At Modsy, we believe everyone can benefit from expert interior designer guidance, and we frequently include our designer’s tips in our blog posts. But more than just sharing their tips, we want you to know the incredible individuals behind our designs and show off the fantastic work they do for our customers. So, we’re launching a new series where we’ll be highlighting some designs they’ve made for customers and sharing their first-hand insights on how each look came together.

Since many people come to Modsy hoping to improve their lives with better-designed spaces, we’re focusing the first installment of this series on how interior design can positively impact your well-being. Below, we’re highlighting a selection of customer spaces where a designer tackled a customer’s particular design dilemma to create a space that enhances their quality of life.

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A Calming Minimal Glam Dining Room by Karen

“I designed this space for a young couple that lives in Austin. They wanted a minimal look in their dining room—something that would be clean, calming, and relaxing. But they were struggling to integrate the architecture of their house with their vision for the space and were left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Working with them, I refined all their wonderful ideas into a streamlined design concept.”

Modsy Designer Karen

Karen’s Design Solution

“I think that COVID has made us realize the importance of having a home that’s comfortable, organized, and peaceful. And this couple certainly felt that need. Fortunately, they had great personal style, giving us the springboard to create their calming dining room design. I knew they’d benefit from lots of natural light, so I selected some sheer curtains and stuck to a neutral color scheme, which kept things airy and cheery. Color is also a very powerful communication tool, and neutral colors symbolize purity, cleanliness, and calm. I also wanted to integrate some colors from the rest of their house to keep things cohesive. I find this kind of design consistency in a home is reassuring for people.” – Karen V., Modsy Designer

To achieve a sense of calm in your own home…

  • Enhance natural light by removing items that sit in front of a window or swapping out heavy drapes for more sheer ones
  • Choose a soothing color palette—like soft neutrals, blues, or greens

Customer coastal bedroom design

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A Relaxing East-Coast-Inspired Bedroom by Mckenzie

“This customer had her hands full with an ongoing remodel on her new house and planning her wedding in June. She felt like she didn’t have time to pick out pieces and style her home, so she came to us to take that weight off her shoulders. Specifically, she wanted help bringing her bedroom to life—which is not a particularly large space. She wanted to keep the room spacious, light, and airy—to create a relaxing bedroom retreat while also speaking to her ideal design style, traditional East Coast design, which has a reputation for elegance and sophistication.”

Modsy Designer McKenzie

Mckenzie’s Design Solution

“Above all else, I wanted to create a space for this client that would help alleviate some of the stress that comes with all these major life changes happening this year! Having a calming, peaceful bedroom retreat is the perfect way to promote relaxation at the end of each day. I made the bed the focal point of the space (a specific request from the client) which offers a visual reminder that this space is for rest and relaxation the moment you walk through the door. I then pulled together a coordinated, elegant aesthetic for the newly remodeled space—which speaks to a traditional coastal aesthetic while also creating a sense of calm through natural materials and a cohesive design. Since it’s a small space, I kept extra furniture to a minimum to make the space feel as open, airy, and relaxing as possible.” –Mckenzie K., Modsy Designer

If you have a small bedroom but want it to feel light and airy…

  • Keep the layout and decor simple
  • Opt for a neutral and bright color palette
  • Choose materials that reflect light, like mirrors and glass
  • Keep the focal point singular since having multiple focal points in your space can create a sense of chaos in a smaller room

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A Multi-Functional Eclectic Glam Living Room by Carli

“This space belongs to a customer who is in her early 30s and was working from home due to pandemic office closures. She needed to incorporate a workspace into her small New York City apartment’s living area while still maintaining a conversational space for hosting friends and incorporating some practical storage. She wanted the space to function well and express her eclectic style and vibrant personality in a bold way. (She also wanted it to look great as a background on video calls.)”

