In the last couple of years, vintage and antique furniture and decor have gone from stuffy and outdated to highly coveted and trendy. People are turning to vintage pieces and antiques to infuse their homes with more charm, character, and personality. And many people also love how pieces from decades past offer a more sustainable alternative to buying brand new furniture. These are two of the big reasons why our team loves vintage and antique furniture!

However, depending on where you live and how much time you have to scour for the perfect piece, it can be challenging to source vintage pieces that you really love. After all, ideally, a good vintage or antique item is in good condition (no refinishing required!) while also working with the overall design of your home.

The great news is, there are ways to create a vintage-inspired look without spending months searching for the perfect vintage piece or refinishing something that’s past its glory days. And we’re here to help you find the right vintage interior design style for your home!

80s inspired living room design, photo credit House of Hipsters

Photo credit: House of Hipsters

What’s the difference between vintage and antique furniture?

While some people use the terms “vintage” and “antique” interchangeably, they actually refer to different eras. An antique is generally defined as furniture or decor that’s 100 years old or older. Items are generally considered by antique dealers to be vintage if they’re at least 40 years old. (So, basically things from the 70s and earlier.) However, many people use vintage more liberally to refer to items more than 20 years old—which would encompass items and styles from the 80s and 90s as well. However, while vintage and antique items encompass different eras, they’re both all about adding storied, personality-packed furniture and objects into your home.

Vintage-Inspired Interior Design Styles

There are a number of ways to bring vintage interior design vibes into your home’s design and decor. One way is simply by incorporating antique furniture into modern spaces. This is a great approach for those who have one or two pieces of inherited antique or vintage furniture and want to make use of the pieces without totally reinventing the style of their home.

However, you can also take a more comprehensive approach, incorporating vintage-inspired details in both large furniture and small decorative pieces, creating an overall vintage-inspired vibe in your home. We love this idea for those who want to “go big” with vintage-inspired design. But to pull this off, you first need to figure out what vintage interior design style best suits your home, personal style, and lifestyle needs.

How to Choose the Right Vintage Era for Your Style

There are a number of design styles and trends that naturally lend themselves to a vintage-inspired look.

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Art Deco
  • 80s Glam
  • New Traditional
  • Bohemian

Each of these design styles have totally different types of vintage vibes—which will impact the overall look of your space. Keep reading for some insights on each of these styles to help figure out which one might be best for you!

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How to Create a Vintage-Inspired Look in Your Own Home

Other than literal vintage and antique furniture, there are a lot of different ways to incorporate vintage-inspired details into your home. In fact, even colors, textures, and finishes can help drive home a vintage vibe! Specific textiles and furniture shapes will further drive home your specific vintage interior design style. Read on to learn more about 5 vintage-inspired design styles, how to bring those vintage vibes into your home, and how to choose which one is right for you!

Mid-Century Modern

Photo credit: Mid-century Modern Interior

Mid-Century Modern design is a style that emerged in the post-war era that was all about relaxing and lounging—in contrast to the more formal styles of previous decades. It’s also a more playful style—featuring bright colors, organic shapes, and slightly whimsical furniture designs. Intrigued? Learn more about the history of Mid-Century design on our podcast!

While mid-century designs went out of vogue in the 80s, the clean lines and approachability of the designs helped it rise back up in popularity, and it remains a highly sought-after design style today.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some Mid-Century modern retro style to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Primary colors, abstract geometric patterns
  • Furniture: Tapered legs, clean lines, sleek angles, minimal ‘fluff’
  • Textiles: Leather, tweed, wool
  • Finishes: Sleek wood like walnut or teak, with brass accents
  • Decor: Funky pieces, bright colors, functional design

mid-century modern styler breakfast-nook

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Mid-Century Modern is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • A style that feels approachable and still relevant
  • A more modern and trendy look
  • Decorating with primary colors
  • Clean lines and simple, organic forms

Art Deco

Photo Credit: Burg Island Hotel

Art Deco design first hit the architecture and design worlds in the early 1900s—and it soared to the top of the trend charts in the 1920s. Known for its use of geometric patterns and luxurious materials, this style carries with it a sense of opulence.  Art Deco design has risen and fallen in popularity over the past 100 years—but it had a major resurgence in the 1980s, influencing the 80s Glam look. (More on that next!)

