4 Kid-Friendly Design Tips to Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

Wow, another new school year is upon us! That means now is a great time to get your home organized so you and your little ones can sail smoothly into the year ahead.

But how can your home help make the back-to-school transition a breeze? You might be surprised, but a few small changes now can go along way once school starts and your schedules fill up.

Ready to get your home in back to school shape? Here are 4 of our favorite kids design ideas to help you start the year off right!

Kids Design Ideas1. Get Your Family Room In Shape

For many households, back-to-school time means an onslaught of school supplies, books, backpacks, lunch boxes, toys and more. And while a new school year is exciting, all that new clutter that comes with it might leave you feeling less than great.

To help keep clutter at bay, dedicate your family room as the central location for “stuff.” This will provide a space where both kids and parents can relax, unwind, play, watch TV.

It helps to have a lot of organization built into a room like this so incorporating furniture that doubles as storage is a great way to make the most of your space! Consider storage ottomans, coffee tables with built in storage or shelves, bookshelves, entertainment systems and other functional design items.

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Kids Design Ideas

2. Consider Foot Traffic

This might seem like a simple detail, but the truth is that getting out of the home on time sometimes simply boils down to getting the kids out the door!

If you’re redesigning your living area, consider the flow of traffic through your house. Is there a relatively clear path from different rooms to the main door you use for entry and exit? Whether this is your front, back, or even garage door, a “drop zone” that’s easy to navigate and with lots of small storage can make all the difference.

Modsy can help you find the best layout idea for your space so you can create an attractive and functional design in your home.

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Kids Design Ideas3. Tackle the Study Spots

Back-to-school season means your kids are getting back to their studies! To help them ace this school year, consider creating a dedicated area for homework, studying, and reading.

If a study space in their bedrooms doesn’t make sense, you can also decide on a shared study/desk area in the family room or another communal area. Just make sure that each person has enough storage space for their school supplies to keep the area tidy and functional.

Take a look at their rooms – do they each have a dedicated desk/workspace and ample shelf space for books, projects, etc? You might want to consider how you can fit these items into each of their rooms so that they can make their studies a main focus of the year.

Kids Design Ideas4. Refresh the Kids’ Rooms

As your kiddos grow up, sometimes their rooms need updating to keep up. The start of school is a great time to reorganize and refresh their rooms to get them excited for the year to come!

Maybe it’s time to repaint those hot pink walls. Or perhaps they’ve outgrown their old bunk bed. Just like getting a new outfit for their first day, refreshing their room can be a great way to start the school year. Modsy can help you plan a layout that feels great and also help with all the storage and organization so that it’s not only fun, but functional!

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These are just a few tips to help you head into the school year with renewed energy and a tidy, well-organized home! Check out Modsy’s 3D renderings that can help you get a feel for the layout and design options in your home!

Need help designing a kid-friendly room in your home?

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