Modsy Designer Carli

Carli’s Design Solution

“Sometimes wellness is simply about feeling confident and comfortable in your own space—and I wanted to give that sense of confidence to my client. Her new space has a place for everything, which helps her stay organized and feel at peace in this space. The comfortable (but stylish) furniture invites her to linger and relax while also offering an incredible space to host friends. And the office nook gives her a dedicated space to work from home while enabling her to feel confident that she is presenting herself as professional and polished. Layered lighting gives her versatility in establishing the mood (and function) of the space, depending on whether she’s working, relaxing, or hosting friends. But beyond all this, I also sought to bring her personality into her space—with a moody, dramatic wall color, pops of bright colors, and some quirky and unique accents. Because nothing makes you feel more at home in a space than when it feels like ‘you.’” –Carli S., Modsy Designer

To create a multipurpose space that is both functional and pretty…

  • Start with solid foundation pieces—like comfortable seating, a soft rug, and a desk that’s the proper height
  • Incorporate various light sources to meet a variety of needs and moods
  • Play up colors, textures, and decorative accents to inject some personality and create a space that feels uniquely you

customer modern rustic living room design

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A Relaxed Modern Rustic Living Room by Jacqueline

“When entering this client’s home, you walk right into this basement living area—so she wanted a space that felt relaxing and cohesive to help reset her mindset and emotions as she walked through the door. While she had some foundational furniture, she was struggling to enhance her space with finishing touches that captured how she wanted to feel in this space as well as her style—an earthy, modern-yet-approachable look with a neutral color palette.”

Modsy Designer Jacqueline

Jacqueline’s Design Solution

“Since this is the first room she sees as she enters her home, creating a space that made her feel relaxed and at ease was important. I know that walking into your home and seeing chaos or a design that doesn’t function will automatically add stress and negativity to your life. So I wanted this room to feel pulled together, tidy and grounding. To do this, I paired her existing furniture with finishing touches like tabletop decor, artwork, pillows, and lighting. These make the space feel pulled-together and cohesive. By using earth neutrals throughout the space, along with some biophilic decor, I further enhanced a sense of calm.” –Jacqueline B., Modsy Designer

To achieve a relaxed, cohesive space…

  • Minimize clutter by downsizing and/or making use of hidden storage solutions
  • Incorporate natural, earthy elements through wood furniture, greenery, and natural materials
  • Stick with a warm neutral color palette, which will feel welcoming and is easy to enhance with pops of color


Custom boho electic space

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A Harmonious-but-Eclectic Mid-Century Living Room by Hope

“A lot of couples struggle to combine their design styles into one space when they move in together—and these clients were no different. A couple in their late 30s, they both had distinct and developed styles when they moved in together and were struggling to blend them together. He likes a more masculine, minimalist/mid-century modern look, while she loves color and texture. They wanted a space that represented each of them as individuals, but also as a couple—and embodied the sense of harmony they feel in their relationship together.”

Modsy Designer Hope

Hope’s Design Solution

“My biggest aim was to help this couple see that there was a way to create visual harmony with their differing design preferences. I wanted to ensure they both felt their individual taste was reflected in the design. To bring that sense of balance and harmony, I mixed together pieces that are more traditionally masculine and feminine throughout the space—balancing hard lines and angles with soft, organic forms. I also kept the foundational furniture neutral and unfussy to create a good foundation for mixing styles. From there, I punched up the vibrancy of the design with bold color and texture in the textiles and art. Decorative elements like plants, books, photos and other collected treasures are a great way to bring two people’s personalities into one space, ensuring they both feel at home and represented.” –Hope C., Modsy Designer

If you want to mix styles in your own home…

  • Keep foundational furniture more “neutral” or transitional to create a foundation for mixing styles
  • Use accent furniture and decor to bring in elements of both of your preferred style
  • Find a commonality that brings each person’s design preferences together—whether it’s a color palette you both agree on or a furniture shape that you both like
  • Read our blog post on how to mix styles in a cohesive way

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