One of the great things about the Modsy design network is the diverse backgrounds of all our designers. Some are formally trained, some are self-taught, and many had established careers in a totally different industry before making their way into the world of interior design. (Kind of like some of our favorite interior designers outside of the Modsy world!) We want to introduce you to some of our talented designers—let’s get to know the people behind the screens.

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Meet Vye, a designer and mother of two from Westchester, NY!

Vye discovered a talent for interior design when she hired a designer for her family’s previous home and began collaborating on the project. Since then, she’s worked as both a traditional interior designer and as an online designer at Modsy, helping clients bring their spaces to life.

We (virtually) sat down with Vye to hear more about her journey to becoming a designer, how she’s using Modsy to design her own home, and some of the design tips she swears by!

How did you get into the interior design industry?

“When my family moved into the apartment we’re in now, I hired a designer to help us with our space,” Vye says. “She and I really hit it off, and in the process of working with her, I realized I was good at interior design. We’d go back and forth and it helped me recognize that I was good at it.”

The interior designer Vye hired for her project encouraged her to consider becoming an interior designer herself, and she even hired Vye to work on some client projects with her.

Prior to that, she had been a stay at home mom and social media manager. “I was home with our kids for quite a while, and once they were all in school, I started as a social media manager for several start-ups. I kind of fell into it, but I hadn’t really taken the time to think through what I really wanted to do,” says Vye.

When Vye discovered her knack for interior design, she switched gears and started taking on small design projects. She also started taking courses at the New York School of Interior Design and is working toward her design degree.

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How did you find yourself at Modsy?

“When COVID hit, all of our work kind of stopped. Plus, with my kids, I didn’t want to take a train into the city and go to clients’ homes,” says Vye.

“I was trying to weigh options of what to do with interior design during that time, and one of my friends told me about Modsy and that they were hiring,” she says. “I had never heard of Modsy, but I looked it up and thought it was really cool and looked like something I could do.”

Vye started as a Modsy designer in February 2021 and now works with Modsy’s Luxe clients.

Vye’s new home is starting to come to life!

How would you describe your personal design style?

“It’s changed a lot, even since working at Modsy. At this point, I’d say it’s Scandinavian Minimal meets California Casual. I definitely like neutrals, but I love a little bit of glam, too. I love pops of blush pink, much to my husband’s dismay!”

Tell us about your new home that you’re designing!

Vye and her husband bought a new home in October 2021. It’s located in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York and it embodies Scandinavian cabin vibes. A true believer in the power of virtual interior design, Vye is using Modsy to design her whole home.

“I’ve become so spoiled with Modsy’s technology, and I wanted to use it in our new house to help envision our designs before making any big purchases,” says Vye. “We have a nice open living/dining room, and I wanted to be able to play with what works in that space.”

She started with the design of her open living/dining room, the primary bedroom, and a small den/office area.

“I was excited to design our home with Modsy and get to do for myself what I get to do for other people! With spacing and layouts, it’s extremely helpful to have the Modsy technology,” says Vye. “For that little multipurpose space, especially, we didn’t know what was going to fit. We didn’t want to buy stuff and have it not fit.”

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How would you describe the style of the space?

“The house lends itself to a more Scandinavian style—and luckily my husband likes that Scandinavian, minimalist aesthetic that I like,” says Vye.

Since their home is located in the Catskill Mountains, they wanted the design of their home to feel congruent with its location. “We wanted to create that minimal, Scandinavian vibe with a little bit of Modern Farmhouse,” says Vye. “We’re trying to make it feel cohesive with the area we’re in, while also feeling like us.”

What was it like designing your new home with Modsy vs how you might have done it before?

“As a Modsy designer, I have an intimate knowledge of the Modsy product catalog,” Vye says. “I’m in the catalog all the time for client projects, and it was fun to go in and immediately know some of the pieces that I wanted for our designs.”

Vye’s 3D Modsy design for her new home office

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One of Vye’s favorite parts of being a Modsy designer is being able to show her clients what their homes are actually going to look like. And she loved being able to experience that for herself. “It was really fun for my husband and I to do that for our space, as opposed to just creating a flat moodboard,” she says. “We were able to see what our actual space was going to look like and even look at the rooms from different angles. And it was nice to be able to share my designs with friends and with our boys.”

