February is Black History Month and is an opportunity to recognize the innumerable contributions Black Americans have made to the world as well as reflect on the issue that the Black community faces today. But, because those issues don’t just go away once the month has concluded, February can also serve as a catalyst to celebrate, bring visibility to—and show support for— the Black community year-round.

As a retail and design company, we particularly wanted to take this time to shine a light on Black businesses and makers we love.

Black-Owned Brands We Love

Last year for Black History Month, we highlighted successful Black Interior designers whose work we adore. And while we loved sharing their stories, they are already established household names. So, this year we wanted to highlight some lesser-known but still incredibly talented and successful Black-owned brands working in the fields of home goods and design.


Philadelphia-based lifestyle shop YOWIE is focused on “curating small collections from friends, independent artists, and designers.” They offer a wide range of delightful and colorful goods, including decorative objects, wall art, and coffee table books.

Check out their Instagram.

BLK MTK Vintage

Brooklyn-based BLK MTK Vintage sells various vintage and found goods, including decor and furnishings, that celebrate Black history. Their aim in curating this collection of objects “is rooted in our love for Black people, Black culture, and our own lived experiences.”

Check out their Instagram.

Rituals & Ceremony

Brooklyn-based Rituals + Ceremony is dedicated to self-care. They offer a curated collection of unique lifestyle and home goods, with a focus on “helping individuals create their own sacred space.”

Check out their Instagram.


Don’t Sleep Interiors

Don’t Sleep Interiors brings together the worlds of interior design and culture from the African diaspora. The result is a collection of beautifully designed home decor featuring historical figures, quotes, and images.

Check out their Instagram.


Linto seeks to elevate everyday experiences with a range of American-made linen products—from sheets and duvet covers to tablecloths and bath towels. Their handmade products are offered in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colors.

Check out their Instagram.

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