Modsy Real Estate: Streamlining the Home Buying Experience

At Modsy, our mission is to make lives better through design. By recreating our customer’s spaces in 3D, with designs they can shop from directly, we help make the often challenging process of designing a home simple and effortless.

As demand for our business continues to grow, we’re thrilled to extend our offerings to more and more users in new and exciting ways. As a result, we’re offering a new vertical geared directly toward real estate developers and builders.

The Modsy Real Estate vertical is a highly customized design offering for developers and builders who want to take their buyer’s walkthrough experience to the next level.  bedroom gray wall oval mirror yellow pillows

Virtual Walkthroughs Feel Like Home with Great Design

Model homes can be a great way to show potential buyers a sneak peek of what life might look like in a development. But these spaces have their limitations. Real estate developers and builders need to build the model home in real life, hire a designer to design it, and get buyers to come and view the space in-person. Of course, buyers may love a walkthrough’s design but—if the home buyer can’t access the same designer or decor—the incentive of a fully realized and designed home can feel like more of a pipe-dream than a promise.

entryway blue wall round natural texture mirror

bright bedroom yellow accents white and beige bed

home office bookcases orange chair

When our team experienced the gap between shopping for and designing a home, we saw an opportunity. We wanted to use our design expertise and 3D visualization tools to create a more personalized and impactful way for developers and builders to share their properties with home buyers. With Modsy’s Real Estate vertical, developers, builders, and their buyers will be able to take advantage of an entirely new home buying experience. What makes this experience so unique?

  • Unlike traditional walkthroughs, the Real Estate vertical provides developers and builders the chance to see (and show!) properties before they’ve even been built.
  • Stunningly real 3D images help developers and builders try on different finishes and accents in their properties to achieve an ideal foundational aesthetic.
  • A Modsy designer works with each developer and builder, creating designs for their development in a variety of design styles, widening their design net to meet their target audience.
  • With traditional staging, a property can only be designed in one style. With Modsy, you can easily have 2+ designs per home.
  • Our designers will curate styles specific specifically to the location of the home, target buyers, and trends.
  • Developers and builders can shop an entire design if they’d like to stage a space in real life. They can also share a shopping link with their buyers who are ready to furnish their new home.

bright open living kitchen white couch yellow pillow

Adding Value for Home Buyers

With the Modsy Real Estate program, developers can pass the Modsy design experience on to their home buyers—Giving them the power to continue collaborating with us to customize the designs to their own style. Like the developer or builder, they’ll work one-on-one with a real designer who tailors their space to their specific budget and lifestyle needs—ensuring the homebuyer feels provided for even after closing.

nursery with grass green rug and beige color scheme

A Brighter (and Easier) Design Future

Like we said earlier, our mission is to make lives better through design—and we want to do that for as many people as possible, including homeowners, renters, and even developers and builders. We are already looking toward the future of our Real Estate design offering to find ways to streamline the home-buying and design experience even further. As we do that, we look forward to building relationships with developers and builders who share our passion for helping consumers find a place and design to call home.

Explore our virtual walkthrough experience here.

Learn more about Modsy Real Estate here.

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