Interior design is an excellent way to really make your space feel like a home. However, for many people, choosing the right furniture, colors, styles, and layout can be a real challenge. On top of all that, hiring an interior designer can be expensive and leave you with little budget to actually furnish your home.

Thankfully the internet is there to grant you remote access to both design experts and furniture shopping, all at an affordable cost. And with many of us spending more time at home as we practice social distancing, right now is a great time to give your home a little love and ensure it’s a comfortable and functional place for you and your family.

If you’re looking to give online design services a try, look no further! With Modsy designing your home is impossibly easy—you’ll wonder how anyone ever did it before. With that in mind, we rounded up our best tips to help you get the most out of online design services and ensure your Modsy experience is the best that it can be.

Online Design Services1. Online Design Services Are All About the Details

We want to make sure we get your design just right, so when you start a project with us, we’ll ask you a series of questions to help guide your interior design journey. These questions are designed to help us really nail your style, so the more detail you share the better! Wondering what kind of questions? Here are a few of our favorite questions to ask our customers to help get the design process started.

How do you plan to use your space?

Maybe you recently started working from home but don’t have an extra room for an office. Or maybe you want to incorporate a play area for your kiddos into your living room but aren’t sure how. Adding a few details about how you want the space to function will really help your designer find the perfect pieces and layout for your space and needs.

Who uses your space?

This question will really help us nail what kind of layout and furniture you need for your home. A large sectional might be ideal for the family that likes watching movies. A combo eating-and-working area is a must in a small studio apartment. Whatever your specific needs are, letting us know about who occupies the space will be super helpful.

2. Share What Inspires You

Even if you don’t think you have a good sense of interior design, you probably know what you like when you see it. In fact, we find most of our customers have no problem curating a beautiful Pinterest board but get stuck when they try to translate those ideas to their actual space.

That’s where we come in! Our designers are here to help you turn your inspiration into your reality. So send over that Pinterest board, the Instagram account of a stylish influencer you can’t get enough of, or even a few images from our Design Ideas or Instagram feed. Anything that inspires you and makes you say “Ooh I want my house to look like that!”

3. Don’t Hesitate to Chat With Your Designer

Our designers are here to talk when you need them. So shoot them an email with any ideas or thoughts you have on the space. They are here to help you through the design process from start to finish and boost your style confidence.

4. Get a Little Personal

It might not seem like it, but sharing a little personal information can actually take your design to the next level. For example, if you’ve got a stressful work life, we might suggest a blue color palette to help you relax. If you tell us about your pets, we’ll know to pick a sofa with the right pet-friendly fabric.

5. Show Us the Furniture You Already Own

Do you have a fab piece of furniture that you want to keep? No need to start completely from scratch, with Modsy’s online design services, you can incorporate pieces you already own into your designs. Send us a link to the piece and, if it’s sold online by one of our retail partners, we’ll incorporate it into your designs for free. Have a super special, one-of-a-kind family heirloom? Send us a few photos and dimensions for your piece and we’ll create a 3D model from scratch for a small fee of $15.

6.Revise, Revise, Revise

One of the great things about virtual interior design is you can keep working on your design until it’s just right. Feel free to ask for revisions, our designers are happy to work with you until the space is perfect. You can also use our Live Swap function to quickly and easily change out the items in your space.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Online design services give you the opportunity to dream big with your space. So go ahead and try on a new wall color, experiment with different furniture styles and layouts you’d wouldn’t usually go for. Remember it’s a virtual version of your room so you can try on all the wild possibilities before committing to a purchase.

8. Shop Easy With Help From Our Order Management Team

A great benefit of shopping with us is our wonderful ordering team. They are experts in all things online shopping and are there to help with the more daunting aspects of furniture orders. They’ll be there to make sure you get the best deals from our retail partners. Curious about our ordering experience? Learn all about shopping through Modsy here.

9. Share Your Design Progress

We are here for you through your whole design journey, so send us photos of your space as your design comes to life. We are happy to help make changes to your design or suggest new pieces as your space comes together IRL. So whether you’re expanding your family or just want to test out a few new accents, we are here to help, always. Plus, we love a good before and after story as much as the next person. Who knows, we might even feature you on our blog!

10. Feel Free to Give Us a Try, Risk-Free!

Online shopping can be intimidating as it’s hard to know that what you see online will work in person. But our highly realistic 3-D renderings ensure you know what furniture will work in you space before it arrives. Plus, we have excellent support staff available to answer any question you might have about our service. We also offer a money-back-guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your service.

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