In our “Small-Space Hacks” series, you’ll find stylish solutions for tiny spaces as well as tricky areas that often get overlooked in the home. Not your typical DIY projects, these “hacks” involve simply rethinking furniture with a little ingenuity to create spaces that enhance your daily life.

This week we show you simple ways to make the most of a small bedroom. Read on for our favorite easy tricks to save lots of space, add major style, and rethink the possibilities in a pint-size bedroom.

Today, we’re talking about small bedrooms. Struggles with this small space come second only to small living rooms. You might think that you need a huge bedroom to function day to day—you can get by with just a bed frame, mattress, and clothing storage, if necessary. But then 2020 hit. Last year, our homes became our whole worlds. Many bedrooms now serve double (or triple) duty as not only sleeping quarters but home offices, gyms, or spaces to simply get a few moments to yourself. And suddenly a small bedroom became an interior design crisis.

If you have a small bedroom, it’s more important than ever to get clever in how you maximize your space. But how you maximize will look different depending on your needs! Feeling overwhelmed? Call in the interior design experts! (That’s us.)

We’ve outlined some of the most common small bedroom struggles, as well as some ways to work with them to get the most out of your small space when decorating a small bedroom. Read on for our favorite small space bedroom ideas—with easy tricks to save lots of space, add major style, and rethink the possibilities in a pint-sized bedroom!

If You’re Pressed For Storage Space…

In order for your bedroom to function as a relaxing oasis, you definitely need to have enough space to store clothing and other clutter. And just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean you have to forego a zen retreat! You just have to get a bit creative in how you incorporate bedroom furniture and storage in your space. Keep reading for some of our favorite small bedroom storage ideas.

Small bedroom ideasBulk Up Your Bedside.

Storage space is one of the essentials in our bedroom checklist. But if you don’t have a lot of room, make the space next to your bed frame work overtime. Nix the nightstand and go for a small dresser or a compact chest of drawers instead. They function just like a nightstand but offer more in storage for stashing away clothes, sheets, and other essentials. You can even pull in a set of baskets for storing small items, such as books, pillows, and even chunkier, winter clothes.

Small bedroom ideasThink Vertical Storage.

Another bedside option? Swap in a bookcase to add more vertical storage space. If you’re have lots of books, accents, and small knick knacks, this is a great solve that takes up very little footprint beside your bed.

white wood tallboy dresser with green artwork leaning on top of it

Consider a Tallboy Dresser

Instead of a more traditional low and long dresser, consider a tallboy style. You get nearly the same amount of storage space, but they take up half the floor space! What exactly is a tallboy dresser? It’s a taller dresser (makes sense, huh?) that usually has six drawers. Essentially, it’s tall and narrow, versus a low and long “lowboy” dresser.

studio apartment with room divider between living and bedroom space

Opt for Double-Duty Pieces

Smaller spaces mean less room for more furniture. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice storage! One of the easiest (and cost-efficient) small space hacks to maximize storage in a small bedroom is by choosing pieces that have multiple functions. Think: a bookcase that doubles as a room divider. Furniture with hidden storage. A dresser that doubles as a TV stand. A console table that doubles as a desk. You get the picture! Basically, make sure your furniture pulls its weight by giving you multiple functions!


If You Have Very Little Walking Room…

Short on floor space? Get everything you can off the floor to maximize your available floor space. (And to save yourself from stubbed toes or tripping!) Check out two of our favorite small bedroom ideas to help you save on floor space!

Small bedroom ideasFloat Some Shelves.

If a small nightstand, chest, or bookshelf are all still taking up too much floor space, opt for a floating shelf or two (or three!), which leaves zero footprint and won’t clutter up a small bedroom that’s already tight on space. The best part is that these can go anywhere and also double as display surfaces for cool art, personal objects, and plants.

Not sure if you should prioritize floor space or storage? Let our nightstand buying guide help you decide!

Small bedroom ideasHang Your Lights.

Rather than a table or floor lamps, hang pendants (or sconces) for bedside lighting instead to save on floor space. They’re a stylish solve for small bedrooms, particularly alongside the bed. They also work well with floating shelves beside the bed!

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If You Think There’s No Room For Stylish Pieces…

Small bedroom ideasTry a Free-Form Rug.

Rugs come in several standard sizes, but these can often be too big or too small, which will accentuate the small size of your space rather than work with it. Consider a rug with an organic shape, like a cowhide, which will distract from the boxiness of your tiny bedroom while adding some nice color and warm, fuzzy texture underfoot.

Small bedroom ideasAdd Cool, Clear Furniture.

Furniture like an acrylic bench or set of clear nesting tables can visually open up your small bedroom and also act as storage without making the space feel cluttered. Mirrors can have the same effect, tricking the eye into thinking the room is larger than it seems. Try hanging one bedside or a large round one above your bed frame for a light, roomy effect.

Small bedroom ideasPack in Some Plants.

Even if you don’t have room for extra furniture, you can easily add a lively touch with some hanging greenery and plants. Find a corner for a hanging planter or two, or line up several plants along floating shelves for a cute display.

Our expert designers are ready to tackle your small bedroom!

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This post was updated on March 3rd, 2021

Simple Ways To Maximize A Tiny Bedroom


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