Another view of Vye’s design for her home office

The real space is starting to come together!

The house is a new build, so when Vye and her husband first brought their boys there, the space was totally empty. “With our Modsy designs, I was able to show them where our sofa was going to be and where we’d eat family dinners. It made it feel more real for them, and they became more excited to move in.”

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Do you have any favorite pieces or moments in the designs?

“I’m most excited about our bedroom,” says Vye. “I really wanted to give myself a desk area, just to be able to have a space for myself. Since my husband has the den as ‘his’ space, I wanted to have the bedroom feel like my relaxation area. It also gives me a space to get ready and work, with a little vanity/desk working area.”

Designs of Vye’s new bedroom

Going from a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment to a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home, Vye had a lot more space to work with as she designed their new space.

“It’s been really fun to design a larger space,” she says. “We’re so limited in our current apartment with what we could add to the space. Being able to play around with the designs—like designing an actual dining space and considering a sectional versus a sofa—there’s just so much more space to play with and add the things that I’d love to have in the space.”

When it comes to getting inspired for your space or clients’ projects, where do you find inspiration?

“I love absorbing inspiration. My husband will laugh, but my idea of relaxing is browsing Instagram or watching closet and bedroom makeover videos on YouTube. I try to absorb all types of inspiration. I save a lot of images I find on Instagram and Pinterest. I have a board that’s just inspiration—with colors, flowers, architecture, fashion. I try to just pull what makes me feel good and catches my eye.”

In your opinion, what is the secret ingredient behind a “great” design?

“Great design is subjective and is all about what makes you feel good, as the person living in the space. I think it’s important to hone in on what you love and how you want to feel in a space. You can have an objectively great design, but that doesn’t mean it will resonate with you or feel authentic to who you are. I think when you can really narrow in on what makes you happy when you walk into a room, that can help guide your design choices.

“I’m a big believer in getting in touch with what makes you feel good in your space—whether it’s colors, textures, artwork, whatever. That’s what makes a great design—when it’s a reflection of you and your personality.”

Vye’s 3D Modsy design for her new home office/den space

What are the 3 design tips you swear by?

  1. Organization. I’m a huge ‘Monica’ from Friends. I love when everything is really organized. It’s so important to add in those organizational pieces that will get toys, shoes, papers, etc. out of the way. That will immediately change how you feel in a space and change how the design feels. Even a beautiful design, if there’s clutter, will not feel like a nice design.
  2. Balance. There’s a fine line between a space having that ‘undone’ look and feeling cluttered. I try to find the middle ground between making a space feel styled but not making it feel like you just put out a lot of decor. When in doubt, less is more. It’s all about adding those finishing touches but not overdoing it.
  3. Texture. I’m a big believer in having a mix of textures in a space. No matter your color scheme, adding texture through decor like pillows and throws will make a space feel more ‘designed’ and more polished and complete.

Do you have a favorite design era or movement?

“I’m taking an architectural history class right now, and I really love the organic ‘Frank Llyod Wright’ design combined with Bauhaus-inspired furniture. But I also love the French Neoclassical era. Mixing those styles is my sweet spot when it comes to design. All those pinks, light blues, and gold tones with molded paneling mixed with the curving architectural furniture design—perfection.”

What interior from a movie or TV show would you live in if you could?

“Phantom Thread, with Daniel Day-Lewis. It’s a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and the interior in that apartment is beautiful. It takes place in the 50s, and the apartment has these beautiful architectural details—French doors, brass hardware, moulding on the walls, powdery blue paint. It’s so beautiful.”

What’s your interior design pet peeve?

“I think the longer that I’ve been a designer, I don’t like when I walk into a space and it feels like someone bought a full matching set of furniture. I don’t like everything being so matchy. Again, it’s about balance. Having a matching dresser and nightstand? Fine. But I don’t want the bed to match the nightstands and the dresser and the armoire. It’s too much. I like when people are more open to mixing and not feeling like every piece in a room has to match.”

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