Let the Modsy Magic Continue: Why We’ve Raised a New Round of Funding

A note from our founder and CEO, Shanna Tellerman, on Modsy’s series C round of fundraising!

Five years ago, my now-husband West and I moved into a new house and we were filled with that excitement young couples have when they make a big decision together. We were ready to create a home we loved and invest quality furniture. We couldn’t wait to create a space that was cozy, stylish, and also reflective of both our personalities. Simple enough, right?

As it turned out, not so much. This seemingly fun process turned into endless hours of online shopping, browsing Pinterest and Instagram, and even physical trips to furniture stores. Ultimately, we had an abundance of inspiration but no way to translate it to our real space.

The task of designing our home and buying furniture quickly became overwhelming. We couldn’t agree on anything and spent hours debating even the smallest choices. It was the opposite of the fun experience I had envisioned – it was frustrating and left us stuck with a sad, half-finished living room that we didn’t love. I knew there had to be a better way!

Shanna and West’s living room before Modsy

One day, I was flipping through a West Elm catalog and it hit me – what if there were a way to make shopping for my home truly as easy as browsing a catalog? What if I could see beautiful and inspiring designs all in the context of my real space, allowing me to “try” furniture out before buying?

“What if there were a way to make shopping for my home truly as easy as browsing a catalog?”

I knew that magical possibility could save me time and money, prevent arguments with my husband, and – best of all – it would bring the joy back into the home design process. And so, the idea of Modsy was born.

Modsy's series CShanna’s Modsy 3D design

Over the next year and a half Modsy was always on my mind and I wondered if anyone else had tried to solve this problem. Why had no one leveraged the maturing 3D industry to solve this major problem in a customer-friendly way? And how could this massive market (one that’s growing faster than any other ecommerce category) still feel so archaic? I was determined to bring a new approach to consumers everywhere and to build the design and shopping experience of the future.

“I was determined to build the design and shopping experience of the future.”

Since Modsy was born in 2015, we have worked day and night to develop our groundbreaking, patented technology. This magical tech is what helps us create the photo-real designs that boast a level of quality unmatched in the industry. And – most importantly – it’s also what “wows” and delights our customers every single day.

In just a few short years, Modsy has created over 2 million shoppable lifestyle images and we’ve seen rapid customer growth (up 450% in 2018 alone). Modsy has created a breakthrough, high-quality solution for the pain points of home design, and that solution is easily accessible to consumers everywhere. From new parents (like myself!), to new home-owners, empty-nesters, divorcees, and bachelors, we have designed countless spaces for people all over the country and helped them create homes they truly love.

Modsy series CShanna’s living room after Modsy

While we’ve come so far in a short while, there is still more to do – which is why I’m very excited to share that today we have raised $37 million in series C funding led by TCV!

What are we doing with this next round of funding? We believe that Modsy is the future of design and furniture shopping and we will remain laser-focused on you, our amazing customer, to deliver the fastest, most enjoyable experience possible. To do so, we’ll be investing in improving our customer experience, delivering designs faster than ever before, expanding our marketplace, and – as always – continuing to enhance the level of service we provide to our customers from the moment you open your first design until all the pieces arrive at your door.

If my frustrating home design experience from five years ago sounds familiar, trust that there is now a better way. Give Modsy a try or please reach out to our team at hello@Modsy.com with any questions or feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow and transform the future of the industry and of homes everywhere!

Shanna Tellerman, Modsy Founder and CEO

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