stylist, Brittany, describes her style as “modern chic” through and through. With her eye always attuned to the latest trends, she’s one for mixing colors, patterns, and metallics in her 3D design plans for homeowners. Naturally, the spaces she creates are often filled with bright, stylish accents, plenty of plants and greenery, and major personality.

Learn what Brittany’s loving now with our quick-hit Q&A with her.


Where do you get your design inspiration?

“Fashion. Runway shows and vintage books are great sources for me to draw inspiration from, and they give insight into upcoming trends.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

“To avoid mixing metals and mixing patterns. When done correctly, they can add interest and personality to pretty much any space.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

“Bali is definitely at the top of my list!”

What’s the last book you read?

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler.”

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

“Both. They have different traits that are both great and not so great.”

Current obsession?

“Bringing the outside in! Plants are just as important as all other design accessories. They can also be a cost-effective way to enhance spaces and play up a home’s unique style.”


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modsy stylist amanda

Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Amanda’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

Modsy Designer Amanda

Based in Denver, Colorado, Modsy designer Amanda has never been one for minimalist spaces. She loves rooms filled with vintage pieces, accents rich with history, lots of books, and dark colors that play up a cozy, lived-in vibe.

It makes sense for someone who’s very much a collector of things in her own home and describes her style as a mix of eclectic and transitional. So it goes without saying that her favorite spaces are always layered with interesting furniture, accessories, and visual details. When she’s not at her desk designing spaces, you can find her nose-deep in a novel for her book club.

Find out what Amanda’s loving now with our short and sweet Q&A with her.

First things first, what’s your Modsy Style?

Contemporary Collector.”

Where do you get your design inspiration?

I grew up in Seattle, and I loved the style of being in a big city where everyone likes something a little different. Since they had their heyday in the ’60s, most neighborhoods are inspired by mid-century styling with huge windows to absorb as much sunlight as possible (through the trees for the three months of the year there is actually sun).

“Like my Modsy Style indicates, I love a little bit of everything, swamped in history! I love spaces that feel lived-in and funky details that definitely have a great story behind them. I like things in all of the corners of my rooms and books in every room of the house.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

Personally, I love my homes to be painted darker colors than other designers usually recommend. I just painted my husband’s office dark peacock blue and it feels so relaxing and encompassing. One day I would love to have a black dining room… And who says there can’t be glossy dark paint colors on your ceiling? It feels cozy and intimate but also makes your ceilings feel so much taller.”

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

I have a big corner chair for reading in my bedroom, and I couldn’t live without it!”

What’s your favorite restaurant where you live?

One of our favorite places out here is called Smokin’ Fin in Littleton.”

What’s the last book you read?

I love reading! It’s how I spend most of my free time. I split my time between middle school adventure novels and the incredible Y.A. books my best friend recommends to me. Since she lives in Canada, reading brings us together! The last book I finished was called The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross, for my book club.”

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

I have a hard time choosing. Honestly! One day I’ll have a huge husky, but I’m hoping for cats in the future too. In addition, I had bunnies when I was younger and would love to have them again! And my middle school dream of having a horse is still alive and well.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

Stockholm! It is such a peaceful, incredible city, with so many cool corners to explore.”

Favorite color combo?

I am a huge neutrals fan. I love the feel of mixed neutrals in a space, and am currently hooked on gray and camel. They are technically opposites in the neutral world, so they look beautiful together and add tons of interest to a space.”

Current obsession?

Industrial-styled attached greenrooms.”

Check out more designs by Modsy stylists!


Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Brando’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

Splitting his time between Brooklyn, New York, and his native Arizona, Modsy designer Brando is an urbanite at heart with an eclectic sense of style. He has a knack for combining a mix of styles in his Modsy design plans for homeowners, which also often include lots of fun accents, unique furniture arrangements and lots of plants. The result are spaces that are anything but ordinary. To find out a little more about Brando, read on for our rapid-fire Q&A with him.

What’s your Modsy style?

Urban Collector

Where do you get your design inspiration?

