Brand Spotlight: Meet Ashby Home

Ashby HomeAt Modsy we’re always scouting new brands to add to our digital catalog. From the well-known names to up-and-coming designers and even brands that are unique and hard to find, we work with a large array of partners so you’ll always be sure to find pieces you love in your style and budget. Our new “Brand Spotlight” series shows off some of our favorite brands to help you get the know the many names you’ll find in your 3D designs.

First up is a brand we think you’ll love: Ashby Home!

Ashby HomeMeet the Brand: Ashby Home

Ashby Home provides a range of furniture styles that blend with everything from classic to contemporary, and even industrial.

What They’re Known For

Ashby Home is known for their high-quality, timeless furniture pieces that never sacrifice on style. Their brand offers a huge assortment of furniture and home decor pieces and you can mix and match pieces in a range of different design aesthetics. They run the gamut in styles from eclectic to industrial, classic to traditional, contemporary to modern—Ashby Home definitely has the broadest assortment of aesthetics in the game.

Ashby HomeWhy We Love Them

Let us count the ways! We love Ashby Home because they have impeccably high standards on product build and packaging. They guarantee the best quality so you know you are purchasing items that are sure to last.

And not only is their furniture sturdy and durable, but they also have an eye for detail in manufacturing and color. They don’t overlook a single detail and their pieces are top-notch quality and have some serious style.

Ashby Home also follows through on quality with their packaging—it’s the best in the business. We love that their items arrive in beautiful condition and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of returning damaged goods. And no frustrating order experiences for you is a huge win for us!


Ashby HomeOur Stylists’ Picks from Ashby Home

Morrice Mirror: From rustic to modern, the Quinn mirror works with any style. We love it for its top-notch quality and beautiful, timeless design.

Dalton Table Lamp: Its cement base plus linen shade gives this much-loved table lamp the perfect combo of modern and rustic styles.

Mythos Wall Art: Add a pop of pattern to your space with this beautiful piece of art. The print features a lovely texture that also lends an organic appeal.

Stockwell Dining Chair: Part rustic and part classic, this dining chair is the perfect piece to add some farmhouse charm to any dining room.

Textured Scatter Table: This minimal accent table has a sculptural quality that makes it a subtle yet gorgeous addition to any space.

Una Floor Lamp: Bring a dose of rustic sophistication with this floor lamp. We love it in rustic and traditional interiors as a welcome pop of industrial flair.

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