While a full room designed in Art Deco style might feel over-the-top and impractical, there are so many ways to bring moments of Art Deco design into modern spaces. In fact, here are 15 ways our designers are designing with Art Deco influences today.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some Art Deco vibes to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Bold jewel tones, animal prints, high-contrast color palettes
  • Furniture: Geometric forms, dramatic silhouettes
  • Textiles: Velvet, silk, furs
  • Finishes: Lacquer, painted surfaces, dark wood
  • Decor: Flowers, luxe vases, sculptural objects

Art deci inspired dining room in deep moody blues and greens

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Art Deco is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • A glamorous, old-world style
  • Metallic finishes—especially gold
  • Your space to feel more formal
  • Repeating patterns and geometric forms
  • Your home to have a feeling of luxury and opulence

80s Glam

Photo credit: Fresca.Living

80s interior design had a penchant for being bold and over the top. It was the decade of the Memphis Design Movement, an obsession with palm leaf prints (hello, Golden Girls!), and a resurgence of Art Deco style. And it’s this Art Deco-inspired 80s glam that’s a perfect way to bring those vintage vibes into your home today. Not as serious and formal as traditional Art Deco, this 80s glam style is all about shiny gold metallic accents and bold pops of color. It’s a fun and over-the-top look that has an almost campy glitzy-ness to it. With that in mind, furniture is designed with bold, curvaceous forms and finished in luxurious materials.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some 80s glam moments to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Pastels, bold colors punctuating a neutral palette, or a high-contrast black and white palette
  • Furniture: Lucite, marble, curved silhouettes, blocky pieces
  • Textiles: Suede, velvet
  • Finishes: High-gloss lacquer, marble, glass, shiny gold
  • Decor: Sculptural decor, funky pieces

80s inspired minimalist dining room with blush colored velvet chairs

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80s Glam is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Glamorous styles
  • Youthful, trendy vibes
  • Bold-yet-streamlined forms
  • The use of pastels and/or bold colors

New Traditional

Photo credit: Unsplash

Both Classic Formal and Traditional interior design styles are deeply rooted in history. Classical interior design draws inspiration from 18th and 19th century England and France. These European influences involve ornate detailing (think: Chippendale furniture) and pieces that are more about looks than comfort. This is a refined, formal style.

Traditional style draws more on Americana-inspired interior design—from Colonial Revival to Shaker and Mission furniture styles. But in traditional interior design, you’ll also find some less-ornate European-inspired furniture styles, like Queen Anne and Victorian. Overall, traditional style is more streamlined, practical, and comfortable than classical interior design. It’s all about livability.

Regardless of if you like a more classic formal style or Americana traditional, the thru-line of these styles and how they’re brought to life today is that they all take pre-20th century design references and approach them in a more relatable way. Often, this means infusing some cheekiness into design choices to personalize the look. Some more nuanced ways this style can come to life is in Shabby Chic decor, French Country style, Cottagecore, Grandmillenial and Modern Manor style.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some traditional inspiration to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Warm neutrals, punctuated with blues, greens, and/or pinks
  • Furniture: Roll-arm seating, tufted pieces, scalloped edges
  • Textiles: wicker, velvet, silk, refined wool, linen
  • Finishes: brass, gilded metallics, fabric wall coverings, busy patterns, wainscotting and crown molding
  • Decor: Tchotchkes, items with florals and ruffles, patterned wallpaper

colonial reviaval style living room with ornate wallpaper and velvet rolled arm sofa

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New Traditional is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Traditional Americana style with true antique vibes
  • Cottagecore and/or Grandmillenial vibes
  • Soft color palettes
  • Intricate details on furniture
  • Botanical patterns


Photo credit: Isabella Bondo

Bohemian interior design is colorful and eclectic, with a definite global flair. (It’s that global flair that helps bring in the vintage vibes to this style!) Boho spaces tend to include an eclectic assortment of collected objects, as well as a fun mix of patterns and colors. Plus, plenty of natural materials! A casual and carefree style, it also has a relaxed approach to styling.

What to Look For When Shopping

To bring some eclectic boho vibes to your home, look for these elements in your furniture and decor.

  • Colors: Whites, tans, vibrant jewel tones, saturated earth tones
  • Furniture: Eclectic/global feel (with a boho space, it’s not as much about the shape but about layering pieces to create a unique look)
  • Textiles: Woven patchwork, fringed items, embroidered fabric
  • Finishes: Gold, silver, and brass; natural materials, grasscloth, jute, rattan
  • Decor: Wicker and rattan items, unique vintage/flea market finds, whimsical items

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Boho is the perfect vintage-inspired style for you if you like…

  • Retro styles, like a 60s or 70s Revival look
  • To decorate with natural materials and textures
  • A global-inspired look full of collected decor
  • Casually layering textiles and patterns to create an eclectic look
  • Decorating with lots of plants and greenery
  • A more casual vibe

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of finding the right vintage-inspired furniture and decor for your home? You don’t have to go it alone! Our Modsy designers know all the best brands and products to help you bring a vintage-inspired space to life.

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