In 2020 and 2021, dining rooms took on new roles in our homes. As we started working, distance learning, and doing so much more from home, we needed to make the most of our space. For many of us, that meant using the dining room in a new way—not as a space for hosting guests and dinner parties but as an overflow space for work calls, homework, and art projects.

But in the last several months, as we’ve started hosting small groups of family and friends once again, the dining room has perhaps been restored to its former glory in some homes.

Regardless of how you’re currently using your dining room, we wanted to take a moment to shed a little light on this room, one of the unsung heroes of our homes. We’re showing off some of our favorite and most popular dining room designs of 2021!

Japandi style dining room with warm wood tones and gray wall

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1. Japandi Dining Room

The Japandi decor trend grew in popularity in a big way this past year. And it’s no wonder! This minimal and zen style has a calming, grounding effect on any space. In this dining room, specifically, the use of natural materials and finishes gives the space an organic feel. A neutral and light color palette adds to the calming vibe—but pops of black add just the right amount of contrast!

Dark and moodsy dining room with dark cane furniture and glass display cabinet

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2. Dark and Moody Dining Room

Another design style that gained some traction this year? The Dark Academia trend. It’s a look that’s heavily influenced by classical academia—with decor reminiscent of an old library or study. It’s also centered on classical architecture and design. The result, as you can see from this dining room, is a moody space full of dark wood furniture, ornate details, and saturated colors. The furniture in this space is a mix of classic and traditional, with a touch of eclectic to show off some personality. Dark Academia also relies on vintage and antique decor, with a lot of elements having a finish that shows some patina and age.

Light but earthy dining room with natural matrials

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3. Earthy Modern Dining Room

This dining room is earthy and approachable. We love the neutral color palette, which gives the space a serene sensibility. But the varying wood tones add contrast and warmth to the room. Slipcovered dining chairs and a solid wood dining table are a foolproof table and chair combo; they give this space an elegant-but-approachable coziness while embodying the best of transitional style.

Green dining room with organic materials and traditional style

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4. Traditional Modern Dining Room

This past year, we’ve explored many different ways to combine modern and traditional decor styles. One of our favorite ways to bring this combo to life? Modern Manor style. This look combines the sophistication of European-inspired traditionalist styles together with sculptural modern pieces to create a beautiful blend between old and new. With minimalist leanings, ornamentation is found in furniture made of luxe materials with an ornamental quality rather than adding a ton of decor to a space. At once both eclectic and classical, this nuanced style is popular among those who are drawn to a sophisticated but offbeat look.

Eclectic and modern dining room inspired by Miley Cyrus

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5. Miley Cyrus’ Dining Room

We recreated Miley Cyrus’ home design in Modsy 3D after seeing her incredible home tour in Architectural Digest. We combined design elements from her two different dining spaces to get this dining room design. Sculptural pieces create drama while a maximalist mix of patterns adds a lot of visual interest to the space. While there are a lot of patterns happening here, they work together because of their similar hues. Ornamental materials, like bone inlay and marble, add a glam factor to the space. Overall, the design feels balanced while being incredibly unique.

Moody and modren dining room with white mis-matched chairs

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6. Moody Modern Coastal Dining Room

This dining room makes us think of a cloudy day at the beach (and not just because that’s what’s depicted in the wall art!). It has a baseline of coastal style but with a modern and moody spin. Dark walls add a dramatic touch and allow the lighter elements in the room to visually pop. But the natural wood and caning throughout add warmth and texture, making this space very inviting.

Light and airy shabby chis dining room with light upholstered dining chairs

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7. Shabby Chic Dining Room

This dining room design is a modern take on shabby chic design, with some French country elements to elevate the look. Natural light woods add warmth while being more contemporary and sleek than the distressed wood finishes that are seen in more traditional takes of shabby chic. A light, neutral color palette and delicate chandelier add to the shabby chic elegance of this dining room.

Modern glam dining room with black walls and upholstered leather bench

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8. Modern Glam Dining Room

This is a high-contrast dining room design—perfect for modern glam enthusiasts. There are a lot of pastel tones in this space, which pop against the dark walls. And while there isn’t much pattern to speak of other than the classic rug, the room feels visually rich thanks to the materials and visual contrast throughout the space. This dining room is a fun, eclectic mix of old and new.


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9. California Casual Dining Room

Earlier this year, we dreamed up some Gossip Girl room designs, based on how we think the original characters would design their homes today. This California Casual dining room is where we think Dan and Serena would enjoy their meals together. Embodying Serena’s effortless cool, the natural woods bring warmth to the space while the use of earth tones adds to the organic feel. (And did you spot that original print of a photograph of Prada Marfa? A wonderful homage to her mother’s iconic Prada Marfa sign.)

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10. Tropical Coastal Dining Room

Love a classic coastal look? This dining room is just the ticket. This space is sunny, warm, and airy with light furniture and natural materials. It would make the perfect breakfast nook! The woven chairs, mixed with white accents, give this dining room that classic coastal vibe. And that large plant in the corner adds a tropical spin to the space!

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