Decorating a large room comes with its own set of challenges. From filling the space with the right furniture to making it all look intentional and cohesive in style, designing a large space can sometimes feel more daunting than a small one.

With large living rooms, the most common dilemma is finding furnishings that will play up a sense of comfort in a big space. But it’s not just about bringing in large living room furniture pieces. How furnishings are arranged and optimized to create a large living room layout that’s visually balanced as well as functional is equally key. With that, you’ll need to take into account your home’s interior architecture—do you have high or sloped ceilings? Is there a wall of built-ins or is the room surrounded by big windows?

From there, other factors for consideration include whether you’re opting for a large living room design that’s tailored to multipurpose use, such as an open dining area or a playspace for children. Similarly, you’ll want to think through what will be the main focus in your large living room—will it be your fireplace, the TV wall, or neither?

If you’re feeling daunted, don’t worry. We’re here to help with your large living room design. Below, we’ve rounded up our top large living room ideas to guide you through all the key elements to consider. Scroll down to find out more.

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Large living room with curved furniture and green accent bookshelves

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Start With Large-Scale Furniture

A large room requires furniture the appear proportional within the space. Opt for large living room furniture pieces, such as an oversize sofa with deep seats, wide armchairs, and a generously sized coffee table. They’re tried-and-true foundational pieces for large living rooms, and they’ll help ground your main seating area with a comfy and cozy look.

In addition to providing a sumptuous look, bulky furniture pieces will also help visually fill out your large living room. Once you’ve landed on your anchor pieces, round them out with accent furnishings that lend a similar sense of height, scale, and wide proportions—think a wide side table, a large woven pouf for a footstool, a towering floor lamp, and a large mirror that fills an entire wall. They’ll help add an overall balanced and welcoming look.

large living room with white walls and transitional style

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Layer Lighting At Every Level

A big living room means there’s a lot more space where light needs to reach. If your large living room comes with an oversized ceiling light, such as a huge chandelier or pendant, it’s a good start. You’ll still need smaller light fixtures throughout the room for a well-lit space.

Layering is key when it comes to lighting in a large living room. That means making sure there’s a mix of different lights at every eye level—from overhead lights to wall sconces to floor and table lamps. By having lighting at varying levels, it will fill your room with the right amount of light as needed, and it will also allow you to control the ambiance if you want to have certain ones off. Another lighting tip for large living rooms? Spread out candles—they’ll make for beautiful glimmers of light that are easy to move as needed.

Scandi inspired large living room with pink sectional

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Pile On The Cozy Accents

Large living rooms can feel cold and cavernous even with furniture and lighting. What warms up a large space is a good mix of soft textures and cozy touches.

Bring in accents that provide a deeply inviting look and feel, such as natural woven fibers, sheepskin rugs and faux furs, soft neutral pillows and cowhide ones, and touches of grainy natural woods. The key is to cover as many surfaces with these plush and sumptuous details, whether it’s a sofa topped with a mix of pillows or a floor with layered rugs. It all adds up to an array of plush and sumptuous textures that will instantly cozy up any large room for lounging, relaxing, and resting.

large living room with cloffice space and wallpaper accent wall

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Divide Up Your Large Living Room

Large living rooms can seem hard to fill, but keep in mind that they can easily serve numerous functions. Whether it’s an office corner in a corner or a bar along a wall, dividing up your large room into different zones will help make it feel more welcoming and accessible.

One of the best ways to incorporate a workspace within your large living room design is to make use of any nooks and recesses that can be outfitted with a built-in desk along with shelves for a compact office. An alternative is to pull up a desk along a long empty wall and decorate the surrounding space with office decor and accents. Just be sure to keep your office furniture style in line with the rest of your furnishings so that your final room looks like one cohesive yet multifunctional space.

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large living room with transitional style and fireplace

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Go For Layered Rugs

While you might be able to get away without a rug in normal-sized spaces, it’s an absolute essential in large living rooms. A rug that runs the length and width of the floor is the best way to warm up any large room with big doses of color, pattern, and texture.

Our designers’ favorite approach with rugs in large living rooms is to layer two on top of each other, which adds double the coziness and softness underfoot. They’re also a great way to visually unite different kinds of furniture into one space, such as modern armchairs with a more traditional sofa. And the great thing about rug shopping for a large room is that you’ll have no problem finding designs specifically made for expansive spaces. From oversized natural fibers to large traditional and Moroccan rugs, there’s no shortage of style to choose from.

large living room with contemporary furniture

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Float Your Furniture

Furniture pushed up against the wall can often feel awkward in a large living room since it leaves too much empty space. For the perfect solution, floating furniture in the middle of your space is one of our designers’ top-recommended large living room ideas.

