It’s Pride Month and we’re so excited to celebrate our LGBTQ+ team and followers in a way that’s specific to Modsy—with pride-themed 3D designs, of course! Each design is based on a different color of the Pride Flag, with a color that’s personally significant to the person for whom the design was created. Some of our LGBTQ+ designers created designs for themselves, while our wonderful LGBTQ+ allies made designs for our extended queer and trans team and family.

2021 Pride Flag

As some readers probably know, the Pride flag is chock-full of symbolism. While some of the flag’s colors represent different aspects of LGBTQ+ life, others represent BIPOC, Trans, and most recently, Intersex segments of the LGBTQ+ community. So, before we jump into our rainbow-themed designs, we want to share two important articles featuring LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and Trans designers on what Pride means to them and addressing LGBTQ+ inequality in the world of design and architecture.

Rainbow palette room for Pride

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some Pride-themed designs and hear what our LGBTQ+ community has to say on the significance of the individual Pride colors.

Red living room with mid-century touches

Red: Life

Red represents life and was chosen by Modsy’s Zac A. who works on our Merchandise Ordering team. Anyone who knows Zac has probably heard his personal motto: “It’s tough to be a bright flower in a field of grey.” For him, this means having a spark inside that gives him the freedom to live life to the fullest in spite of the restrictiveness of the world’s larger heteronormative culture.

Details on the Design

The red-themed design created for Zac by Modsy designer Becky S. is a bold celebration of his philosophy. The monochromatic room’s bright red walls and accents are set off by sharply contrasting pops of white, blue, and yellow—creating a design that is as unapologetic and fearless as Zac. Red and orange hue living room with a monochromatic scheme

Orange: Healing

Isabela L. works on our Design Ops team and chose the color orange because it represents healing. As a lesbian, Isabela believes that having tools to help you heal—like a calming space, a good meditation app, or even a color you respond to—can “offer emotional strength that helps [you] bounce back from life’s hardships.” On the flip side, she feels that giving yourself space to heal also leads to an overall sense of wellness and promotes increased “creativity, joy, and enthusiasm!” Well, ok Isabela—sign us up!

Details on the Design

Isabela designed a living-dining space to represent healing. There’s no cure-all for life’s many complications, but having a multi-use space where we can dine with loved ones or relax on our own is a great starting point for the healing process to begin. Brown living room with leather sofa and yellow walls

Yellow: Sunshine

It’s no surprise that yellow represents sunshine on the Pride flag, but for Modsy engineer April, yellow also encompasses the feelings sunshine provides. “Yellow has meant a lot to me throughout my life. It symbolizes life itself, having energy, and new beginnings.” April fondly remembers “skateboarding in the parks of Okinawa with a painted sun on my skateboard,” getting a sun tattoo and even choosing shades of yellow to decorate her new home with her long-time partner. “Surrounding myself with this color and the illumination it represents, particularly via the sun, always provides a sense of connection, assurance, and home.”

Details on the Design

Modsy designer Becky S. clearly understood April’s energy-giving concept of sunshine. She designed a cozy living space filled with inviting natural materials and a variety of yellow hues, which feel as warm and energizing as a summer day.

Eclectic green living room with an animal print rug

Green: Nature

Modsy designer Peter C. is an adamant nature buff and loves incorporating natural materials in their design work as often as possible. “As a designer, I love to draw inspiration from the natural world,” they say. Nature is “infinitely curious, multi-faced, and colorful.” And Peter loves celebrating Pride for those same qualities they see in the LGBTQ+ community.

Details on the Design

You can see Peter’s reverence for nature and its diversity in their green living room design. From the faux-zebra rug to the large plants and wood finishes, the design is a tranquil reflection of nature’s bounty and complexity.

Blue color scheme reading nook with layered rugs, plush accent chair and blue jute pouf

Blue: Serenity

Ivan F. is the son of Modsy’s Manager of Design Operations, Sarah F. He chose the color blue because it symbolizes serenity on the Pride flag. As a young, trans man, Ivan points out that it’s important to prioritize a sense of stillness in this often-hectic world. “Even if we have large problems, we must always take time to be quiet,” he says, pointing out that finding a quiet space can provide serenity and help us remember the personal and societal progress we’ve made. Wise words from a (very bright) kid.

Details on the Design

Designer Katie W. helped realize Ivan’s concept of a quiet retreat in this blue corner reading nook. For example, the navy patterned rug she selected is attention-grabbing but in a way that is more meditative and soothing than distracting.

Purple monochromatic living and dining room with a glam style

Purple: Spirit

River identifies as non-binary and is the partner of Thorin A., who works on our design team. They explained that they chose purple because it represents spirit, which reminds them of the joy of celebrating with their community. “Have you ever been at an arena and felt the excitement of the crowd well up in your chest? That’s what the spirit of Pride feels like to me!” River says that the feeling of “love and acceptance” they feel at Pride events and being around other LGBTQ+ people can feel like an “almost religious experience” for them.

Details on the Design

When Thorin collaborated on the purple-themed space for his partner, he mixed luxurious materials like velvet, gold, and glass with bold black and white accents and ample seating. Together, this created a design that feels luxurious, spirited, and perfect for gathering with your loved ones!

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