Picture Pouf-ect: 6 Ways to Use a Pouf in Your Home

ways to use a pouf

The numbers are in, and there is no denying Modsy customers love poufs. The number one most-purchased item this year, poufs made some serious waves in 2017. But even if you have a pouf, or if you’re just now hearing about this funny-sounding piece of furniture, you might be wondering “How do I even use a pouf in my home?”

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture, and our go-to accessory, take a peek at these six ways to use your pouf.

use a pouf1. Use it as a Footrest

No chaise on your sofa? No problem. Pick up a pouf for your living room and use it as a footrest for any seat. They’re lightweight and easy to move, so you can easily scoot it around your living space, or even move it from room to room as needed.

Try a pouf in your nursery as a footrest for your rocking chair or glider.

use a pouf2. Extra Seating, Anyone?

If you have company coming, or just need an extra chair, turn your pouf into that last seat so no one is ever left standing. Or try a pair of poufs at the foot of your bed for an easy place to sit while putting on or taking off shoes.

use a pouf3. Improv it as a Side Table


A great trick for parties with lots of snacks, put a tray on top of your pouf and presto! You have an extra side table.

use a pouf4. Make a Kid-Proof Coffee Table

If you have little ones, consider skipping the sharp corners of a coffee table and try a group of poufs instead. Poufs are, as their name suggests, poofy and won’t be the cause of any owies for little ones learning to walk!

They can also be easily repurposed as fun seating in a kid’s room later.

use a pouf5. Add a Pop of Personality

Poufs are a great way to add an extra bit of you to a room. They’re versatile, easy to move from room to room, and come in a range of budget-friendly options. Poufs are easy to switch up as your tastes change.

Be it in the form of color, pattern, texture, or sparkles everywhere, find a pouf that shows off your style and put it to work in any space.

use a pouf

use a pouf

6. Create a Perch for Pets

Have a pet who you just can’t keep off the sofa? Channel their enthusiasm for human furniture with a designated pouf that’s all theirs.


Ready for a better way to design your home?

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