Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Isabela’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

Modsy designer Isabela might just be one of the coolest girls in our style tribe. She’s never one for trends and has always has a unique take on design, be it coming up with a forward-thinking dining room layout, a bright burst of unexpected color in a room, or building a custom bar for her own home in Chicago. For Isabela, it’s always about keeping her eyes wide open for beauty no matter where she finds herself.

Find out what Isabela’s loving now in our short and sweet Q&A with her.

First things first, what’s your Modsy Style?

“Mid-Century Chic.”

Where do you get your design inspiration?

Traveling and seeing how others live.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

I tend to stay away from massive trends. They usually don’t give you long-lasting good designs and you’ll usually find yourself over the look once it’s no longer all the hype. I learned this with the Millennial Pink/Blush wave.”

Your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

My bar and buffet—because I designed and built it!”

What’s your favorite restaurant where you live?

Income Tax. It’s a little spot in a not-very-popular Chicago neighborhood that makes amazing modern European food. Every single dish is designed differently, elaborate and absolutely beautiful.”

What’s the last book you read?

Not at Home: The Suppression of Domesticity in Modern Art and Architecture.

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

Both! Because I have both.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

There is nothing like France; the French know how to live the good life!”

Favorite color combo?

I like neutrals with pops of color. Imagine a white-fiber pillow basket with brown-leather straps with a royal-blue velvet pillow inside.”

Current obsession?

Dining spaces with overarching lamps and tall bookcases that are filled with china and dishware.”


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