At Modsy, we want to make designing your home a simple and delightful process. That’s why we pair industry-leading 3D technology with design expertise and our easy one-stop shopping experience. You get to see your exact space in 3D, with furniture and decor that fit your style and budget. Plus, you get the option to shop from multiple retailers in one simple checkout! However, we know the most important part of bringing your design vision to life is pairing you with a talented and attentive designer who can help you realize that goal.

All you have to do is head to our Instagram feed to see examples of what our talented designers can do! And, while we believe that every design our team creates is worth celebrating, there are some designs that our followers can’t get enough of. So we’ve decided to take a deeper look at the most popular designs from our social media, asking our designers to share behind-the-scenes insights on how those spaces came together.

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Modsy designer Mackenzie R.

Today, we’re chatting with Modsy designer Mackenzie R. She designed a living room full of luxurious comfort; it’s a simple-but-beautiful design that allows the details to shine. Read on for a peek behind the curtain and some tips on how she brought this stunning design to life!

luxurious living room with dark wall

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What inspired you to create this design?

I’m a Leo (read: maximalist, through and through), but something about a simple space that still feels thought-out and purposeful brings my mind so much peace. Paring things down to just the necessities gives you the ability to make truly special pieces (like that gorgeous marble table from CB2) shine.

How would you define the style of the design?

I would define this style as Organic Modernism. It’s all about chunky silhouettes and organic shapes to give your space a modern yet earthy (AKA super cozy) feel. The key to achieving this look is to keep it minimal! A room doesn’t need to be stuffed with furniture to feel complete. But make sure that each piece feels interesting and purposeful—like a lamp that almost looks like a sculpture! To me, combining form and function is the definition of perfect design.

white sofa with marble end table

What is it you enjoy about that particular style?

When you have minimalist spaces like this, you can really have fun selecting the pieces you want to use. Most people don’t put much thought into the smaller things like a vase or lamp, but when it’s the only lamp in the room, you want to make it count! Using only the pieces you truly love and are inspired by will make you realize a lot of the filler stuff isn’t necessary and can even help you to hone in on your unique taste!

Why did you choose the individual design components (furniture, room accessories, paint color, etc.), and why do you think they work together?

I like to approach my designs almost as if I was painting a picture. Here, I selected pieces that carry similar shapes throughout the space to keep things feeling cohesive while varying materials and texture to add depth and visual interest. For example, you can see how the silhouettes of the rounded tables work together and how the geometric shapes in the wall art are reminiscent of the angular floor lamp shade. So, while the overall design is pretty asymmetrical, it still feels visually balanced! I also love contrast, so the dark accent wall really helps to make the light neutrals in the space pop as well as create a clear focal point.

sitting area with white chair

Do you have a favorite part of the design?

My favorite part of this design is the use of the Finn Fur Armchair from Crate & Barrel! I love how it brings in a touch of that luxe, high-end feel that juxtaposes with the rustic wood and other organic materials in such a fun way.


Mackenzie’s Tips for Creating a Space Full of Luxurious Comfort

coffee table with white chair

Add Depth with Natural Textures

I love mixing lots of different natural textures to add depth! Things like concrete, wood, plaster, stone, linen, fur, and rattan are all fair game.

Embrace the Unexpected

Keep main pieces simple and timeless but don’t be afraid to throw in a fun wild-card element that’s a little more trendy, like that fur accent chair for a touch of the unexpected. This is also a great way to inject a little bit of your personality into the space while keeping that neutral zen feel!


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