Living Room Ideas: 15 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

living room ideasDesigning your living room can be difficult, there’s no getting around that.

Picking a color scheme, settling on a budget, and finding furniture, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Your living room is also likely where you spend most of your time, so the stakes are high – you want this room to look nice!

Now that Spring is close, it’s the perfect time to turn your home into a space you love. To help, we rounded up 15 of our all time favorite living room ideas to help you find an easy place to start.


We rounded up 15 of our all-time favorite living room ideas to help you find an easy place to start.


Living Room Ideas

1. Try a Fresh Coat of Paint

Consider painting your walls with a new, inspiring color color to reinvigorate your living space. It may seem like a big commitment, but painting your walls is a simple and budget-friendly update that can totally transform the look and feel of any space.

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Living Room Ideas2. Dabble in a New Trend

The velvet trend has been going strong since last fall when it was deemed the “it” fabric for 2018. Even if you don’t follow trends, there are so many reasons to bring velvet into your space. Not only is it a timeless material, velvet also adds a lot of warmth and texture to any interior and works with any style.

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Living Room Ideas3. Tuck in a Play Nook for the Kids

Carve out a special, playroom nook by pulling your sofa away from the wall and using either the side or the back to divide the space. This gives the kids a designated area to play while grownups can watch over from nearby.

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Living Room Ideas4. Stay in Budget by Refreshing Your Accents

When it comes to easy and budget-friendly living room ideas, we are all for switching up your accent pieces. Swap in some new throw pillows, hang a new piece of art, or unfurl a new rug.

All these little details have a big impact on how your space looks and feels.

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Living Room Ideas5. Expand Your Small Space with Flexible Furnishings

Furnishings that are flexible are great options for making the most out of small spaces.

Try a coffee table with interior storage or use a bookcase as a room divider. Ottomans or stools also double as side tables, and poufs can work double-time as foot rests or extra seating.

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Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

6. Mix Vintage with Modern

Vintage pieces are a great way to infuse your space with some old-world charm and texture, and make your home feel unique and full or character. Try repurposing something like this old, vintage steamer trunk as a coffee table.

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Living Room Ideas7. Find the Best Media Stand for Your TV Size

It’s a simple fact that you really just can’t enjoy a good TV binge session with a sub-par setup. That means finding the right media unit for your sized TV is super important.

Our rule of thumb is that your media stand should be at least a few inches wider that the base of your TV, so that there are a few inches of breathing room on either side then the TV is placed on top.

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Living room ideas

8. Add some Whimsy with an Animal Portrait

Looking to add a little humor into your home? This portrait of a highland cow named Gertrude, might do the trick. Between her shaggy mop of hair and her slightly tilted head, you can’t help but fall in love with this bombshell blonde.

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Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

9. Turn an Awkward Nook into a Something Useful

To make the most out of a small nook, look to maximize the space, vertically. Compact furnishings that don’t take up too much floor space are key; a wall-mounted fold-out desk with a slender chair easily turned this empty spot into a petite yet practical workspace.

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10. Find the Perfect Coffee Table

One of the most challenging living room ideas can be finding the right coffee table to go with your sofa. You’ve got size, shape, and style to consider among other things. Instead of imagining how these two living room staples will look together why not try a few options on instead?

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Living Room Ideas11. Tuck a Desk Behind Your Sofa

This is a nice solution if you don’t have an extra room to transform into a home office, but still need a place to focus. You can also use it as a homework station for the kiddos or a place to pay your bills online while watching the game.

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Living Room Ideas12. Amp Up Your Neutrals with Pops of Color

For a versatile color that’s not a neutral, blue is your next best bet. Try layering every shade of it into your neutral living room for an exciting new look.

Consider pairing blue and gold, a metallic, for a stylish and sharp alternative to classic blue and white. The result is a pairing that’s always elegant and modern.

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Living Room Ideas

13. Restyle Your Storage

Whether you call it a credenza, sideboard, or even a buffet, these enclosed storage pieces are great for stashing clutter and can be an amazing focal point.

For an elegant look, start with a pair of matching lamps placed on each end, and arrange a few accessories in the middle. Center a large artwork above to create the pyramidal composition that draws the eye skyward.

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Living Room ideas14. Take the Plunge, Buy a Sofa Online

Would you believe us if we told you that you can determine if a sofa is comfy online?

Do you want a sofa where you can sit cross-legged and enjoy all the poor-posture slouching you want? Look for an option with a greater seat depth. Do you like to lean back against your sofa’s armrest and stretch out? Be sure to pay attention to the arm height to ensure maximum comfort.

Think about how you really use your sofa and look for the factors that will make it most comfortable for you.

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Living Room ideas15. Prop Up Some Oversized Wall Art

For an eclectic approach to decorating with oversized wall art, prop a large piece on the floor against a wall.

Propping wall art lends a sculptural feel to any space. Art hung on the wall just can’t match that.

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living room ideas

22 replies
  1. Rebecca Gardner says:

    It caught my attention when you said a fresh coat of paint can totally transform the way a space looks. I want to have some upgrades done to my home now that I’ve decided to stay here until my daughter finishes school. Reading your article made me excited to look at colors and reach out to residential painters to hire, so thanks for sharing!

  2. rachel frampton says:

    My sister would like to redecorate her living room by adding more art portraits in the said room. Well, I also like your idea of adding velvet furniture in the living room because its design is timeless. Thank you for also suggesting here that it would be a great idea to add a playroom nook for the kids.

  3. Shah Mohammad Polash says:

    My father was a small painting contractor in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. He always used work lights inside. I have never seen any shows or tips about lighting the area where you are working. How can you do a good job if you are working in poor light?


  4. Afton Jackson says:

    Your suggestion of devoting a portion of the living room to become a play nook for the kids really caught my attention. As the father of two very young boys, I more than anyone know just how much they love to play with their toy robots and trucks. This can get a little bothersome when trying to work and talk to guests, so if I can get an interior designer to help me design a super cool place for them to play in, I’m sure they’d love it.

  5. Afton Jackson says:

    I wanted to give my aunt a gift that can help decorate her room for her birthday. I found it very helpful when you suggested propping up wall art as an option for room decorations because my aunt has been known to love all types of art and watches art shows during her free time. I’ll be sure to look for any galleries that can offer similar pieces that my aunt and I can browse and pick out for her gift. Thank you!

  6. Daniell Ezach says:

    Living room space is a space where we spend time with our loved ones. Considering the living room an appealing space has so many benefits and we love all those benefits.
    In a similar way inside the house, there are so many important things like walls, structure & ceilings. All these things require protection from time to time. And home inspection plays an important role in protecting all these things. If you ever decided to get home inspection services in Perth, choose Prompt Building Inspections.

  7. Ellie Davis says:

    I liked that you mentioned a new piece of art or new pillows can help you to decorate your living room nicely if you are on a budget. My husband and I are thinking about decorating our living room to add our personal touch. I will let him know about your recommendations to decorate our living room without spending a lot of money.

    • Modsy says:

      Hi Rosie, thanks for asking! That’s the Caitlin sofa from our friends at Interior Define. Happy styling!

  8. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for pointing out that vintage pieces can give some old charm to your room. My husband and I are wanting to get some wood pieces to add flair to our living room and need to find the right company to get these from. Hopefully, we can do some research and find some amazing wood pieces.


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