At Modsy we’ve made it our mission to help people live better lives through design—finding design solutions for our customers that are not only more livable but are also truly personalized and special. We provide amazing 3D visuals, customized designs from knowledgeable designers, an extensive product catalog, and super friendly customer service—ensuring our customers have an incredible interior design and shopping experience. But there’s one final ingredient that’s integral to making Modsy an awesome company not only for our customers but for our employees: making sure our entire staff feels inspired, informed, and has the opportunity to grow both personally and within our company!

Modsy Employees listening to career day talk

Keeping the Team Inspired: Career Development Day

We host our biannual Career Development Day because we understand that happy and inspired employees are such an important part of what makes Modsy a great place to work! Career Development Day is a  staff-wide opportunity for the Modsy community to come together, learn from each other, and invest in personal and professional development.

 Considered to be one of the biggest highlights of the year within our company, and a special tradition too, Career Development Day is structured in a series of sessions running over the course of a single day. Each session is hosted virtually to allow our remote staff to participate and connect with speakers across the country—so the entire Modsy team can hear from, and take part in, conversations with company leaders, industry experts, and peers on a wide array of topics all geared to empower, educate, and inspire.

Modsy Career Day

Free journals given out to Modsy team members during a past Career Development Day

Career Development Day Talks

Some recent Career Development Day sessions covered topics specific to Modsy but also included information and tips on personal growth and development. Here are some of our team’s favorite talks from past Career Development Days.

Be More Effective with your Time—Busy is Overrated

About the Session: Co-founder of Pittsburgh-based VC firm Birchmere Ventures and current general partner of Enjoy the Work,  Ned Renzihas provided career guidance and expertise to multiple start-up founders for a living. During this session, Ned spoke on time management skills, achieving a healthy work-life balance, gave advice on task prioritization, and explained his philosophy of why our modern obsession with being busy is often overrated. You can read more about Ned’s prospective on a happy work life here.

How to Survive and Thrive at a Startup

About the Session: Modsy’s VP of Style—Modsy’s first full-time hire and co-host of our podcast, The Render!—gave tips on how to not only survive but thrive at a start-up.

The State of the Tech World

About the Session: In this panel discussion, Modsy CEO and founder, Shanna Tellerman, spoke with industry-leading tech investors about the current state of tech and where they think it’s headed.

Realizing Your Growth Potential

About the Session: Members of our Design, HR, and Marketing teams gathered for a discussion on career growth. The panel shared their various personal stories on how they grew into their respective positions and their insights and advice on recognizing opportunities for growth at Modsy and beyond.

Modsy employees volunteering in San Fransisco

What the Team About Loves Career Development Day

Don’t just take our word for it—read first-hand what our team has to say about Career Development Day!

“I enjoyed the different meetings/panels and the options for us to find topics that personally interest us. I felt I learned more about improving myself professionally as well as how I can specifically do better/get more out of my Modsy career experience.”

“Everything I was able to be a part of went great. I enjoyed learning more about new employees in key positions as well as the time management talk with Ned. Career day is always a great day and I feel it truly represents Modsy’s commitment to its employees and their personal growth.”

“This was my first career development day and I appreciated that leadership was active and involved in the meetings,showing that setting aside time for personal development is a priority for the company.”

Interested in joining the Modsy team? Head to our careers page.


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