Cozy and comfy, breakfast nooks make great gathering spots in your dining room or kitchen. A breakfast nook is also one of our favorite dining room design ideas because it’s stylish and minimizes floor space. We also love breakfast nooks because it’s so multipurpose—you can use it for meals, homework, or your WFH office.

Whether it’s a table and two chairs that make up a dining nook off to the side of your room or a long dining table and benches in a corner window area, you can easily create a breakfast nook design in your home with just a few pieces of furniture.

Scroll through for inspiring breakfast nook designs and our tips for creating your own.

breakfast nook

1. A Mid-Century Breakfast Nook

Simply furnished with mid-century modern style pieces, this is a great example of a breakfast nook design because it doesn’t require any built-ins. It’s also the perfect way to make the most of window nook designs in a home.

How To Style It: You can easily do this in any space by pulling two benches and a table into a corner nook. Fill the other side with a dining chair to optimize seating and use for this space.

The Vibe: Natural wood and pops of blue make for a cool palette that’s comfy and calming.

Great For… homes with window nooks or combined living-dining spaces.

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breakfast nook

2. An Eclectic Eat-In Kitchen

Take a page from the most iconic breakfast nook kitchen from the Friends apartment! This is one of our top dining room layout ideas since it creates a central spot for morning coffee, cooking prep, and all kinds of drop-in conversations.

How To Style It: This is a great way to incorporate a breakfast nook right into your kitchen. All you have to do is pull in a dining room table that’s proportional to your space. A bistro-sized table with two to four chairs always works.

The Vibe: Think of this kitchen dining set up as the poster child of all eclectic style breakfast nooks, with its open layout, green-painted cupboards, and quirky accents everywhere.

Great For… small apartments or studios where the kitchen has to work double.

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classic breakfast nook with small black table and vintage style rug and art

3. A Traditional Breakfast Nook

You can take an elegant approach to your breakfast nook with classic furnishings. Here, the traditional pieces and accents create a polished sitting corner perfect for breakfast and tea.

How To Style It: You can fill any corner of a room with a pair of chairs and a round table to create an extra eating area. This can even work in a large corridor. If there’s a window, center your table in front of it for a sophisticated look.

The Vibe: Keep to refined pieces, like dark wood furniture, classic lighting, and an ornate rug for a totally trad and elevated feel.

Great For… Large living rooms and homes with wide hallways that have extra space.

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rustic breakfast nook with round wooden table, ladder back chairs and church pew

4. A Rustic Breakfast Nook

This relaxed and rustic breakfast nook creates an open dining area that can easily function as an extension of your living and kitchen spaces. The best part is it doesn’t require any built-ins.

How To Style It: Add a repurposed church pew for a cozy and kid-friendly seating option. Then, put spare dining room chairs alongside it to expand your kitchen and dining space. Anchor it all with a neutral patterned rug and surround it with vintage home decor mixed with new pieces.

The Vibe: Farmhouse style breakfast nooks like this are instantly homey, warm, and welcoming. You can’t go wrong with a breakfast nook that’s bold on rustic decor.

Great For… any family home or small suburban house with an open living-dining space.

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breakfast nook

5. A Contemporary Breakfast Nook

Streamlined with a hint of rustic, this contemporary breakfast nook is the most multipurpose out of the bunch, meaning it’s just as functional for meals and doing work as it is for things like crafts and homeschooling.

How To Style It: Start with a corner upholstered bench for comfy seating, then add a round table so you have extra leg space and can fit more people and chairs in the nook. Pull in a rolling car for school and work supplies. It will turn your nook into a perfect WFH/dining spot.

The Vibe: Contemporary and rustic, this dining nook is visually minimal but feels endlessly cozy and inviting. The perfect balance of style and function.

Great For… a corner nook that needs to seat a lot of people—and work for many different uses.

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large breakfast nook with built-in window seating and large rustic wood table

6. A Modern Rustic Breakfast Nook

If you have an open concept kitchen, this is the ideal breakfast nook design. A mix between modern dining pieces and rustic elements, this is our idea of a perfect communal dining nook.

How To Style It: A large drop leaf table for big gatherings is perfect for a spacious breakfast nook. Pair it with modern dining chairs that offer some texture and padded seating. Top them off with lots of pillows piled on top of built-in benches. Even better if there’s storage in the benches!

The Vibe: Open and laid-back, this brings a balanced mix of casual comfort and modern style.

Great For… any family home or large breakfast nooks that can fit comfy built-in benches.

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breakfast nook

7. A Classic Glam Breakfast Nook

This is an easy way to instantly glam up any corner in a kitchen, hallway, or living room. The design for this breakfast nook is minimal yet chic, and the gallery wall adds a touch of sophistication and personality.

How To Style It: A dining nook can be as simple as a set of glamorous upholstered chairs paired with a classic bistro table in a corner. Round it all out with a mix of art pieces to play up a modern glam collector’s look.

The Vibe: Millennial pastel pink with eclectic art gives this spot curated and collected appeal.

Great For… any small corner in an apartment living room or dining space.

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round breakfast table with bench on one side and two modern chairs on the other

8. A Minimalist Breakfast Nook

The high contrast look can be great in a breakfast or dining nook in a small space. It can add tons of visual impact while distracting from the size of the room, like this modernist spot.

How To Style It: Place a free-floating bench along a wall to mimic a built-in bench. Mix it with contrasting black chairs for some extra seating and a sleek touch. Anchor the whole look with an equally minimal picture ledge of black-and-white photos and art above.

The Vibe: High-contrast style with a cool edge—without sacrificing comfort.

Great For… a compact breakfast nook that’s minimal, open, and easy to pull together.

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breakfast nook

9. A Retro Breakfast Nook

For a retro and sleek take on the kitchen that doubles as a dining space, this eclectic nook design offers a solution with vintage pieces that can work in any style room.

How To Style It: Center your kitchen with a retro metal or laminate table for an eclectic focal point. Then try mixing in materials, like wood and leather chairs and colorful vintage-style rug and art, for an eclectic spin.

The Vibe: It’s all about a retro, funky spin with a dash of old-school cool here. Which basically means vintage style with a ’60s and ’70s feel.

Great For… an open or eat-in kitchen with room for a dining table.

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Design Your Breakfast Nook!

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