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Next up: Phillips Collection!

Meet The Brand: The Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has been a household name in the interior design world since they first launched more than 50 years ago. Founded by a husband and wife duo who were inspired by the design and architecture they came across in their travels around the world, Phillips Collection has stayed in the family, with each generation growing the brand over the years. Today, the brand’s signature art and design pieces are popular among clients all over the world.

What They’re Known For

Phillips Collection furniture and decor reflect the original founders’ global, high-end style. Many of the brand’s designs make for instant conversation pieces, from their luxe seating and tables to their sculptural lighting, art, and objects. Phillips Collection is also a popular design resource for luxury hotels, bars, and resorts, reiterating their international presence. Last but not least, they’re also known for their award-winning organic contemporary furnishings.

phillips collection furniture

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Why We Love Them

Over the years, Phillips Collection has committed to helping the environment as a business. All of the wood used for their furniture is sustainably sourced, and many of their decor pieces are crafted from eco-friendly materials. The result is a wide selection of stylish and high-quality investment pieces that are pricier but built to last you for years.

Here’s a peek at some of the amazing designs by Phillips Collection.

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Textural Wall Decor

There’s no shortage of intriguing wall hangings and decor made with natural materials—from organic woven baskets to textured salvaged wood sculptures. You won’t find your average wall art at Phillips Collection.

Try displaying a grouping of wall decor in different shapes and textures to bring an organic look and feel to a blank wall. Or arrange similar objects in wood, textile, or natural fibers for more streamlined appeal.


phillips collection furniture

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Sculptural Decor

Phillips Collection offers some gorgeous sculptural accents that can instantly liven up any surface. Ranging from unique vases and vessels to urns with a twist, every piece is a conversation starter.

Given the wide variety of small decorative objects from Phillips Collection, you can easily mix and match interesting items to instantly add texture and intrigue to a console table or a bookshelf.


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Statement Tables

Talk about statement pieces! Phillips Collections is known for their bold and unexpected table designs that make for stunning centerpieces in rooms. Made with natural materials, their tables let the natural form and textures of the materials lead the designs—whether it’s a free-form coffee table or a sustainable wood dining table with a unique silhouette.

Pull in an eye-catching organic-wood side table to pair with a statement-making sofa, or bring a sleek look to your living space with a large pebble-shaped stone coffee table.

phillips collection furniture

Captivating Mirrors

Ranging from small round mirrors to large-scale three-dimensional ones, Phillips Collection has an impressive selection of cutting-edge designs. No matter the size you choose, their mirrors are guaranteed to add a pop of shine and a touch of the unexpected to your spaces.

Hang an oversized mirror above an entry console for the perfect meet-and-greet accent piece, or arrange a grouping of small ones in different shapes for a gallery wall that’s an instant focal point!

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