The Modsy design network is full of individuals with incredibly diverse backgrounds. Some are formally trained, some are self-taught, and many had established careers in a totally different industry before making their way into the world of interior design. (Kind of like some of our favorite interior designers outside of the Modsy world!) We want to introduce you to some of our talented designers—to help you get to know the people behind the screens!

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Today, meet Modsy designer Angela L!

Angela has been working in the interior design world for nearly a decade, and we were lucky enough to add her to our team of talented designers in the past year. Angela is inspired by design movements of the past—but is always looking forward, constantly discovering new ways to remix old styles.

We (virtually) sat down with Angela to hear more about her personal design style, where she finds inspiration, and design tips she swears by.

white living room mirror gold

A peek inside Angela’s “dream room” designed in Modsy 3D

How did you get into the interior design industry?

“I went to school for interior design and have been working in the industry for the last 10 years.”

How did you find yourself at Modsy?

“During Covid, I quit my corporate office job and needed a break from corporate life. I wanted to work on a more personal and tangible level, where I could actually see and talk with the people who were going to live in and experience the spaces I design.”

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How would you describe your personal design style?

“My style was once described as ‘boho prep’ and I’ve stuck to that description ever since. I tend to layer patterns, textures, and rustic or vintage/antique elements. This combination is a staple of bohemian style. I love pairing those things with tailored elements, such as clean lines, simple silhouettes, and crisp finishing, which is typical of a more preppy look. The resulting combination has both a little chaos and a little refinement; ‘refined chaos’ I suppose you could say.”

living room accent chair rustic traditional

One of Angela’s stunning designs in Modsy 3D

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What is the secret ingredient that you think makes a good design into a great one?

“Time. Good design truly cannot be rushed. It takes time to curate ideas, as well as specific pieces and elements that help a client develop their personal style. And, from a designer’s perspective, there’s no magic number or formula that is going to make a design good. It takes time and experience to truly be able to give someone a thoughtful and purposeful design.”

Where do you get inspiration?

“I like to take inspiration from the large style movements of the past. Each era has given us a wonderful foundation that we can be inspired by. I think that’s why I can’t ever seem to pinpoint one specific style that I’m drawn to—it’s ever-evolving.

“One thing I personally don’t subscribe to are trends. They’re ‘out’ before they’re ‘in,’ no matter how the masses move. I believe that great design stands the test of time and transcends the trends.”

One of Angela’s client mood boards created under her own design firm, Casita Interiors

Do you have a favorite design era or movement?

“I love Victorian interiors; they’re the epitome of maximalism. They used ornate and bold elements with lots of layering. Victorian spaces are robust and extravagant while being inviting and intimate at the same time.

“I also can’t get enough of the Postmodernism and Bauhaus eras. Postmodern interiors are bold and a little wild, and I love the way that this style is being interpreted today. I see people combining classic Postmodern elements with more minimalist interiors; it resonates really well. Bauhaus is the genesis of so many of our favorites today. So many iconic pieces were borne from the Bauhaus movement and are staples in great modern interiors. These style periods are great because they’re not just about interiors—they’re whole movements. They explored the human experience and produced art, interiors, innovation, and changed the way we think, which is why they’re so iconic and influential.

red lving room brown leather couch black accent lamp

Angela isn’t afraid of a bold design!

What are the 3 design tips you swear by?

  1. Push the envelope and get out of your comfort zone. Do a little research and discover new designers, try that layout you’ve been mulling over, get those paint swatches and try that bold color. You can start small by changing your throw pillows or introduce a color you keep coming back to. Or you can splurge on that piece of great art and buy that antique. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles.
  2. If it feels wrong, there’s only one way to find out if it truly is: try it. There are no wrong answers and no stupid questions. It never hurts to try something, even if you end up changing it!
  3. Start with white walls. Finding a great white paint that works for you is a great way to start fresh and create a blank canvas. There are so many shades and so many variations.

The lobby from The Grand Budapest Hotel—AKA one of the many cinematic interiors Angela loves!

What interior from a movie or TV show would you live in if you could?

“I love the Jacobean and Georgian houses in Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. But I also really love Hogwarts and the grandeur of the Grand Budapest Hotel!”

What’s your interior design pet peeve?

“When people want to warm up blue and grey. They’re probably the most exhaustive colors used currently—everyone has grey floors, walls and sofas. And their primary issue is that it feels cold. But it can be done. Though they’re inherently cool colors, you can warm them up by introducing warm colors to the room. That can be in the form of warm woods, picking a French grey (which is a warmer grey), or finding colors that compliment blue and grey, such as shades or orange or red. Having a color wheel is a great way to see what colors are complementary and naturally work well together.”

living room orange and green

Another design by Angela in Modsy 3D

What’s your favorite place to vacation?

“I’ve never been to the same place twice. There are too many places that have so much to offer! I took a cross-country road trip last year and visited so many places, but what specifically sticks in my mind right now is the Rocky Mountain National Park. The golden aspens there turn this amazing bright yellow in September/October.”

What’s the last book you read and enjoyed?

“A book called ‘The Double.’ It’s about a man living a mundane life; he sees someone in a movie who is his doppelganger, and he decides to pursue him. It’s an interesting look at identity and how our experiences define us.”

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