Everything You Need to Know About Shopping Through Modsy

shopping through Modsy

If you’ve ever shopped for new furniture, you probably know that it isn’t exactly an easy task. There are so many things to consider, that you might end up feeling more overwhelmed than excited.

But shopping for your home doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, here at Modsy we make it our goal to help you design and shop for your home with ease. From finding furniture you love (and know will fit), to handling all the ordering logistics, we’re here to handle the heavy lifting.

We know it might be a bit confusing at first, so here’s the full scoop on everything you need to know about shopping through Modsy.

Is the furniture in my designs real?

Yes! All the items in your designs are 100% real and ready to shop. We work with 100s of brands you know and love and also with some new and unique ones you can’t find anywhere else.

Can I shop the furniture and decor in my designs?

Absolutely! When you check out through your Modsy studio, you can purchase the exact pieces in your design all in one basket. To put it another way, that means you can shop multiple brands (and all the best sales) in one cart, in one easy checkout. Just think of what you can do with that extra time you’ll save!

“I work full-time and have no time to shop. It was so convenient to checkout straight from my designs and know exactly how everything is going to look, all while getting the lowest price.” – Klara, Modsy Customer

Can I apply a promo code from another brand to my Modsy order?

Yes! Although current sale prices might not be reflected in your Modsy Studio, we always check for any retailer sales or promotions before charging your credit card.

However, we are currently unable to honor individual discount codes. These include any code you were sent individually or a code you signed up to receive (via email or text message, for example).

Does Modsy price-match?

We guarantee to always honor the lowest advertised price for all your items. How do we do that? Before placing your order, we’ll always triple-check with the retailers for any last-minute sales and make sure you’re getting the best price for all your items.

Find a lower price elsewhere? Let us know within 24 hours of your purchase and we’ll match it!

Can I use Modsy sales in addition to retailer sales?

Yes, yes, and yes! If your favorite retailer having a sale, that means the same deal applies when you shop through Modsy. You can also apply Modsy-exclusive sales on top of these deals from other brands for extra savings.

“The design experience was great and visualizing everything in your own room is incredibly valuable. I ended up buying everything from the design and now my actual home looks identical to my Modsy designs.” – Judy, Modsy Customer

What does your concierge shopping service include?

We know that shopping for furniture can be complicated, so we have a dedicated team of order specialists ready to help you navigate the process. They will help place all your orders and coordinate shipping, delivery, and any returns or exchanges that you need.

Have more questions or need help? Contact us at hello@modsy.com and speak with a human who cares.


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17 replies
  1. Tracy Leeds says:

    Hi- Will designers only shop from approved retailers or can I suggest some items that I have seen and liked?

    • Modsy says:

      Our designers will pick items based on what your style and layout needs but you can always request items from our retail partners to see in your designs.

  2. Muriel buckley says:

    As I wait for my design, I’ve considered a new couch idea and would like my designer to know what I’m thinking. I’m a few days into the process. Is there a possibility I can send a photo of what I’m thinking now?

    • Modsy says:

      Absolutely! Even if the sofa you’re thinking of doesn’t make it into the first round of designs you can always enter into a new design request thought the request changes button in your studio. You can also send any inspiration images to hello@modsy.com and we can send them to your designer for you.

  3. Jennifer says:

    What if I only want to replace some of the furnishings in my rooms. Can I use Modsy for designs that use some of my existing furniture?

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      We can totally incorporate your current furniture into your designs. We simply require a small fee to be paid for each item to be rendered in 3D. Alternatively, we can find similar items from our extensive inventory to use as place holders for your home furnishings.

  4. Dianne says:

    I want to use this service for a vacation home we purchased. As we are not there all of the time, how would delivery of furniture be coordinated?

    • Jake says:

      Hello Dianne,

      You can work with our Merchandise Concierge to coordinate delivery. Just make sure that you provide all the accurate information when you place the order and let our team know your situation when you sign up.

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for asking! There is no limit to how much you can swap (our Live Swap feature lets you swap pieces in your designs in seconds). And as far as revisions, our Classic package gives you 2 additional rounds of revisions, and all our other packages come with unlimited revisions with your designer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at hello@modsy.com if you have any more questions!

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Carolyn, thanks for asking! The basic design usually takes between 10–14 days once you submit your photos to us. From there, the revisions usually take around 2-3 days. Feel free to email us at hello@modsy.com if you have any more questions!

  5. Michelle says:

    Is there an obligation to purchase anything if I buy a design ? I am ready to start my room but my budget may not allow much or any purchasing yet. Is there an obligation to purchase any items once designed ?

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Michelle – great question! There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase furniture through when you start a design package. You can shop your designs over time and take advantage of our exclusive sales when you’re ready. Feel free to send us an email at hello@modsy.com if you have any additional questions!


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