After the past year and a half, many people are craving change—and are more inspired than ever to go after their dreams. Driven by a new sense of urgency, many Americans are leaving their current career paths in pursuit of passion-based careers that offer more flexibility, autonomy, creativity, and fulfillment. Economists are calling it “The Great Resignation.”

But many more of us have yet to take the leap, as it can be difficult to take risks on new things if you’re not 100% confident in your plan. Women, especially, are experiencing this internal conflict.

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Women Are Dreaming Big—But Certain Barriers Are Holding Them Back

According to a recent survey conducted by Northwestern Mutual, more than half of working women want to make a change from their current career to pursue something they’re more passionate about—but many haven’t made the space, either physically or mentally, to pursue those passions.

Here are some of the realities that women are facing:

Women are significantly more likely to be working from home in an open living space compared to their partners (61% of women vs. only 48% of their partners) – making it difficult to concentrate on anything, let alone pursuing a new career.

Only about a third of women have a dedicated room for their office with a door they can close.

Less than half of working women have invested in setting up an office space that feels comfortable and permanent.

And financial concerns only deter women further. According to that same survey, the top reason women haven’t made a career change yet, in order to pursue their passions, is because they aren’t confident they have enough of a financial plan in place.

What does that tell us? As women, with all of the daily responsibilities and uncertainties, prioritizing our own dreams, goals, and even comfort can be a challenge. Our Modsy founder Shanna Tellerman understands these struggles—but she’s also experienced the joy and satisfaction of turning a passion project into a career. And she wants to offer more women that opportunity.

That’s why we’re partnering with Northwestern Mutual to offer a pair of consulting sessions designed to give women the tools to pursue their passions with confidence. (We’ve designed these sessions to address the specific concerns we’ve heard from women, but they’re open to everyone who wants to sign up!)

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Modsy X Northwestern Mutual: Propelling You Past Your Barriers

With this partnership, we’ll offer financial and design coaching—equipping women with the tools they need to propel past the barriers they’re currently facing.

Here at Modsy, we’ll offer free 15-minute design consultations with a Modsy expert, who will help participants design a productive and inspiring home workspace.

We hope that, by giving you both the physical and mental space to pursue your passions, you’ll be more likely to take the leap and go for it.

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Want to participate?

We’d love to have you join us! You can sign up for either of these opportunities—or both! Click the button below to learn more.

Need some home office inspiration in the meantime? Head over to our home office design ideas page for some of our favorite designs!

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Northwestern Mutual Survey; August 2021 

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries in Milwaukee, WI.

Modsy Design Consultation is provided at no cost and does not obligate any subsequent purchase. Design Consultation is limited to the first 300 U.S. participants, regardless of gender. Northwestern Mutual is not responsible for the activities of Modsy.

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