Playing Favorites: What Modsy Designer Anthony’s Loving Now

Come peek behind-the-scenes in our ‘Playing Favorites’ series and meet some of the Modsy designers who help homeowners reimagine their spaces each month.  

For Modsy designer Anthony, there’s no greater inspiration than nature’s beauty. It’s what inspires his designs, which often include a mix of natural materials, textures, and colors that are all about simple sophistication and comfort. And based on what he tells us, his own New York City apartment seems every bit just as chic and warm as his Modsy designs.

When he’s not dreaming up spaces, Anthony is always on the lookout for fresh and unexpected design ideas and keeps his finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends.

What’s catching his eye now? Find out in our quick-hit Q&A with him.

First things first, what’s your Modsy Style?

Inviting Industrial.”

Where do you get your design inspiration?

I take all my design inspiration from nature – it’s a beautiful thing! It is my goal to reintroduce people to the beauty of nature through design with the use of color, materials, and furniture. I want to create spaces that will make someone say ‘Wow!’ and feel immediately at ease every time they walk into their home.”

What’s one interior design rule you always break?

I never color inside the lines. True, there are certain design principles I live by, such as form follows function, balance and proportion, but once in a while I think it’s great to incorporate something totally unexpected that can totally change someone’s perspective. Sometimes it’s important to think outside the box!”

Your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

Definitely my bed. It’s a platform and I absolutely love its angular simplicity. It has a ledge on each side and also a black-leather finish that screams masculine and sophisticated. Not to mention, it’s comfy too!

What’s your favorite restaurant where you live?

There’s a place called Spice, which is a chain restaurant that specializes in Thai cuisine and can be found anywhere in Manhattan.

What’s the last book you read?

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher.

Cats or dogs? Explain yourself.

I am allergic to both (bummer) but I don’t think anything could replace the genuine happiness and love a dog gives you every time you walk through the door.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or want to visit?

‘I left my heart in San Francisco’ certainly speaks true to me! The city is a marvel to me with the people, natural phenomena, and sustainable way of life.

Favorite color combo?

I’m a big fan of deriving color from nature, so I would say you can’t go wrong with wood tones, taupe, brick red, and gold. When I designed my bedroom back in 2015, that palette was a staple.”

Current obsession?

Definitely the revival of Mid-Century Modern with its angular pieces, deep wood tones, and brass elements. I think it gives any space a feeling of warmth and sophistication.

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