Dorm Room Ideas: Stylish Decor Tips College Students

Dorm Room IdeasBack-to-school season is here and that means it’s back to the dorm rooms for many college students. When you think about dorm rooms, you immediately think of the one room with the blank walls and the flimsy bed(s). It’s what works, but not the least bit inspiring.

Decorating your dorm room is not as uncommon as you think, but it’s definitely no walk in the park. Why settle for a boring college room when you can deck it out like a real apartment and make it a space that’s both productive and comfortable for you. Dorm room days are over? Put these ideas to work when designing a bedroom for two!

Together with our friends at Lonny, we cooked up 5 stylish dorm room ideas that are sure to be the talk of campus.

Dorm Room IdeasThe Look: Atomic Industrial

More masculine with a moody palette, this look leans into lots of leather, metals, darker woods, and industrial accents. This one’s for you if you find yourself gravitating towards colors like grey, black and tan.

And even though it might look super sophisticated and serious, all the pieces here are super comfortable. It’s a great space for both studying and kicking back with friends!

Dorm Room IdeasWhy It Works:

  • This space is perfectly tailored for two, making it a great blueprint for most college students since shared rooms are the most common. Not to mention it’s super stylish.
  • The bunk bed is a space-saver, so you’ll have room for a sofa and a TV and stand. This bunker is also nicer and likely sturdier than your standard college double-decker beds.
  • Matching desks and chairs, all on wheels, means that your workstation can be moved around and turned into tables for hosting gatherings with friends.
  • More space means you can have more poufs and ottomans, which means you can have more seating. Plus, you can stow them practically anywhere and turn them into an extra side table or foot rest in a pinch.

Dorm Room IdeasThe Look: Rustic Traveler

To sum this look up in the words of our Director of Style, Alessandra: “This room is where a classic college bohemian would thrive!”

Collected yet casual, this look features a combination of pretty weathered pieces, warm wood tones, woven textures that all play up a sense of zen.

Dorm Room IdeasWhy It Works:

  • If you’re not sharing a dorm room, this arrangement for one takes advantage of every wall and corner in the room. That means more space for accent pieces, like side tables and poufs.
  • The single bed makes this room seem like you’re living in your own grown-up studio apartment. And let’s face it: That’s basically the ultimate dream when you’re in college.
  • You have dedicated areas for storage, lots of desk space to get work done, and room for an extra armchair for reading and putting up your feet.
  • The vibe of the room makes it the perfect kind of space to just sit and drink Matcha tea and have thoughtful conversations with friends.

Dorm Room IdeasThe Look: Mod Visionary

Think of this as Mid-Century modern meets California cool. It hits every dorm room decor note, mixing tons of textures and woven materials along with warm yet sleek furniture. Overall, it’s a space that feels both comfortable and lived-in. Plus, it’s functional AND stylish, so it’s sure to make for the best looking room on campus, hands-down.

Dorm Room IdeasWhy It Works:

  • The lofted bed with no sleep compartment of any sort underneath is game-changing since it adds lots of extra space. Add a beanbag chair there and you have reading nook.
  • The under-bed nook can be great for your desk, turning it into a mini office that saves space.
  • If you really need to, add a lower bunk for a space that can then accommodate two people.
  • This room is entertaining-ready and will likely be the talk of campus thanks to its sleek sofa and hangout nook under the bed—your friends should expect a waiting list to get in.

Dorm Room IdeasThe Look: Mod Collector

Artistic, bohemian yet modern… this room is all of the above. It’s a stylish mix that combines eclectic and modern touches, making it the perfect space to balance morning meditate with afternoon study sessions.

Dorm Room Ideas

Why It Works:

  • This is a multifunctional setup for any college student with their own dorm room.
  • Everything in the room has its space and purpose, meaning you have a designated work space and a seating area so it doesn’t feel like a kids room.
  • Bookshelves galore! You’ve got plenty of shelving and storage for your enormous textbooks.

Dorm Room IdeasThe Look: Chic Collector

Who knew a pair of twin beds could look so sophisticated? This isn’t just your classic dorm room layout though, it’s styled for those who love to make a splash wherever they go. Think glamorous statement pieces with eclectic decor and a feminine palette. This is the best set up for you and your college BFF, if you ask us.

Dorm Room IdeasWhy It Works:

  • It’s a standard dorm room layout with two twin beds side by side that can work in any college space – and it’s got tons of style and color to boot.
  • You can easily mix up the chairs and accessories to keep it feeling personal and not cookie cutter.
  • The beds can be pushed together for a slumber party-style movie night with friends and wine.


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