Introducing Modsy

When it comes to designing your home, inspiration is the easy part. We’ve all spent countless hours browsing through boards, flipping through magazines and walking through stores to gather ideas. This is fun at first, but can quickly turn frustrating as we try to translate inspiration into reality.

Today we are proud to announce our new company, Modsy.  What if you could see inspirational ideas, designs, and decor all within the context of your own home?


Visualizing design possibilities for a space is one of the largest challenges when it comes to buying home furnishings. The problem space is tremendous. Each year in the US alone, 40M people move to new homes and $300B+ is spent on home improvement projects.  The US home furnishings business is a $200B+ industry in the midst of massive change as consumers transition to online and mobile. Eight out of 10 consumers have bought home furnishings online, which only increases the need to “see” and “understand” how these products will look in context.  At Modsy, we believe that in the very near future we will all shop online from beautiful and inspiring catalogues of our very own homes.

To date, the attempts to solve this problem have fallen flat. 2D and 3D room planning tools on the market today simply require too much work from the consumer. AR and VR experiences look more like video games where the graphics lose the inspirational and aspirational qualities that are so critical to home design. We could not find a single product in the market that was built with the end consumer in mind and delivered upon the true promise of photorealistic graphics.


Here is a quick tour of how Modsy works:

The Modsy Team


The idea for Modsy was sparked by a lifelong passion for the intersection of design and technology – and for the potential of what is possible at that magical crossroads. Founder Shanna Tellerman has a long history in 3D graphics, balanced by an equal love for art and design. In early 2015, the Modsy Team began to take shape and has since grown into a unique combination of devoted and talented artists, engineers, designers and creators of many stripes. Together, they are turning the Modsy vision into reality.


We are extremely lucky to have had a group of true believers alongside our company from day one.  Our investors include Norwest Venture Partners, Metamorphic Ventures, Birchmere Ventures, Ame Cloud Ventures, Google Ventures, BBG Ventures, Astia Angels, Ammunition, and individual angels including Susan Feldman (Co-founder of One Kings Lane), Eoin Harrington (SVP, Restoration Hardware), Heather Reisman (CEO of Indigo), Timur Yumusaklar (CEO of Schumacher), Joanne Wilson, Cindy Padnos, Nancy Pfund, Pascal Levensohn, and several more amazing individuals.


We invite you to join the Modsy community here. We would love to have you join us on this adventure!!

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