By floating your furniture—or placing designs away from the walls—you’re able to easily create different areas and zones for seating, conversation, and even reading without the room appearing empty in the way that pushing pieces against a wall would. It will also naturally create seamless walkways and passages all around the room. A great way to anchor floating furniture is with an extra-large rug (or two) that connects all your pieces, such as your sofa, accent chairs, and side tables.

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Keep Styles Cohsive

While you can mix different pieces united by color or a rug, the easiest way to create a cohesive look in a large living room is to be consistent with your furniture styles. This is key if you’re working with a large room that has multiple functions. Keeping your design style streamlined and focused in your large space will help all your different zones and spaces come together more seamlessly. Consider arranging the seating area with a set of matching sofas, poufs, and side tables which will help bring balance, symmetry, and cohesion.

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Opt For Statement Lighting

In large living rooms, especially ones with high ceilings, a captivating light fixture not only draws immediate focus but also helps infuse a feeling of coziness and warmth to your space. And there’s no such thing as too bold of a statement light fixture. In fact, the more eye-catching, sculptural, and oversize in scale your light fixture, the more it’ll help fill out your large room as a stunning focal point. Try opting for a uniquely designed chandelier or a contemporary pendant that shows off your style aesthetic and personality—which will make for an extra intimate touch.

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Create A Focal Point On A Wall

When outfitting a large room, be sure to also outfit your walls. Empty walls in a large living room will make it feel more cavernous and spare, so be sure to have one or several focal points that provide some visual warmth to your space.

Focal points in large living rooms can be anything from a large mirror or artwork that spans across an entire wall to something more practical, like a flatscreen TV. It all depends on how you’re choosing to use your living space. If you’re going with a large living room design that’s a cross between a sitting and family room, consider turning one wall into an entertainment center with a wall-mounted TV and media cabinet. Frame your TV with sconces on either side to balance out the visual focus. By centering the focus in your room around your TV, it helps create a more intentional look in an expansive living room.

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Zone Your Large Room With Rugs

We touched on layering rugs in a large space, but another way to add visual interest from the ground up is to use them to zone out different areas.

With a large living room design where there are various seating and entertaining spaces, placing a rug under each area will help distinguish it from the others. For instance, a hide rug under an armchair can mark it as a cozy reading corner, while a durable wool rug under a sofa delineates it as the main sitting space in the room. You can use a smaller rug to set apart a smaller area and let it overlap with a larger space, as in the cowhide rug in this large living room.

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Lean Into A Bold Color

For those ready to commit to a bolder look, painting an expansive accent wall in a dark, captivating color is a surefire way to warm up a large room. It lends instant coziness as well as an intimate look, and you can easily decorate on top of the painted wall to make it even more eye-catching.

The trick to accent walls is to make sure it’s painted in a high-contrast color, which brings focus to the color as well as the furnishings within the room. Opt for a bold or moody neutral, such as charcoal, smokey grey, or even a deep indigo blue to instantly transform the look and feel of your room.

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Carve Out A Play Area

For families with children, a large living room with enough space for the kids to have a corner to call their own can be a gamechanger. It can be a great alternative to designing a completely separate playroom in addition to your kids’ bedrooms.

You can easily dedicate a corner area in a large space to the little ones by simply adding mini tables and chairs for them to craft and play with their toys. If your kids love spreading out their toys, add a chest or cabinet for storing all their games and trinkets—you can choose one in a style that goes with the rest of your space so that it looks seamlessly with the rest of your living room when it’s shut.

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Keep Symmetry In Mind

There are no hard and fast decorating rules when it comes to a large living room. Although keeping to a symmetrical layout comes close. It’s an always stylish formula for furniture arrangement in a large room and it’s especially great for creating a balanced look in an expansive living room.

This can mean simply aligning two sofas to face each other with matching side tables and chairs placed in mirroring positions. It all adds up to a look that’s streamlined, straightforward, and easy on the eyes while still providing major comfort and function. If you can’t create a symmetrical layout with furniture, try doing it with smaller decor pieces and artwork on the walls for visual balance.

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