6 Self-Care Design Tips to Help You Live Your Best Life at Home

Meet Alessandra Wood, the Director of Style at Modsy. With a PhD in Design History and an M.A. in the History of Decorative Arts and Design, she is a bona fide design expert. Today, we’re picking her brain on the best self-care design tips to help you live your best life at home!

self-care design1. Designate a Space for You

Whether you’re into yoga, crafting, or just love to curl up with a good book, designating a specific place in your home where you can focus on an activity that’s important to you is a great way to practice self-care design.

If you don’t have an extra room at the ready, don’t fret. Many of us, especially city-dwellers, live in cramped spaces where there’s barely enough space to live, eat, and sleep, let alone a room for your home yoga practice.

But, as someone who formerly lived in a 495 square-foot condo with a dog and a husband, let me tell you it IS possible to have a yoga spot. Mine was literally between a wall of bookshelves and a dining table, basically the most trafficked path in our home. But, when it was yoga time, I rolled out my mat, and made that area my designated yoga spot.

self-care design2. Invest in Comfort

I just purchased a new duvet insert and honestly, it has been life-changing. It’s ultra-fluffy and makes my bed feel like a cloud. I feel more relaxed and happier at night and refreshed when I wake up in the morning.

Think about the places in your home where you spend the most time. If you can, give yourself permission make them as comfortable as they can be. Just like my duvet, your mattress, sheets, and sofa are all great places to practice self-care design by investing in comfort. You’ll be so happy you did!

self-care design3. Make Magic with Crystals

Even if you don’t believe in the healing powers of crystals, filling your home with sparkling rocks from the earth can benefit your mental state. Not only do they make lovely decorative objects, crystals – like plants – can help you feel more connected to nature, which is proven to be a mood booster.

Not sure where to start? Pick up a book to learn more or just head to a local store and pick out a few crystals that speak to you. Personally, I like to keep a piece of selenite near my front door to absorb and dispel negative energies as soon as I get home.

self-care design4. Go Green

Plants make the air around you cleaner and easier to breathe. According to Psychology Today, leafy green plants boost your mood and your creativity, and plants in general help us get along better with those around us.

There are also so many plant varieties to choose from, so find one that fits your personality! And, if you really aren’t interested in taking care of them, go faux and still get the good vibes from the greenery!

self-care design5. Get Organized

When your home is organized, you’ll find less chatter in your brain. Organization isn’t second nature to all of us, so roll out the self-care design and find pieces that help you make it happen.

You can add easy storage via baskets or find pieces that have hidden storage such as a credenza, storage coffee table, or storage ottoman. If the clutter is not in your sightline, you’re less likely to stress about it.

self-care design6. Soothe Through the Sentimental

Fill your home with things you love and remind you of important people, places and memories. I make it a point to fill my space with things that are unique to me and the home I’ve built with my husband. They remind me to be grateful and are a great way to practice self-care design.

And it’s true that sometimes we all strive for the perfectly curated, Instagram-worthy home. My advice is to not get so absorbed in chasing perfection that you miss out on the joy of designing a space you love.

Want to see self-care design ideas in your home?

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