“Insects and sea life. In college, I used the shapes of insect carapaces and seashells as inspiration for a few handbags and jewelry pieces. One of my tattoos is of a section cut of a conch shell.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

“I’ve always disagreed with the ‘rule’ of not mixing styles, and that’s probably one of my favorite things about Modsy! It’s so much fun being able to mix two very different styles and be able to create something entirely unique. My cousin came to me the other day and asked me to help her with her house. Her and her husband have such different styles and they couldn’t figure out how to both be happy. I just sent her to Modsy!”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

“I’ve been to India twice to visit my dad’s side of the family, but I was so young that I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the culture. Now that I’m older I’d love to go back and experience it in an entirely different light.”

What’s the last book you read?

“Call Me By Your Name”

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

“Dogs! One time I saw a woman walking five Pomeranians at once, and they were all different shades of black and grey. Ever since then it has been a dream of mine to have an ombre gradient of dogs. Also, I’m allergic to cats.”

Current obsession?

“I’m obsessed with plants right now, which I’m sure any of my Modsy customers have noticed. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the desert and then moved to a city, but I feel that I can never have enough plants!”

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Modsy team

Announcing Our Series B Funding!

Modsy team

2017 has been quite an incredible year for our growing team at Modsy! Since we launched in September 2016, we’ve more than doubled in size, created breakthrough patent pending technology, launched amazing partnerships and retail integrations, worked with thousands of customers and continued to take a technology first approach to this rapidly changing industry.

That’s not all, today we’ve reached another huge milestone and we are thrilled to announce that we have raised a $23 million Series B!! This new round of funding was led by Advance Venture Partners (AVP), and included participation from NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, Comcast Ventures and existing investors including Norwest Venture Partners, Birchmere Ventures, Ame Cloud Ventures, BBG Ventures, and GV.

From the very beginning, Modsy has been leading the charge to transform home design through the use of powerful 3D graphics and visualization technology. We’re obsessed with eliminating the frustration that comes with guessing how furniture and decor will look inside a home and we’re on a mission empower everyone to transform the spaces they inhabit into spaces they truly love.

We’ve been fortunate that the transformative consumer experience we’ve been providing to our customers has also struck a chord with incredible brand partners. This year alone we had the fantastic experience of partnering up with Bravo Media’s home makeover TV series, Cyrus vs. Cyrus to provide on-screen 3D visualizations of design concepts as part of our ongoing media partnership with NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. We also launched initial retail pilots, integrating into the design services for notable retailers such as Crate and Barrel and West Elm.

With this new round of funding we’re ready to accelerate the impact we’re having on the market – from delivering new product features to deepening our integrations and partnerships with media and retail brands – this next phase for Modsy will be game changing.

And most of all, we want to thank our customers. You have made every step of the Modsy journey worthwhile and you are the reason we wake up every day excited to come to work! We  wouldn’t be where we are today without you. You have inspired us with your beautiful spaces, helped us innovate with your ideas and feedback, and you have helped us realize that this is absolutely just the beginning of the Modsy story!!

With tremendous gratitude and thanks,


PS. Read on below to see what several of our investors and partners had to say about our Series B!

“Modsy offers the kind of attainable aspirational lifestyle that fits seamlessly with our content and audiences. Modsy is redefining home design and ecommerce with a fresh, innovative and turnkey approach which makes for an ideal transactional business that we can integrate into our programming in a way that delivers a real service to our viewers. We look forward to building on our partnership to help accelerate their growth.” – Dave Howe, President, Strategy and Commercial Growth, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment

“Modsy is fundamentally changing the home design and shopping experience. Many consumers have a hard time buying for their homes, but Modsy’s 3D visualization and personalized styling give its customers the confidence to purchase and create a beautiful space. The market potential for a company that sits at the intersection of art, design, media and retail is huge, and AVP looks forward to supporting Modsy’s mission to revolutionize the industry.” – Courtney Robinson, Partner, Advanced Venture Partners.

“Modsy has a proven track record of success in reshaping the home design industry with 3D technology, and has already positively impacted how consumers interact with furniture and home retailers. Norwest Venture Partners has a long history with Modsy, having led their Series A in 2016, and with this new round we’re excited to see Shanna Tellerman and her team continue to innovate in the space, using technology to find new ways to solve the inherent problems with furniture shopping and decorating.” – Jeff Crowe, Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners