2020 was a year of major changes for our homes. Home offices were booming, multi-use spaces were the norm, and people looked for creative ways to make the most of every square inch of their homes. Hello homeschooling zone/home office/movie theater/home gym/daycare combo spaces!

But now that we’re starting to come out of the worst of the pandemic, what do our homes look like? What changes should go from temporary to permanent, and what will shift back to how it was before?

We surveyed our network of Modsy designers to see what themes and trends they’re seeing in how people are using their homes now—and predictions on how the pandemic will affect the interior design landscape going forward.

Here are our 5 predictions on the future of our homes!

work from home office moon wallpaper ladder desk

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Prediction #1: Home Offices are Here to Stay

2020 was the year of the home office, as a huge amount of offices shifted to employees working remotely. But even as our world has begun to open back up again, many companies are keeping some of their remote work policies in place—some allowing employees to opt for fully remote positions, others offering hybrid models that include working from home part-time. With that, we’re confident that home offices are here to stay.

At Modsy, home office design projects were one of our most popular rooms in 2020, and requests for these spaces have not slowed down. Some clients are transforming spare rooms into permanent home offices, while others are integrating more flexible working spaces into their homes as they go back to corporate offices part-time. No matter if it’s a designated space or a hybrid office, we’re predicting that home offices are here to stay!

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Prediction #2: Open-Concept Spaces Will Decrease in Popularity

Open-concept floor plans have been hugely popular in the past few decades. In the early aughts, home design moved from traditional layouts to more open, free-flowing spaces. And the rise in TV renovation shows, where hosts would knock out walls and open up main floors only fed the frenzy for open-concept home design. It seemed that every home improvement show featured clients looking for big, open kitchens that were open to living and dining spaces.

But while these open spaces are great for entertaining and family life, they didn’t weather the storm of the pandemic quite so well. Having all that exposed, open space is difficult when your entire world becomes reduced to just your home. Instead of having separate spaces for homeschooling, working, lounging, and working out, in an open-concept home all of these activities took place in the same multipurpose space. What once made a home feel more expansive suddenly made it feel more cramped. After 2020, many people have a new appreciation for walls, doors, and enclosed spaces. And we’re predicting that this desire for privacy and separation will continue.

Fun Fact: Open kitchens didn’t actually become popular because of their functionality in being open to other spaces in the home. It was actually the fact that they were constantly featured on home improvement shows! Turning an enclosed space, separate from the rest of the home, into an open one meant demo work was needed. Shows used these segments to attract a wider audience—specifically men. Tearing down walls and cabinets and having a dramatic reveal makes for good television, after all!

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Prediction #3: Bold, Fun, and Celebratory Trends Are Coming in Hot

There are still plenty of uncertainties and fears flying around in the wake of the pandemic—but with the world opening up and being able to see friends and family again, it’s hard not to celebrate! There’s a general mood of hope and new beginnings out there, after more than a year of darkness and isolation.

We’re seeing this celebratory sentiment take root in interior design trends, which are becoming bolder and more personality-packed. There’s an air of playfulness and positivity that’s being reflected in home design. Some people started bringing this sense of joy into their homes during the pandemic as a way to lift their spirits, by wallpapering, painting, and adding eclectic elements to their homes. But today, we’re seeing more and more people embrace these bold, playful trends. Some of our favorites? Botanical designs, rainbow nurseries, and bold wall colors!

transitional living room

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Prediction #4: Modern Design Styles Will Usurp the Traditional Trend

Ahh the ever present trend cycle. It’s always raising up a trend from the past, only to take it away again a year or two later! We’ve talked before about the push-and-pull between modern, forward-looking trends and traditional, historical ones. In times of uncertainty, the general public tends to look to the past for inspiration and strength—which resulted in traditional design rising in popularity not just in 2020 but even in the unstable years prior. You can see that in the popularity of Cottagecore, Grandmillenial style, and even the resurgence of the 90s-inspired Traditional Comfort look, which all rose to the top of the trend lists.

However, in times when the future looks bright, modern styles become more popular. You can see this historically by looking to the 1950s when, after WWII, Mid-Century Modern style was booming. With that in mind, we’re predicting that modern, futuristic design will have a comeback moment, and more forward-looking styles will become popular once again.

beige dining room neutral color scheme

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Prediction #5: Entertaining is Back

No more quarantine! No more social distancing! We can finally host again—and we’re predicting a major rise in people wanting to create cozy, comfortable spaces to entertain. In fact, at Modsy, we’re seeing a rise in requests for entertainment spaces. Important aspects of these rooms? Good flow, home bars, and intimate conversational seating. Plus, people are looking for plenty of storage space to keep their homes neat and organized when guests come over.

With more entertaining in the future, along with so much time still spent at home, we’re also seeing an uptick in requests for leather furniture and pieces in performance fabrics. THere’s a desire for rooms that look beautiful but are durable and comfortable—ideal features both for when you’re hosting and when you’re just cozied up at home with your family.

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